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Instruction for Taufon tabs Lutein

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Release form and composition

The product is available in tablet form, packaged in plastic cans (from 30 to 120 pcs.). The drug and instructions for its use are placed in cardboard packaging.
The product is also available in the form of eye drops containing taurine, injection water, sodium hydroxide, methyl paraben. This version of the drug is placed in plastic containers with a dropper, having a volume of 10 ml.
Each tablet includes:
    vitamins A, C, groups B, E, P, providing full color perception, normal transmission of impulses along nerve fibers, activating metabolic, redox processes, strengthening vascular walls, providing an antioxidant effect;
    trace elements (selenium, zinc, copper), enhancing the adaptive capabilities of the body, maintaining a healthy fiber, contributing to better absorption of vitamin A by the organs of vision, participating in the synthesis of pigment (melanin);
    plant carotenoids (lutein, zeaxanthin) that accumulate in the lens and retina, protect the eyes from aggressive types of radiation, the influence of oxygen radicals (insufficient amount of these substances in the tissues of the eyeballs leads to the inability of the organs of vision to resist negative external influences).
The product also contains components that play an auxiliary role (citric acid, potato starch, crospovidone, sorbitol, macrogol). The tablets are round, have an orange or pinkish-orange color. The inner part is grayish-yellow, contains multi-colored blotches.
    The ingredients present in the preparation have a pronounced ophthalmoprotective effect. All components of the product have certain proportions, strengthen and complement the action of each other.
Most patients who used the Taufon Tabs Lutein complex in full accordance with the instructions note positive changes. Many note the increasing ability of the eyes to withstand large visual stresses that arise during prolonged reading, working with office equipment, while driving vehicles, faster recovery from various eye diseases and a decrease in the risk of relapse.

Indications for use

Reception Taufon Tabs Lutein contributes to the overall strengthening of the human visual system, ensures optimal functioning of the body, helps to combat concomitant diseases. This product is recommended for patients with various ophthalmic pathologies:
    Visual fatigue syndrome that occurs with increased loads, prolonged work at the computer.
    Painful sensations, discomfort in the eye area.
    Impaired twilight vision.
    Dystrophy of the eye retina.
Thanks to the use of this complex, it is possible to prevent the deficiency of vitamins and minerals, strengthen capillaries, and increase visual acuity.
The drip form of the drug has a largely similar list of indications. In addition to the above recommendations for use, this type of product is indicated for patients with insufficient moisture of the mucous membranes of the eyes, with trauma or dystrophy of the cornea.


The multivitamin complex is contraindicated in persons with pathologies in the form of:
    glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency;
    glucose galactose malabsorption syndrome;
    intolerance to any components present in the drug.
Taufon in tablets, as well as the drip form of this drug, is not prescribed for intolerance to any components included in their composition.

Instructions for use

Means Taufon Tabs Lutein must be consumed orally, after a meal. It is recommended to drink tablets with a glass of liquid (water, juice, tea).
For adult patients, the complex is prescribed as follows - 1 pc. (0.25 or 0.5) once or twice a day. The drug is taken in a 3-month course. The possibility of repeated use of a multivitamin agent should be considered in conjunction with a specialist.
Against the background of the use of this product, the normal ability to drive various vehicles, practice activities that require concentration and have a considerable speed of psychomotor reactions is preserved.

Pregnancy Use

Taufon with lutein is contraindicated in pregnant patients. Using the drug in any trimester can provoke hormonal disorders. To supplement the deficiency of vitamins, maintain the organs of vision and various body systems during the gestation period, special vitamin complexes are prescribed.

Use in children

The drug is prohibited for use at the age of less than 18 years. For younger patients, other multivitamin products with lutein are used. Among the popular remedies with this substance is "Lutein complex for children."

Side effects and overdose

The use of an ophthalmic complex can lead to the development of allergic reactions. The most likely are skin phenomena in the form of urticaria, rash, hypothermia.
If the dosage regimen indicated in the instructions is not observed, negative symptoms may take the form of weakness, nausea, and gastrointestinal upset. In such situations, the patient is prescribed an immediate gastric lavage, followed by the intake of activated charcoal, and symptomatic therapy is performed.

Drug interaction

It is necessary to avoid the simultaneous administration of the complex with preparations containing vitamins A, E, P, group B. Such combinations are fraught with hypervitaminosis - an increased content of vitamin substances in the body, leading to various negative consequences.
Taufon Tabs Lutein is not recommended to be combined with drugs from the group of beta-blockers in patients with open-angle glaucoma. The combined use of these drugs increases the hypotensive effect of the latter.
The multivitamin complex for the visual system is also able to enhance the effect of cardiac glycosides. During the intake of Taufon, the dosage of these drugs should be reduced.

Terms and conditions of storage

The preparation for vision should be stored in compliance with the correct temperature regime - at room thermometer up to +25 ° C. The shelf life of a multivitamin product is two years (from the date of manufacture). For safety reasons, the product should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.

Terms of sell

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