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Evalar Anti age Lipotropic factor tabs 1.2gr #60

Evalar Anti age Lipotropic factor tabs 1.2gr #60

$30.85 Ex Tax: $30.85

Evalar Anti age Lipotropic factor instructionYou can buy Evalar Anti age Lipotropic factor on this pageRelease form and compositionSupplements are produced in the form of coated tablets: white, oval (in a package of 60 pcs. And instructions for use o..

Leovit Megaslim caps 0.5gr #30

Leovit Megaslim caps 0.5gr #30

$17.87 Ex Tax: $17.87

Leovit Megaslim user manualYou can buy Leovit Megaslim hereMegaslim is an effective drug that allows you to achieve excellent results in getting rid of excess weight. This tool is highly effective and contains many vitamins and minerals. To achieve o..

Sale Leovit tea Cleansing 2gr #25

Leovit tea Cleansing 2gr #25

$14.99 $18.90 Ex Tax: $14.99

User manual for Leovit tea CleansingTo buy Leovit tea Cleansing complex just add it to your shopping cartSpecialized food product for people controlling body weight.Tea made from the finest varieties of Chinese green tea with detoxifying, cleansing a..

Sale Leovit tea fat-burning 2gr #25

Leovit tea fat-burning 2gr #25

$14.90 $18.50 Ex Tax: $14.90

Instruction for Leovit tea fat-burningYou can buy Leovit tea fat-burning on this pageTo permanently lose weight, it is not enough to eliminate fat deposits 1 time. To do this, you still need to prevent their formation. Leovit Slimming Tea helps to ac..

Levocarnil solution 300mg/ml 100ml

Levocarnil solution 300mg/ml 100ml

$33.50 Ex Tax: $33.50

Instruction for us of LevocarnilReed more and buy Levocarnil on this pageRelease form and compositionDosage form - oral solution: a clear, colorless or almost colorless liquid with a specific odor (50 and 100 ml each in brown / orange glass bottles, ..

Sale MCC Ankir-B tabs 500mg #100

MCC Ankir-B tabs 500mg #100

$10.99 $14.70 Ex Tax: $10.99

Instruction for MCC Ankir-BReed more and buy MCC Ankir-B on this pageLovers of a tight meal are looking for medications and biological supplements that help block appetite. This can help reviews of those who have lost weight on the drug MCC "Ankir-B"..

Modelform 30+ caps 370mg #30

Modelform 30+ caps 370mg #30

$39.22 Ex Tax: $39.22

Modelform 30+ user manualTo buy Modelform 30+ just add it to your shopping cartModelform 30+ is a dietary supplement (BAA) based on plant extracts, designed specifically for women over 30 years of age, helping to control body weight.Release form and ..

Modelform 40+ caps 380mg #30

Modelform 40+ caps 380mg #30

$32.43 Ex Tax: $32.43

Instruction for Modelform 40+You can buy Modelform 40+ on this pageModelform 40+ tablets work with each process in the body. They are able to gently affect, not harm, not cause negative consequences.General information about the drug Modelform 40+Eve..

Orlistat caps 120mg #84

Orlistat caps 120mg #84

$50.68 Ex Tax: $50.68

Orlistat instructionTo buy Orlistat just add it to your shopping cartComposition and form of releaseOrlistat (Orlistatum) - a drug of the lipid-lowering group, containing the same active substance. On the shelves of Russian pharmacies, you can often ..

Orsoten caps 120mg #84

Orsoten caps 120mg #84

$71.27 Ex Tax: $71.27

What is Orsoten intended for?The role of fats in obesity is not so great because they themselves are the least in dishes (as a percentage of other elements). But the modern food industry is increasingly using chemically modified fats and their mixtur..

Sale Orsoten Slim caps 60mg #84

Orsoten Slim caps 60mg #84

$37.99 $49.80 Ex Tax: $37.99

Instruction for Orsoten SlimReed more and buy Orsoten Slim hereThe composition of the drug    Composition: the main active ingredient is orlistat, which is used for the complex treatment of obesity. The principle of its action, in simp..

Sale Phytomucil Slim Smart powder #30

Phytomucil Slim Smart powder #30

$39.99 $47.80 Ex Tax: $39.99

Instruction for Phytomucil Slim SmartYou can buy Phytomucil Slim Smart hereIf you've stopped slipping into your favorite jeans, it's time to take care of yourself and lose those extra pounds. Losing weight should be based on proper nutrition and exer..

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