Urogenital system

Sale New Acylact (Acilact) supp #10

Acylact (Acilact) supp #10

$13.99 $17.85 Ex Tax: $13.99

Instruction for AcylactReed more and buy Acylact on this pageAcylact is a drug used to treat diseases of the female genital area, intestines and oral cavity caused by microflora disorders.Release form and compositionVaginal suppositories: cone-shaped..

Adenoprosin supp 29mg #10

Adenoprosin supp 29mg #10

$32.60 Ex Tax: $32.60

Instruction for AdenoprosinReed more and buy Adenoprosin on this pageRelease form, composition and packagingRectal suppositories from yellow to brown, cylindrical conical shape; inhomogeneity of color in the form of inclusions of a darker color is al..

Adenuric tabs 80mg #28

Adenuric tabs 80mg #28

$67.92 Ex Tax: $67.92

Adenuric user manualReed more and buy Adenuric hereAdenuric is an anti-gout drug.Release form and compositionThe drug is produced in the form of film-coated tablets: oblong, from pale yellow to yellow, on one side with embossed "80" or "120", dependi..

New Afala tabs #100

Afala tabs #100

$21.35 Ex Tax: $21.35

User manual for AfalaTo buy Afala just add it to your shopping cartAfala is a homeopathic remedy for the treatment of prostate adenoma and prostatitis.Pharmachologic effectAfala improves blood supply to the prostate gland, relieves swelling and infla..

New Afalaza tabs #100

Afalaza tabs #100

$27.25 Ex Tax: $27.25

Instruction for AfalazaReed more and buy Afalaza hereAfalaza - homeopathic medicine for early therapy of benign prostatic hyperplasia in order to restore male health; has anti-dysuric and anti-inflammatory effects.Release form and compositionThe drug..

Agalates tabs 0.5mg #8

Agalates tabs 0.5mg #8

$40.75 Ex Tax: $40.75

Instruction for AgalatesReed more and buy Agalates hereAgalates is a drug with dopaminergic action.Release form and compositionAgalates is produced in the form of tablets: white, flat, oval, on one side - risk and chamfer, on one side of the risk - e..

Alfuprost MR tabs 10mg #30

Alfuprost MR tabs 10mg #30

$29.54 Ex Tax: $29.54

Instruction for use of Alfuprost MRReed more and buy Alfuprost MR hereRelease form and compositionDosage form - tablets of prolonged action: from white to almost white, round biconvex, engraving "RY 10" is placed on one side (in a cardboard box 1–3 o..

New Arifon retard tabs 1.5mg #30

Arifon retard tabs 1.5mg #30

$8.64 Ex Tax: $8.64

User manual for Arifon retardTo buy Arifon retard just add it to your shopping cartArifon retard is a diuretic, antihypertensive drug.Release form and compositionDosage form - controlled release tablets, film-coated: round biconvex, white (in a blist..

Arifon tabs 2.5mg #30

Arifon tabs 2.5mg #30

$9.59 Ex Tax: $9.59

Instruction for ArifonYou can buy Arifon on this pageArifon is a drug that has a diuretic, vasodilator and hypotensive (pressure reducing) effect.Release form and compositionArifon is produced in the form of film-coated tablets (30 pcs. In a blister,..

Avodart tabs 0.5mg #30

Avodart tabs 0.5mg #30

$49.54 Ex Tax: $49.54

Avodart instructionYou can buy Avodart hereAvodart is a drug intended for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.Release form and compositionAvodart is produced in the form of soft yellow oblong capsules marked "GX CE2", which contain 0.5 mg o..

Azurix tabs 80mg #30

Azurix tabs 80mg #30

$56.40 Ex Tax: $56.40

Instruction for AzurixReed more and buy Azurix on this pageAzurix is ​​an anti-gout drug; xanthine oxidase inhibitor.Release form and compositionThe drug is produced in the form of film-coated tablets: biconvex, oblong, with rounded ends, yellow, on ..

New Betadine supp 200mg #14

Betadine supp 200mg #14

$21.61 Ex Tax: $21.61

User manual for BetadineTo buy Betadine, just add it to your shopping cartPharmachologic effectBetadine is a topical antiseptic that is a combination of iodine and polyvinylpyrrolidone that binds it.The complex of these substances is called povidone-..

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