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Instruction for Ocuvite Forte

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Carotenoids protect the retina from the damaging effects of bright light, reduce the risk of the onset and development of age-related degenerative changes in the retina, and have anti-inflammatory properties.
Vitamins C and E, the minerals zinc and selenium, being natural antioxidants, help to reduce the impact of harmful factors and preserve vision, help strengthen blood vessels, including the fundus vessels.
Ingredients Ocuvite Forte (vitamins and minerals in 1 tablet):
    zeaxanthin - 0.5 mg;
    Lutein - 6 mg;
    selenium - 0.02 mg;
    zinc - 5 mg;
    Vitamin E (tocopherol) - 8.8 mg;
    Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - 60 mg.
Lutein content does not exceed the upper permissible level of consumption.
In clinical studies, it has been noted that prolonged use of lutein and zeaxanthin increases the density of macular pigment and helps to maintain high visual acuity.

Indications for use

What helps Ocuvite Forte? According to the instructions, the drug is prescribed for the prevention and preservation of normal vision.
It is used as a source of carotenoids (lutein, zeaxanthin) and an additional source of vitamins C and E, zinc and selenium.
The drug is recommended for people who smoke, as the incoming components level the negative effects of nicotine on visual perception.
The antioxidant effect of the drug has a positive effect not only on the condition of the eyes, but also on overall health, protecting it from the negative effects of free radicals.
Does not replace good nutrition.

Instructions for use Ocuvite Forte, dosage

The drug is used inside during a meal, washed down with clean water.
The standard dosage recommended by the instructions for use Ocuvite Forte - 1 tablet \ 1 time per day (adults). Application course - 1 month.
Contraindicated use during pregnancy and lactation.

Side effects

The instruction warns about the possibility of the development of the following side effects when prescribing Ocuvite Forte:
    Individual allergic reactions are possible.


It is contraindicated to appoint Ocuvite Forte in the following cases:
    Pregnancy and breastfeeding period;
    Individual intolerance to the components of the drug.
Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor.


Overdose symptoms are not described in the instructions.


Drank 4 months, the doctor allowed. Subjectively, I can say that some eye problems have disappeared, although I am still sitting at the computer. In general, I began to see better. The doctor says that this complex can be taken for a long time, I will drink with interruptions.
Very good pills, the doctor prescribed them for me at one time, saw with courses, all the components are selected remarkably, have a positive effect on visual acuity and generally strengthen it. And indeed, with age, of course, it is necessary to take care of vision, since there is a risk of its decline. Of course, besides being Ocuvite forte propyl, I still do exercises for the eyes every day, my eyesight does not deteriorate, and I am very glad.

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