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Doppelherz Aktiv vitamins for eyes with Lutein instruction

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Composition and properties

In terms of their composition and action, these vitamins are not a real drug, it is a dietary supplement, a vitamin complex for the eyes that helps protect and strengthen them. Vitamins for the eyes "Doppelherz Aktiv" contain the following main components:
    retinol (vitamin A);
    ascorbic acid (vitamin C);
    tocopherol (vitamin E);
Vitamin E strengthens the optic nerves, prevent the development of cataracts and degenerative changes in the structures of the eye. Vitamin A improves color perception and visual acuity at dusk and darkness. Vitamin C is a well-known antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals. Zinc protects and strengthens the retina and eye vessels.
Lutein and zeaxanthin are substances belonging to the group of carotoin. Initially, they are present in the structure of the eyes and perform a protective function, primarily preventing photodamage (exposure to solar radiation, bright light). But with age, the ability of tissues to synthesize carotenoids decreases, with the result that the functional properties of the visual apparatus gradually decrease under the influence of external and internal factors.
With regular use over a period of several weeks, people notice how tired the eyes go and normalized vision that deteriorates with heavy loads. Patients undergoing treatment recover faster and less likely to suffer from repeated exacerbations.
A vitamin complex is produced in capsules packed in a carton of 30 pieces. The cost of one package is about 320 rubles. You can buy the product both in a pharmacy and in a well-equipped supermarket of cosmetics and household chemicals.

Indications and method of application

"Doppelherz Aktiv with lutein" is recommended to take to improve the functional state of the visual apparatus. It is also used by:
    for prophylactic purposes during periods of excessive loads on the eyes;
    with a predisposition to ophthalmological diseases;
    in the complex treatment of cataracts, glaucoma and other pathologies;
    after treatment or surgery to strengthen local immunity and reduce the risk of recurrence;
    as an additional source of vitamins and antioxidants for poor or unbalanced nutrition (starvation diets, the abuse of fatty, spicy foods, alcohol, cigarettes).
Take a vitamin supplement should be 1 capsule once a day, preferably at mealtime, drinking plenty of water. To obtain a noticeable lasting result, you should take vitamins for at least two months without interruption. That is, you need two packages for the full course.
Important: in the case of already diagnosed cataracts and other eye diseases, the Doppelherz Aktiv vitamins for eyes with Lutein cannot be taken as an effective drug, they will not help themselves to get rid of a serious illness. They should always be combined with other drugs.

Contraindications and side effects of Doppelherz Aktiv vitamins for eyes with Lutein

Since this dietary supplement contains only vitamins and minerals, the main and only contraindication to its use is individual intolerance to any of the components.
In extremely rare cases, with individual intolerance to the drug, an allergic reaction may occur - itching, burning, redness, watery eyes.
Instructions for use warns that in case of non-compliance with dosages such undesirable side effects may occur:
    conjunctival redness, itching and burning;
    tearing, swelling;
    vagueness of the visual image.
Important: Although it is not a complete vitamin preparation, but only a high-quality vitamin complex, it is not recommended to prescribe it to a child. For children, it is better to choose other supplements containing vitamins D, C, A and E, this should be done by a professional ophthalmologist. Also, caution is prescribed the drug to pregnant and lactating women. The course of treatment should be prescribed only after consulting a family doctor or obstetrician.

Reviews about Doppelherz Aktiv vitamins for eyes with Lutein

“My childhood vision is not very good, and with age, as you understand, it didn’t become better - a computer, often driving and all that. Therefore, at one time I tried all the additives and drops that were just offered. Of course, I understand that if vision in five years from –1 was –3.2, then vitamin supplements will not be able to restore it. But these vitamins were the only ones that helped me cope with constant eye fatigue after changing jobs at the computer with glasses or lenses. By the way, the irritation from the lenses, I also left, even if you have to wear them for 20 hours in a row. And before the conjunctivitis immediately began. So for me this is a real working tool, I will use it all the time. ”

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