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Doppelherz VIP OphthalmoVit user manual

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Doppelherz V.I.P. OphthalmoVit is a biological complex of nutrients that contribute to the preservation of visual function, protect the eyes and the normal functioning of the tear film.
The tear film is a moisturizing and protective layer on the surface of the cornea. It consists of tears and secretion of the eyelid glands, protects the cornea from drying out and external influences, improves the optical properties of the eye. In case of violation of the composition of the tear film, there is a feeling of discomfort in the eye, increased fatigue during visual load and sensitivity of the eyes to bright light, wind and other external influences.


Source of zeaxanthin, lutein, an additional source of vitamins A, B2, B6, B12, E, D, C, zinc, selenium, PUFA.


1. To prevent dry eyes.
2. When ophthalmic diseases, accompanied by dry eyes.
3. When exposed to adverse factors that can lead to dryness affecting the eyes (smoking, prolonged visual loads, frequent TV viewing, computer radiation, prolonged exposure to sunlight, etc.).
Instructions for patients with diabetes mellitus: daily dose (two capsules) contains 17 kcal / 72 kJ and 0.02 bread units.


Doppelherz V.I.P. OphthalmoVit contains lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamins and trace elements + special lipid complex to maintain optimal functioning of the tear film.
The composition of brown capsule:
Active substances: fish oil (PUFA Omega-3), vitamin C, lutein, zinc oxide (zinc), vitamin E, vitamin B6, zeaxanthin, vitamin A, sodium selenate (selenium), vitamin B12.
Auxiliary components: gelatin, sunflower oil, glycerol monostearate, lecithin, iron yellow oxide, iron red oxide.
The brown capsule contains important nutrients to improve visual function and the protective system of the eyes: vegetable lutein and zeaxanthin, essential vitamins and trace elements, and omega-3 fatty acids, which are involved in the formation of the tear film.
The composition of yellow capsule:
Active substances: fish oil (Omega-3 PUFA), borage seed oil, vitamin E, vitamin B2, vitamin D3.
Auxiliary components: gelatin, glycerol monostearate, lecithin, riboflavin, titanium dioxide.
The yellow capsule contains nutrients to improve the metabolism of the eye and a special lipid complex consisting of Omega-3 fatty acids and borage oil, which play an important role in the structure of the retina, nutrition of the vessels and nerves of the eye, maintaining normal visual function and the formation of the tear film.

Mode of application

The daily intake consists of two capsules of Doppelherz VIP OphthalmoVit: brown and yellow. Take for adults and children over 14 years 1 time a day, 1 brown and 1 yellow capsule with meals. Duration of reception is 2 months. After a break of 1 month re-admission is possible.

Before use, consult with your doctor.

The prescription is not required to buy Doppelherz VIP OphthalmoVit.