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Doppelherz Aktiv vitamins for eyes Lutein and Blueberry instruction for use

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The drug is produced in the form of food supplements, it is not a medical drug, so there will be no particular problems with its use and purchase.

Drug action

The effect of supplement Doppelherz Aktiv with Lutein and Blueberry is based on its active ingredients. The tool has an antioxidant effect and protects eye tissue from the harmful effects of free radicals. Also, vitamins help protect the organ of vision and reduce the risk of retinal degeneration and the development of cataracts.
The main components of the drug are lutein and zeaxanthin, they are natural carotenoids. You can find them in the following products:
    Egg yolks.
    In the cabbage.
A feature of these components can be called the fact that they penetrate directly into the retina, this is what provides the maximum effect. Protective properties of vitamin provide protection during bright light and the influence of the computer, which adversely affects the vision of each person.

When appointed

Assigned to vitamin Doppelherz Aktiv with lutein and blueberries in the following situations:
    If you need to restore impaired vision.
    To relieve fatigue, which can be caused by a strong load or constantly working at the computer.
    To improve twilight vision.
    To strengthen the blood vessels of the eye.
    They can also be used to speed recovery from eye surgery.
    To reduce aggressive external influences, it can be caused by: bright light, strong electromagnetic radiation.
    To reduce the risk of inflammatory processes.
    Pay attention! Vitamins can be used in many situations, as they are considered quite versatile. However, it is prohibited to use them without an ophthalmologist.

Doppelherz Aktiv with lutein and Blueberry instructions

The use of vitamins is considered extremely simple. Adults need to drink one capsule with food. Capsule can not chew, drink water is recommended.
    Remember! Only one capsule can be used per day.
The duration of the drug is from one to two months.

Composition and release form

Doppelherz Aktiv with Lutein and Blueberry contains the following components:
    Vitamin A, its content is 800 mcg.
    Vitamin C - 250 mg.
    Vitamin E, 36 mg content.
    Zeaxanthin - 300 mcg.
    Zinc gluconate - 2.5 mg.
    Lutein - 6 mg.
Vitamins are produced in a package with three blisters, which contains 10 capsules each.

Contraindications for Doppelherz Aktiv with Lutein and Blueberry

You can not use the drug if you are allergic to one of the components, as this can cause serious problems and negative reactions in the body.
If you note the side effects, they can occur only if you are allergic to the components.

Special instructions for use

Do not use more than one capsule per day.
The shelf life of the product is three years.
Store only at room temperature, but not above 25 degrees.
Before using, consult an ophthalmologist.

Terms of sell

You don't need a prescription to buy Doppelherz Aktiv vitamins for eyes Lutein and Blueberry.