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Lutein Forte instruction

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Composition and release form

Capsules Lutein Forte opaque cylindrical shape with 500 mg ends, contain:
Lutein - 4.5 mg, Zeaxanthin - 0.5 mg, Vitmin A - 1650 IU, Vitamin E - 15.0 mg, Vitamin C - 50 Mg, Zinc - 7.5 mg, Copper - 1.5 mg, Chromium - 50, 0 mcg, Selenium - 25.5 mcg, Taurine - 100 mg, Flavonoids - 10 mg.
Packaging. Blisters of 10 pcs. capsules (3). Instruction pack cardboard.

pharmachologic effect

Lutein and Zeaxanthin

They are deposited in the central region (macula) of the retina and lens, endowed with the functions of a light filter, protecting important structures of the organ of vision from the particularly aggressive, blue spectrum of daylight. They are powerful antioxidants that can neutralize free radicals and prevent the destruction of the retina with clouding of the lens.


Amino acid - a participant in the transmission of photosignals, activates the metabolism and regeneration of eye tissue. Stimulates the normalization of cell membrane functions and contributes to the activation of energy processes.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

A powerful antioxidant with antihypoxic effect. It improves cerebral circulation, reduces the risk of blood clots and reduces capillary permeability. Indispensable for diabetic retinopathy, as well as other conditions involving ischemia of peripheral tissues.

Selenium, copper, chrome, zinc

The vital trace elements are a permanent component of the eye tissue, which ensures its normal metabolism, restoration of structures.

Vitamin A

It is a mandatory component of the exchange of visual pigment rhodopsin. Disintegrating under the influence of light, this complex plays an important role in the mechanism of the formation of visual sensation (photosignal). The increase in the content of rhodopsin in the retina, provides adaptation of the eyes to low light (adaptation to the dark, twilight vision).

Vitamin C

Mandatory participant of reversible redox transformations, regulates the processes of recovery of visual pigments, reduces intraocular pressure, reduces the risk of developing glaucoma. An antioxidant.

Vitamin E

It is able to activate the regeneration of damaged cells by participating in tissue respiration and other important processes of tissue metabolism. Protects against capillary fragility and permeability.
Retina and macula - its central part, have natural protection. This is the pigment layer, which consists of lutein and zeaxanthin (natural carotenoids). Lutein can be ingested exclusively with food (fruits and vegetables), zeaxanthin, in turn, is formed from lutein. The levels of these components affect the state of the retina and its health. To maintain good vision, a person should receive 5 mg of lutein daily, as well as 1 mg of zeaxanthin - this amount can be contained in 250 g of spinach, 1 kg of carrots, 0.5 kg of sweet pepper. The normal human diet contains less than 20% of this norm.
The radiation of computer and television screens and the intense light are destructive to the macula, the most important area of ​​the eye. Over time, this can lead to the development of severe disease - age-related macular dystrophy (AMD). AMD is the most common cause of blindness in the elderly. However, the incidence is rapidly getting younger, and today people who have barely reached 50 years old are facing it. Currently, it is impossible to cure this disease and the person completely loses his sight due to optic nerve atrophy. Therefore, it is necessary to do everything possible to slow down the development of pathology, which is promoted by Lutein Forte.

Indications for use

Lutein forte - an additional source of lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamins, microelements - a necessary component of the complex therapy of age-related macular dystrophy. However, it is recommended to use it to reduce the risk of any processes of dystrophy of the organ of vision.

Dosage and administration

1 capsule orally twice a day with food. The duration of admission - a month.


• Children under 14 years old.
• Individual hypersensitivity.

Side effects

The development of allergic manifestations.

Drug interactions

The simultaneous use of Lutein Forte and other vitamin complexes can cause manifestations of hypervitaminosis.

Store conditions

Store in a dark, cool, dry place.
Shelf life - 2 years.

Terms of sell

You can buy Lutein Forte without a prescription.