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Bethiol user manual

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Suppositories for hemorrhoids Bethiol: release form

Rectal suppositories Bethiol are small "sticks" characteristic of dark brown ichthyol, on the surface may form a patina. Smell - sharp, inherent in this substance.
Suppositories are sold in cardboard packaging, inside - 2 contour cells, in each of which there are 5 suppositories in individual packaging. The box itself may be different, since the drug is released by several pharmaceutical companies.
The composition of the drug
Each suppository has:
    200 mg of ichthammol, also known as ichthyol. This substance is a good antiseptic, it has excellent disinfecting properties. Ichthammol not only destroys painful cells and microorganisms, but can also increase vascular tone and increase blood circulation in some areas. In the treatment of hemorrhoids ichthyol is used as a disinfectant;
    15 mg of belladonna extract. This component is derived from the leaves of a plant called the belladonna. It contains several active substances, atropine alkaloids, in particular hyoscyamine, apotropin and scopolamine. They have an antispasmodic effect on the body. In the process of receiving decreases the production of sweat, saliva and other body fluids. The result is an improvement in muscle tone of the sphincter and good conductivity of the gastrointestinal tract.
Of the additional substances in the preparation contains solid fat. It is thanks to him that the suppositories keep their shape and dissolve slowly in the rectum.

pharmachologic effect

Bethiol is a complex medicine that has a powerful anti-hemorrhoidal effect. Drug components:
    help reduce pain;
    accelerate the healing of damaged tissues (and the skin and mucous membrane of the rectum);
    reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process;
    improve intestinal motility;
    act as a spasm remover substance.

Indications for use

The main purpose of these suppositories - the treatment of various forms of hemorrhoidal veins. Can be used both separately and as part of the complex therapy of the disease.
Among other indications:
    anal fissures;
    inflammation in the lower intestines caused by various causes;
    spasms in the anus.

How to apply Bethiol for hemorrhoids?

Before you start using the drug, you must conduct preparatory procedures for personal hygiene. First, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, then do the same with the area around the anus. Then put on clean linen, preferably from natural fabrics, relatively loose fit.

Suppositories must be inserted into the anus. The most comfortable position for this process is lying on its side. It is necessary to push the buttocks with the free hand and inject the drug. Everything must be done quickly - under the influence of body temperature, the suppository can quickly melt, and it will be impossible to introduce it.
After the introduction of Bethiol must wait at least half an hour and try not to move.

Standard dosage

Patients older than 14 years are prescribed an average of 1-3 suppositories per day, each at a time. The patient can enter no more than 10 suppositories per day.
Please note that the above information is averaged and cannot be recommended to any patient. The doctor prescribes the dosage depending on the course of the disease, associated diseases, weight, age and other personal data of the patient. Therefore, before you start taking sure to consult a doctor.
Like any suppositories, Bethiol dissolves inside the rectum and flows out. During the whole course it is better to use old linen, napkins or pads. The fact is that ichthyol is a substance of very rich color, which is difficult to wash off from the fabric.

Bethiol during pregnancy and lactation

Hemorrhoids often occur in pregnant or lactating women. However, many drugs during this period are prohibited, so a woman with such a problem must consult a doctor.
Bethiol can be assigned to a patient in a position or during lactation, but only if the intended therapeutic effect outweighs the risks to the mother and child.


Limitations include:
    sensitivity to ichthyol, belladonna or excipients;
    thyroid problems;
    body temperature above 40 degrees;
    some heart diseases (tachycardia, arrhythmia, heart failure, hypertension);
    gastrointestinal tract diseases that cause intestinal obstruction;
    extensive bleeding;
    prostatic hyperplasia;
    coronary heart disease.
The list is quite extensive, and some of these diseases can be hidden, so it is important to consult a doctor before starting.

Side effects

Bethiol is injected into the rectum, but its components are absorbed into the blood and can cause certain side reactions:
    urination problems;
    severe thirst, dry mouth;
    headaches, fainting, dizziness, increased pressure;
    rash, urticaria, dermatitis.
According to the reviews of patients and physicians, Bethiol, when properly administered, rarely causes any side effects. But if your state of health has somehow deteriorated, immediately stop taking it and consult a doctor to adjust the treatment.

Interaction with other drugs

The components of the drug can react with some other substances and affect their action. In particular:
    any drugs reduce the duration of the drug;
    while taking it with antidepressants, Bethiol causes arrhythmia;
    vitamin C reduces the effectiveness of Bethiol;
    corticosteroids lead to an increase in eye pressure;
    Ketoconazole prevents the absorption of drugs in the tissue;
    sulfonamides together with substances from suppositories can negatively affect kidney function.

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