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Anuzol user manual

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Composition and release form

Anuzol is produced in the form of suppositories (rectal suppositories) that have a greenish tint. The composition of the drug contains several active ingredients:
    Xeroform, or bismuth oxide and tribromphenolate;
    Extract of belladonna, or belladonna thick;
    Zinc sulfate.
Additional substances: purified water, distilled glycerin, mono-glycerides, solid fat.

Indications for use

Anuzol is used to treat the following pathologies:
    Hemorrhoids, both internal and external.
    Anal fissure fissures.
    Various damages to the anorectal area.
It is prescribed when there are uncomfortable, irritating, itchy and burning sensations in the anus.

pharmachologic effect

The combined effect of "Anuzol" is provided by the three active ingredients, zinc sulfate, xeroform and belladonna extract. Consider the therapeutic effects of each of the three active substances in more detail:
    The plant extract is belladonna, whose middle name is belladonna. This element is responsible for the tone, lifting it on the sphincter and reducing the muscles of the digestive tract. At the same time, it produces holinoblokad and relieves muscle spasm. Also, the effect of the extract is aimed at inhibiting the stimulating effect of acetylcholine.
    Bismuth xeroform or tribromophenolate is an effective drug that is part of many medicines for treating ulcers, diaper rash, inflammatory processes in the mucous membranes, etc. It has astringent, antiseptic and drying effects.
    Zinc sulfate is one of the most essential substances for the body. In addition, this component absorbs excess moisture, with its help the body gets rid of inflammatory processes that occur in the anal passage during the last hemorrhoids.
Patient reviews indicate that these effects appear almost immediately after the suppositories Anuzol were inserted into the anal canal, quickly alleviating the patient's condition for hemorrhoids.

Instructions for use

It is imperative that before applying the suppository, it is necessary to do the preparation: to process the anus with a disinfectant solution, after clearing the intestines. To facilitate the introduction of suppositories need to lubricate its end of baby cream or vegetable oil.
    According to the instructions for use, Anuzol is usually administered three times a day, but in severe cases, the doctor may prescribe more frequent use (up to 7 times a day).

Suppositories greatly facilitate the patient's condition, reduce his suffering and contribute to a quick recovery.

Contraindications for Anuzol

Unfortunately, the drug has a number of contraindications:
    myasthenia gravis;
    intestinal atony;
    pregnancy and lactation;
    individual intolerance;
    fibrillation of the ventricles and atria;
    closed angle glaucoma;
    decompensated heart failure;
    children's age up to 12 years.
When prescribing suppositories, the doctor must collect a full history and only in the absence of the above pathologies, prescribe the drug Anuzol.
Suppositories are not recommended to be used during activities related to the need for high concentration of attention, fast motor and mental reactions, for example, when driving a vehicle and working with mechanisms.

Side effects of Anuzol

Patient testimonials list the following symptoms that may occur when the recommended dosage is exceeded:
    dry skin;
    nausea and vomiting;
    temperature rise;
    psychomotor agitation;
    urine retention.
In the case of individual hypersensitivity, patient feedback indicates that dry mouth and thirst are most often observed. Tachycardia, constipation or diarrhea, paresis of visual accommodation, insomnia or drowsiness, dizziness and headache, burning in the anal canal, various allergic reactions are also possible.


I suffer from hemorrhoids for a long time, I tried various ointments, suppositories, pills. Tablets need to be taken for a long time to be effective, and they are expensive. Operation afraid to do. The doctor recommended the drug Anuzol. At first, I was embarrassed by a bunch of side effects of the medicine, but the pharmacist explained, even if the negative effects are described in the annotation, this does not mean that I will have them.
And I decided to try, because the pain was unbearable, anal fissures were constantly bleeding. First, after the introduction of the suppository, I felt a slight burning sensation, but it quickly passed. Anuzol began to help on the second day. And after two weeks of therapy, all the symptoms of hemorrhoids disappeared: the cracks healed, the itching and irritation of the anorectal region disappeared, the hemorrhoidal bumps disappeared.

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