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Libexin instruction

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Release form, composition and packaging

Libexin is a dry cough drug with a local anesthetic effect. It is produced in the form of tablets, which include: prenoxidiazine hydrochloride (active component), magnesium salt of stearic acid, corn starch, glycerin, polyvinylpyrrolidone, lactose monohydrate, talc (additional components). 20 tablets They are placed in a blister and a pack of cardboard is packed with the instructions for Libexin. Reviews about Libexin are positive and negative. Some write about the lack of the expected effect, others - about the quick disposal of dry cough. Among the shortcomings note the bitter taste and numbness of the tongue. If necessary, you can choose substitutes for this drug, among which such analogues of Libexin as Rengalin, Fluditec, etc. When deciding to buy Libexin, you should not confuse it with another drug - Libexin Muko. The latter is available in the form of a syrup, has a different active substance and is intended for use during diseases accompanied by the formation of a viscous, difficult to separate sputum.

pharmachologic effect

The main objective of Libexin is the suppression of unproductive cough. Prenoxidiazine inhibits the afferent links of the cough reflex, reduces the irritability of cough receptors, expands the bronchi (which suppresses stretch receptors), and slightly reduces the activity of the respiratory center. The antitussive effect is comparable to codeine. The medicine does not affect the central nervous system, does not become addictive, exhibits anti-inflammatory properties (especially with protracted bronchitis), and may indirectly have a slight anti-anxiety effect.


Tablets Libexin are taken with cough of various origins without sputum discharge. Indications for use may be a night cough in people with heart failure, as well as flu, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract, various types of bronchitis, inflammation or emphysema. The doctor can appoint him to prepare the patient for bronchoscopy or bronchography. You can clarify the availability, cost and other issues related to the purchase of Libexin in Moscow from a consultant by phone or online.


The medicine is not taken for: • allergies to any of its components; • diseases accompanied by copious secretion of bronchial secretions; • galactosemia, lactase deficiency, poor absorption of glucose, galactose; • after application of anesthetics by inhalation. In children, Libexin is used with caution. It is prescribed to pregnant and lactating breast milk women only if the expected benefit to the mother is higher than the likely risk to the baby.

Dosage and administration

The description of the rules of administration and dosage are given in the instructions for the pharmacological agent, according to which the tablets do not bite and do not chew, but are swallowed whole (biting the tablet may lead to anesthesia of the oral mucosa). Adults take 100 milligrams of Libexin 3-4 p / d. If necessary, the dose can be 200 milligrams 3-4 r / d or 300 milligrams 3 r / d. The maximum allowable daily dose is 900 milligrams. Dosage for children is determined based on their weight and age. It averages 25-50 milligrams of prenoxdiazine 3-4 p / d. The maximum permissible dose is 200 milligrams per day. When preparing for bronchoscopy, 0.9–3.8 milligrams of the drug per kilogram of patient weight is prescribed in combination with 0.5–1 milligrams of atropine 60 minutes before the procedure.

Side effects

Reception of prenoxodiazine may be accompanied by the following negative effects: often - epigastric pain, nausea, difficult bowel movements; rarely - skin rashes of allergic origin, Quincke's edema, dry mouth or throat, temporary anesthesia of the oral mucosa; with an unknown frequency - a slight sedative effect, asthenia, bronchospasm.

Drug interaction

The antitussive effect of the drug can worsen sputum excretion, so it can not be combined with the use of mucolytic and expectorant drugs. There is no information on interaction with other pharmacological agents.

special instructions

The lactose contained in the preparation may cause disturbances in the digestive tract in patients with galactosemia. High doses of prenoxodiazine can slow down the speed of the reaction, so it is advisable to abandon the management of complex mechanisms and perform potentially dangerous work if Libexin is prescribed in large dosages.

Terms and conditions of storage

If the drug is not available, Libexin can be ordered. The purchased medicine is stored in a place inaccessible to children at t up to 25 degrees Celsius. Suitable for use within five years from the date of manufacture.

Reviews about Libexin

On medical forums and portals you can find conflicting reviews about Libexin. According to some patients, the drug is ineffective or ineffective. Other users have noted its high therapeutic effect on dry, irritating coughs.
Available reviews suggest that Libexin is effective precisely with dry cough, without sputum. With a wet cough, with difficult to separate sputum, it is recommended to use other drugs, the action of which is aimed at diluting and sputum discharge.

Terms of sell

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