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Elmucin instruction

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Elmucin is an expectorant mucolytic.

Release form and composition

The drug is in the form of capsules: size No. 1, hard gelatin, with a body and a yellow cap; contents - white / almost white powder (10 or 20 pieces each in blister packs, a cardboard box may contain 1, 2, 3 or 4 packs and instructions for use of Elmucin).
Composition 1 capsule:
    active substance: erdostein - 300 mg;
    auxiliary components: povidone K30, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate;
    composition of the body and capsule caps: gelatin, titanium dioxide, sunset yellow colorant, quinoline yellow colorant.


The active substance of Elmucin is erdostein, which determines the pharmacological properties of the drug.
The effectiveness of erdostein as a mucolytic is due to the action of its active metabolites. Thiol groups of metabolites cause rupture of disulfide bridges that bind glycoprotein fibers to one another, resulting in decreased sputum viscosity and elasticity. As a result, the drug enhances the release of the respiratory tract from secretion and accelerates this process, improves the secretory function of the epithelium, and also increases the efficiency of mucociliary transport in the upper and lower parts of the respiratory tract.
Erdostein transfers free radicals, has antioxidant activity: protects the respiratory tract from the damaging effects of cigarette smoke, inactivating alpha-1-antitrypsin. Reduces the overwhelming effect of tobacco smoke on granulocyte function.
In chronic obstructive airway diseases, the drug increases the concentration of immunoglobulin A (IgA) in the mucous membrane of the airways.
The effect develops after 3-4 days of regular administration of Elmucin. The drug does not contain free SH-radicals, therefore, does not adversely affect the digestive system, and its adverse reactions from the gastrointestinal tract do not differ from those when using placebo.


Once in the gastrointestinal tract, erdostein is rapidly absorbed. The maximum plasma concentration (Cmax) is reached within about 1.48 hours and is 3.46 μg / ml. The area under the curve "concentration - time" (AUC0-24h) is 12.09.
The pharmacokinetic parameters of erdostein are independent of food intake and the duration of the drug.
Communication with plasma proteins is about 64.5%.
Erdostein is metabolized in the liver, as a result of which three active metabolites are formed, the main of which is N-thiodiglycolyl-homocysteine ​​(Metabolite 1, or M1).
It is excreted through the kidneys and intestines in the form of inorganic sulfates. The half-life is more than 5 hours, may increase in patients with severe impaired liver function.
In renal failure, the metabolites of the drug can accumulate.
In case of impaired liver function, Cmax and AUC increase.

Indications for use

Elmucin is intended for the treatment of respiratory diseases accompanied by the formation of viscous sputum:
    smoker's cough;
    chronic obstructive pulmonary disease;
    acute and chronic bronchitis;
    bronchiectatic disease;
    bronchial asthma with difficulty in sputum discharge;
Also, the drug is used to prevent lung atelectasis and pneumonia after surgery.


    renal failure (creatinine clearance <25 ml / min);
    severe impaired liver function;
    pregnancy (I trimester);
    lactation period;
    age up to 18 years;
    hypersensitivity to any component in the composition of the drug.
Elmucin capsules should be used with caution in patients with functional hepatic impairment and renal failure (creatinine clearance> 25 ml / min), as well as bronchial diseases accompanied by excessive secretion.

Elmucin, instructions for use: method and dosage

Elmucin capsules should be taken orally by 1 pc. 2 or 3 times a day.
The recommended duration of admission is 5 days. If there is no improvement or worsening during this time, a doctor's consultation is required.

Side effects

    from the gastrointestinal tract: rarely (from ≥ 1/10 000 to <1/1000) - heartburn, diarrhea, nausea; very rarely (<1/10 000) - change or loss of taste sensitivity (noted at the beginning of therapy);
    allergic reactions: rarely - urticaria, redness of the skin.


Erdostein overdose has not been reported to date.
Patients who have taken an excessive dose, and children who have taken the drug, it is recommended gastric lavage and symptomatic treatment.

Special instructions

During the administration of Elmucin, you need to drink a sufficient amount of liquid, since it enhances the expectorant effect of the drug.
In case of impaired bronchial motility and a significant amount of sputum excreted, mucolytic should be used with caution, since there is a possibility of delayed discharge in the airways, the risk of bronchospasm and the onset of infection increases.

Influence on the ability to drive vehicles and complex mechanisms

The components in the composition of Elmucin do not adversely affect the patient's psycho-emotional state and his physical abilities.

Pregnancy and lactation

In preclinical studies, the embryotoxic effect of erdostein was not detected. However, clinical experience with the drug is limited, therefore, Elmucin is allowed to be prescribed only in the II and III trimesters of pregnancy, provided that the intended benefit of the therapy definitely exceeds the potential risks.
During lactation (breastfeeding), the drug is contraindicated.

Use in childhood

Elmucin is not used in pediatrics.

With impaired renal function

    contraindicated: renal failure with creatinine clearance <25 ml / min;
    caution required: renal failure with creatinine clearance> 25 ml / min.

With impaired liver function

    contraindicated: severe impaired liver function;
    caution required: moderate hepatic impairment.

Drug interaction

Erdostein in combination with amoxicillin increases its concentration in bronchial secretion, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the treatment compared to monotherapy with amoxicillin.

Terms and conditions of storage

Store at temperatures up to 25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children.
Shelf life is 3 years.

Reviews about Elmucin

The drug appeared recently on the pharmacological market, therefore, at the moment there are no reviews on Elmucin on specialized medical forums and sites that would allow us to evaluate its tolerance and effectiveness when used according to indications.

Terms of sell

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