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Mucaltin instruction

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Composition of the drug, its effect on the body

Mucaltin tablets, convex on both sides, have a sour taste and a peculiar smell; they are sold in packs with cells and plastic bottles, in each of which from 10 to 100 tablets.
    The main active ingredient of the drug is the extract of the marshmallow.
The healing properties of this herb in the treatment of colds have been known since ancient times:
    powerful anti-inflammatory
    and regenerative effect.
The effect is similar to an oil decoction of flax: in contact with the mucous membrane, the plant polysaccharides effectively relieve irritation, thinning sputum, thereby facilitating expectoration.
Additional components are:
    calcium stearate (used for tabletting);
    tartaric acid;
    sodium bicarbonate (used to enhance expectorant properties).
Some of the medicinal substances, in contact with the oral cavity, are rapidly absorbed into it, but, getting into the stomach, most of them:
    enters the circulatory system;
    filtered by the liver;
    after 4-6 hours, excreted by the kidneys.
    As a secretolytic of natural origin, Mucaltin is used for dry or wet cough, the manifestations of which begin to weaken after repeated use, which is caused by the cumulative effect of the drug.
The mechanism of its action is the following phased functions:
    stimulation of secretion by the bronchial glands, due to which it is possible to thin the accumulations of thick sputum;
    increased peristalsis of the smooth muscle tissue of the bronchioles, which ensures the separation of accumulated mucus;
    acceleration of the movement of cilia on ciliated cells of the respiratory system, contributing to the promotion of sputum and the elimination of congestion, which can lead to further multiplication of microbes in a humid environment and a protracted pathological process;
    subsequent elimination of sputum through the tracheobronchial system.
Thus, the secret formed as a result of the activity of pathogenic microorganisms is removed along with dust particles and products of their vital activity, passing from the trachea to the pharynx.
A productive cough, in turn, becomes rarer and less powerful, delivering less pain due to irritation of the mucosa, and facilitating the process of expectoration helps the body weakened by infection, accelerating recovery.

What cough is Mucaltin effective for?

When answering the question of which cough Mucaltin is used for - dry or wet, it should be noted that Mucaltin is a universal medical product with combined action that is equally effective in both unproductive and wet coughs.
    When treating patients with ENT diseases with a wet type of cough with this pharmaceutical preparation, a decrease in viscosity and an accelerated outflow of sputum from the trachea occur.
    Preventing a secondary complicated infection in the bronchi with a dry cough, Mucaltin not only liquefies sputum, but also stimulates the secretion of mucus, due to which the unproductive cough is transformed into moist and the inflammation in the bronchi ends sooner.
    One of the main advantages of this remedy is the lack of addiction and infrequent cases of side effects.
Therefore, it is suitable for the complex treatment of chronic infections, during which resistance to broad-spectrum bacteriostatic drugs has developed.


Experts advise taking Mucaltin for diseases of the ENT organs, which are characterized by manifestations such as a dry, coughing cough with weak sputum production.
Mucaltin against dry and wet cough. Instructions for use for children and adults
Doctors prescribe the drug in the presence of the following diagnoses:
    obstructive and other types of bronchitis;
    bronchiectatic disease;
It is also used for such ailments as pharyngitis and laryngitis, which often serve as a prerequisite for damage to the lower parts of the respiratory system.

In what cases is Mucaltin contraindicated

The ban on the use is:
    hypersensitivity or intolerance to individual components of an individual nature;
    peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum;
    age up to 1 year.

How to take

Mucaltin, used for dry or wet coughs, which often occurs against the background of acute respiratory infections of the throat and nose, can be combined with other antitussive agents at the same time.
But, although no information on negative reactions of interaction with other drugs has been received at this time, it is not allowed to be prescribed together with drugs that inhibit the cough reflex, especially drugs (for example, codeine, an opium alkaloid, as a central action drug, it is used only with full lack of sputum).
According to official instructions, Mucaltin is intended for internal use only. It is recommended to take tablets 0.5-1 hours before a meal with water. But there are other methods of taking the medicine, which depends on age and personal preferences:
    put the tablet under the tongue and dissolve until completely dissolved;
    based on age, dissolve the dosed amount of tablets (per day) in whole or in powder form in 0.5 l of cooled, but not cold boiled water (children under 3 years old are allowed to prepare the solution in water sweetened with honey or tea, compote, juice, syrup or fruit drink), which you need to drink throughout the day, in advance of a meal;
    for a single dose: dissolve in a ½ cup of liquid (for children - ½ a stack) a single dose of tablets, drink 30 minutes before meals.
The average course of treatment with this drug varies from 7 to 15 days. If necessary: ​​in severe cases, with a relapse of the disease or its chronic course, it is advisable to continue taking Mucaltin, but not longer than 1 month. If there is no improvement, you need to cancel his admission and consult a doctor.

Instructions for use for adults

The usual daily dose of Mucaltin tablets for adults and children over 12 years old is 6, the maximum is 8, that is, three - four times, 1-2 tablets at a time; you should always take ½ - 1 hour before meals, regardless of age and other conditions.
    With diffuse inflammation of the bronchi and thickening of sputum, you need to take additional mucolytic agents, such as Acetylcysteine ​​and Bromhexine.

Instructions for use for children

Children under three years of age are recommended to give an antitussive agent three times a day, dividing 1 tablet of Mucaltin into 3 equal parts.
Mucaltin against dry and wet cough. Instructions for use for children and adults
Children under 12 years old also need to take the drug 3 times a day, but not more often than every 4 hours; for them, the norm is 1-2 tablets.

Instructions for use during pregnancy

One of the few pharmacy drugs recommended for dry or wet cough during pregnancy is Mucaltin, which doctors have found safe to use in the treatment of expectant mothers and women who are breastfeeding.
It is also recognized as an effective prophylactic, to increase the immune forces and body resistance of SARS. The latter, as you know, are a danger not only to the health of the expectant mother, but also to the unborn child, and also require great caution in choosing drugs.
So, even such well-known budget mucolytic drugs as Ambroxol, ACC and Bromhexine are recognized as undesirable in the first trimester, as well as in lactation, due to the negative impact on the physical condition and development of the child. In practice, it is proved that Mucaltin is one of the safest means that do not harm the fetal development.
This is partly due to the fact that in the production of the pharmaceutical product, natural raw materials of the medicinal plant are used, which have no serious contraindications and almost no side effects.
    It should be noted that at the beginning of treatment, a sharp increase in the density of sputum and a general deterioration in the condition are possible, which usually passes on its own after 1-2 days.
Usually, Mucaltin is prescribed to pregnant women at a dose prescribed for adults, according to the instructions.
But, taking into account that marshmallow is an active substance that can increase the tone of the uterus, it is necessary to accurately select the optimal dose of the drug and determine the appropriate duration of treatment (which should not exceed 2 weeks) with the help of a doctor who can assess the possible consequences of the application for a particular the body of a woman.
On the other hand, it is important not to interrupt the course of treatment for no apparent reason, so as not to aggravate the course of the disease and not provoke its chronic relapses.

Possible side effects

Mucaltin from which cough: dry or wet - does not matter, since it acts equally effectively in both situations, having a beneficial effect on the respiratory organs of a person. But still, a number of possible side effects should be taken into account:
    allergic manifestations (rash, dermatosis, itching of the skin);
    gastrointestinal tract disorders (dyspepsia, nausea).
The drug does not affect the psychomotor and intellectual functions of the patient’s brain, therefore classes that require an increased concentration of attention (driving, intellectual work) are allowed.


And cough mucaltin helps me very well, especially with dry cough. One or two days after the start of the intake, improvement is felt: the cough tears up the throat less and begins to spit up

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