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Venolgon 911 has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, antiexudative, venoprotective and analgesic effect. Doctors include a remedy in treatment regimens to relieve fatigue, muscle hypertonia, relieve edema.
The composition of the combined preparation includes herbal ingredients containing a large amount of bioactive substances. They do not penetrate the bloodstream, so Venolgon 911 does not have a wide range of contraindications. But to reduce the likelihood of a local allergic reaction, you should consult with your doctor before treatment.

Drug description

Venolgon Foot Improvement Gel is a gelatinous, homogeneous, transparent substance. The absence in the chemical composition of fatty components contributes to its rapid absorption into the skin. Immediately after the application of the drug there is a pleasant sensation of coolness.
And after 15-20 minutes, it begins to show its therapeutic activity:
    improves blood circulation and microcirculation, eliminating swelling and heaviness in the legs;
    interferes with stagnation of blood in the capillaries, veins, arteries;
    relaxes spasmodic skeletal muscles, relieving fatigue and muscle tension;
    prevents the occurrence of nocturnal convulsions, characterized by severe pain;
    improves skin condition, saturating it with substances with high biological activity.
Venolgon is considered the best drug for preventive measures. Phlebologists recommend it to people who spend most of the day in an upright position. These are hairdressers, sellers, pharmacists, couriers, waiters, cooks. The risk group includes people experiencing excessive physical exertion, spending a lot of time at the computer. A few years later, many of them are diagnosed with varicose veins in the legs or thrombophlebitis.

Clinico-pharmacological group

Venolgon from the therapeutic line 911 is a dietary supplement for external use. It does not belong to any clinical and pharmacological group, it refers to cosmetic and hygienic means.

pharmachologic effect

For Venolgon characteristic angioprotective effect, manifested mainly in relation to the capillaries and veins. Its active ingredients are capable of changing the fibrous matrix between endothelial cells. As a result, the permeability of blood vessels is normalized. The drug Venolgon suppresses the aggregation of red blood cells, preventing the formation of blood clots.
Its natural ingredients contain bioflavonoids, phytoncides, trace elements, fat-and water-soluble vitamins. They have a multifaceted positive effect on blood vessels and nearby connective tissue structures:
    prevent the penetration of pathological exudate into soft tissues, suppress edema, prevent their appearance;
    reduce the severity of pain, localized in the ankles, ankles, ankle;
    gently arrest chronic inflammatory processes by accelerating blood circulation;
    inhibit the activity of the anticoagulant system as a result of pronounced anticoagulant action;
    accelerate metabolism, stimulate the restoration of damaged tissues.
The components of the drug Venolgon increase capillary resistance when exposed to external and internal negative factors. Now they are not micro-injured even with significant physical exertion.
In the process of course use of the gel in the cells are replenished stocks of trace elements and vitamin. This contributes not only to accelerated regeneration, but also to enhance local immunity.

Release form and composition

Combined means Venolgon produced at the Russian pharmaceutical factory. It is packaged in 100 ml in plastic tubes with a volumetric screw cap. Secondary packaging serves as a cardboard box with instructions for use enclosed inside.
The active composition of Venolgon is represented by the following ingredients:
    lemon essential oil;
    horse chestnut phytoextracts, prickly iglets;
    extracts of leaves of red grapes, hazelnut and pine bark.
Gentle gel base formed from water, isooctyl stearate, propylene glycol, diazolidinyl urea. Methylparaben, linalool and propylparaben provide optimal absorption of the active ingredients in the pathological foci. Due to the presence in the composition of citral and limonene, the drug has a pleasant citrus scent.

Terms and conditions of storage

Venolgon should be stored in places protected from direct sunlight. The shelf life is 18 months, but after opening the package, the drug should be used within 4-5 weeks.
The optimum temperature for storage is 15-25 ° C. You can not use the gel for the treatment of its separation, discoloration or smell. Small children should not have access to it.

Instructions for use

In the instructions for use it is recommended to use Venolgon gel only for the purpose of a phlebologist.
Inflammation of the veins in the legs provokes various negative factors. This can endocrine, metabolic pathologies, various circulatory disorders. Therefore, before starting treatment, it is necessary to diagnose the cause of the poor condition of the blood vessels of the legs.

Indications and contraindications

In phlebology, treatment with Venolgon 911 gel is practiced for any pathologies that are accompanied by stagnation of blood in the vessels. It is used in the treatment of varicose veins of the legs, venous insufficiency of different nature of the course. The drug is prescribed to patients with thrombophlebitis - inflammation of the inner venous wall with the formation of a blood clot.
Also, the following pathological conditions become indications for its use:
    leg swelling that occurs without any changes in the drinking regime;
    feeling of heaviness in the legs after a hard day’s work or intense sports training;
    the appearance of characteristic vascular patterns in the legs;
    excessive dryness of the skin on the legs, often indicating a violation of blood circulation;
    muscle spasms during the day or at night.
The drug Venolgon can not be used by women during the carrying of the child or during lactation. It is contraindicated in children under 2 years of age and in people with hypersensitivity to active or auxiliary ingredients. If there is a history of severe liver and kidney diseases, treatment is carried out under medical supervision.

Dosage and administration

Doctors prescribe a drug to eliminate vascular patterns - "reticulums", "asterisks", point hemorrhages. Ugly manifestations of blood stagnation disappear due to increased elasticity of blood vessels. You can improve the condition of the legs, daily applying ointment for 3-4 weeks.
Venolgon gel is applied in a thin layer and lightly rubbed until completely absorbed. The frequency of use varies from 1 to 3 times per day depending on the diagnosed pathology. A single dose is 2-3 cm strips of funds extracted from a plastic tube. Using Venolgon 1-2 times a day will prevent the development of inflammatory and destructive pathologies.

Side effects and special instructions

Venolgon is used as a symptomatic therapy, eliminates the clinical manifestations of weak and moderate severity. It is combined with venoprotectors, anticoagulants, regeneration stimulants, anti-inflammatory drugs. Especially effective is the combination of Venolgon 911 with creams, ointments, balms that strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
The instructions to the drug warned about the possibility of a local allergic reaction. Its characteristic symptoms are swelling and redness of the skin, rash, itching, and painful sensations. When they appear, you should stop using the tool and consult a doctor.


I work as a pharmacist, so at the end of the working day my legs swell a lot, there is a burning sensation. After examination, the phlebologist prescribed the daily application of Venolgon 911 ointment. I use a fairly effective remedy for a month, and then I take a two-week break.
I use Venolgon to prevent the appearance of ugly vascular networks. A couple of years ago they already appeared, but the drug helped to get rid of them quickly. Now I apply it as a prophylactic.

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