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User manual for 911 leech extract

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The leech has long been considered the “friend” of diseased vessels, because its saliva contains valuable components - enzymes that prevent blood from clotting, which have fibrinolytic, antithrombotic and anti-inflammatory effects.
Let's open the topic of 911 foot gel, study the list of indications and contraindications for use, the formula of 911 leech extract, the cost and customer reviews.

Pharmaceutical form

911 leech extract is produced by the Russian company "Twins Tack" in a single gel form, packaged in 100-ml tubes. Each tube is packed in a colorful cardboard box, which contains information on the composition of the product.
    In the form of ointment, rubbing and cream, this tool is not made, beware of buying a fake drug!

Composition of 911 leech extract

Information about the active elements of the product, each of which has a valuable healing effect, can be found on the packaging. The main part of the medication includes:
    Hirudin is a medicinal leech extract that has a fibrinolytic effect on the blood, slows down its clotting, dissolves blood clots, and helps relieve inflammation.
    Horse chestnut nut extract is an excellent anti-inflammatory, venotonic, vessel strengthening, anti-edematous effect, normalizes tissue trophism, improves lymph flow.
    Ginkgo biloba extract - normalizes blood circulation, microcirculation, has a veno-strengthening effect.
    Green tea juice - eliminates cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels, thereby normalizing their lumen and ensuring active uninterrupted blood circulation. In addition, the component helps to strengthen the venous wall.
In addition to the main, the tool contains auxiliary components, information on their composition can be read in the instructions for use.

Recommendations for use

911 leech extract is prescribed in complex therapy if the patient has the following indications:
    Being at risk of varicose leg and CVI for prophylactic purposes.
    Regular feeling of fatigue of the lower extremities, swelling and pain, including due to increased exercise.
    Activation of venous blood flow, microcirculation in patients leading a hypodynamic lifestyle.
    Capillary reticulum, which is the first sign of varicose veins.
    Prevention of varicose veins during pregnancy and after childbirth.

pharmachologic effect

When applying the gel-balm 911 on unhealthy vessels and soft tissues of the lower extremities, a complex therapeutic effect is obtained, which consists in the following:
    The venous blood flow is activated, microcirculation is restored.
    The walls of blood vessels are strengthened and toned, and the capillaries lose their brittleness and restore the ability to resist the push of blood pressure.
    The frequency and intensity of intravenous inflammation decreases.
    Trophic and lymphobic tissue normalization is normalized, due to which pain, swelling and heaviness in the calves of the legs disappear.

Types of contraindications

Given the almost completely natural composition of the balm, it can be used in almost all patients, including women in “interesting position”.
It is not recommended to use 911 leech extract only when the patient has a history of a tendency to allergic reactions to medications, including those of plant origin.

How to apply gel-balm 911 leech extract

It is necessary to wipe the skin of the feet dry with a towel. Then squeeze out a little gel, from 2 to 5 cm, distribute on the surface of the skin in the place where unhealthy veins or capillary mesh are located, slightly rubbing the substance.
You should not rub with force, as you risk injuring the inflamed vessels and tissues. Application recommended twice or thrice a day, the course can be quite long.
    Patients say that the legs acquire lightness and tone already after a period of one and a half to two weeks from the start of the course.

Reviews about 911 leech extract

Patients who used the gel-balm in combination with other means to eliminate varicose veins, confirm the effectiveness of 911 leech extract.
Lily, 36 years old
“When I was pregnant, I found signs of venous insufficiency - swelling, pain in my legs, especially in the evening, was disturbed by a mesh of capillaries. Since the list of restrictions at this time is quite wide, the doctor prescribed a gel-balm 911 from the company "Twin Tech", low-calorie vitamin diet, restriction of salt in food, regular walks. I am a pedantic person, I tried to strictly follow the recommendations of the doctor. Three weeks later, I noticed that the pain and swelling began to pass, it became easier to move. I think that 911 gel also played an important role in this. I use it even now, after giving birth. ”

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