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User manual for 911 horse chestnut gel-balm

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Since the antivaricose foot gel appeared on the market, 17 years have passed with horse chestnut extract. During this time, the tool has managed to gain unprecedented popularity. It is often bought in pharmacies and actively advertised on the Internet. But many people are interested in the answer to the question: “Is this remedy as effective as it is written and said in advertising?”

Composition and release form

Translucent gel with a watery consistency is available in tubes of 100 milliliters.
The most important components in its composition are:
    Horse chestnut extract.
    Extract horsetail.
    Green tea extract
    Hazel leaf extract.
    Extract of red grape leaves.
    Propylene glycol.
    Alkyl Acrylate.
    Lemon oil.
    Cypress oil.
    Diazolidinyl urea.

pharmachologic effect of 911 horse chestnut

    The active substance - horse chestnut, which is contained in the gel, increases the tone of blood vessels, reduces the lymph flow, has a vasoconstrictor effect. Menthol and green tea have a cooling effect, thereby relieving pain and swelling.
    Hazel leaf extract relieves inflammation and redness, and also strengthens the walls of the veins and reduces their permeability.
    Troxeturin (flavonoid) and extract of grape leaves restore the patency of the veins and perform an antioxidant function, strengthen the blood vessels.
Indications for use
Horse chestnut gel balsam 911 is an adjunct in the following diseases:
    Varicose veins (initial stage).
    Thrombophlebitis (without open wounds).
    With thrombosis;
    With swelling;
    With lesions of the veins after injury.
Usually, 911 horse chestnut for the treatment of varicose veins is used together with tablets or various medical procedures.

Instructions for use

911 horse chestnut is applied in a small amount on clean skin of the feet and rubbed in a circular motion until completely absorbed. The procedure for applying the cream is carried out twice a day.


    911 horse chestnut gel-balm is not applied to open wounds, as well as abrasion scratches.
    Skin diseases (boils, ulcers, etc.).
    Intolerance to the components of the gel.
    Foot cream should not be applied to the skin of children who have not yet turned two years old.
911 horse chestnut is used with caution during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as there are no data on its effect on the body during these periods. Troxeturin, which is present in the composition of the remedy is contraindicated in the first trimester of pregnancy, but is allowed in the second and third, therefore the use of this remedy is necessarily discussed with a doctor.


I had problems with my legs when I was 20 years old. At my work, you need to constantly stand, and therefore in the evening they become twice as thick as in the morning. Of course, I turned to a phlebologist. He said that the problem is hereditary. It really is. My father suffers from varicose veins, swollen legs are a common occurrence for him. For treatment, the doctor prescribed Lioton 1000 cream for me and wearing special tights. Since the disease is hereditary, I must constantly use these two means so that it does not acquire more severe forms. Ointment is used by me and my father.
One pack is enough for a week. To reduce costs, I decided to choose a cheaper tool. I tried many of them and stopped at 911 ointment with horse chestnut extract. After a month of medical recommendations, the manifestation of edema significantly decreased.

I have thrombophlebitis. Sore veins hurt, legs look awful. I went to the doctor, he ordered a costly surgery to remove the dilated veins. To relieve the unpleasant sensations, cream 911 “your rescue service” with horse chestnut extract and wearing a special elastic bandage for the legs. While I am not doing the operation: I collect money, and the cream helps me to relieve swelling and pain. I am very pleased with its reasonable price and anti-inflammatory effect.
I have intolerance to some medications. Because the doctor phlebologist very long chose the right tool. Finally, he stopped on a gel balm 911 with horse chestnut. I am very pleased with the effect. I have the initial stage of varicose veins: the dilated veins are not yet visible, but the pain and swelling are present. The prescribed remedy is very effective, it is easy to find in any pharmacy, it has a low cost. I order gel in online pharmacies, several packs at once, since there it can be purchased even cheaper.

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