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ACC 200 powder instruction

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To treat a cough with viscous, poorly separated sputum, you should always start with the use of drugs (PM) that improve the rheological properties of bronchial secretions.
Slime, which has become less viscous, is much easier and faster to evacuate from the breathing tubes, making room for air and the renewed mucous layer.
Among the drugs that can produce such an effect with bronchial sputum, ACC 200 powder is very popular. Instructions for the use of water-soluble granules describe the method of using this secretolytic and give other important information about the medication.


Soluble ACC (powder) 200 in the form of fine granular particles is packed in 200 mg bags, each of which contains:
    acetylcysteine ​​(active ingredient);
    additional ingredients - ascorbic acid, citrus and honey flavorings, sucrose, saccharin.
Small granules look white or yellowish with a pronounced honey and citrus odor.

Mechanism of action

According to the pharmacological action of ACC (powder), 200 mg belongs to the group of expectorant mucolytic agents that exhibit a mucolytic effect, facilitating the evacuation of sputum.
These effects are achieved by the direct action of acetylcysteine ​​on the rheological quality ("fluidity") of bronchial mucus. Acetylcysteine ​​is effective even in the presence of pus in sputum.

How to use cough

The instructions for the use of ACC granules list several pathologies accompanied by a cough reflex, when the use of this powder is appropriate:
    with cystic fibrosis;
    bronchiolitis, COPD, bronchial asthma, bronchiectatic disease;
    lung abscess;
    acute, obstructive or chronic bronchitis;
    laryngotracheitis, tracheitis.
How to dilute ACC in granules for the preparation of a solution of 200 mg of powder is written in the instructions for the use of drugs.

Instructions for use

Before you dilute ACC 200 powder, you should first familiarize yourself with the rules for using this medication, because compliance with the dosage and timing of use is the most important component for successful treatment.

How to breed?

There is no particular technology in how to breed powder ACC 200 or any other dosage. In the instructions to the ACC 200 (powder), the method of application is described as follows:
    a bag of granules should be cut with scissors or gently torn along the upper edge;
    pour the contents into a large cup;
    pour the powder with hot water (200 ml).
To dissolve ACC 200 in powder as quickly as possible, stir the solution with a teaspoon.

What water to dissolve?

Instructions for the use of ulterior motive emphasize how to dilute ACC 200 (powder) to obtain the most effective potency of the medicine. The pellet water must be hot.

How to use?

Pay attention to such a nuance about the medication - how to drink it to achieve the maximum effect.
    The instruction indicates that the solution should be drunk immediately after preparation, that is, hot after eating.
    The use of a hot drink for colds and coughs will allow the active substances of the solution to be absorbed into the blood faster, therefore, and more likely to exhibit a mucolytic property.
    If the patient has febrile condition (high temperature), it is necessary to allow the solution to cool to warm or room temperature.
    Instructions for use do not recommend keeping the solution prepared, but not drunk for more than 3 hours.
    The medication is designed for patients from 6 years old, the maximum dosage for adolescents under 14 years old is 600 mg per day, divided into several doses. But the accuracy of the dosage should be selected only in the presence of a doctor.
Is there such information - when using the medication ACC (powder) 200, how to take other fluids: decoctions, infusions or teas? Yes, the instruction approves the additional use of other warm fluids, emphasizing that they will enhance the mucolytic effect of this drug.

How long can I drink?

Mucolytic drugs for colds usually drink for 5-7 days. For diseases with a long course, the dosage is determined by the doctor, and for the treatment of chronic diseases, long courses of taking ACC 200 mg (powder) are used. How long to take drugs with such a complex pathology as cystic fibrosis or chronic bronchitis depends on the onset of remissions.
    Any long-term treatment regimens should be compiled individually by a physician. Without the recommendations of a specialist, drinking ACC 200 (powder) for longer than 5 days should not be.

Important patient information

Before using any kind of drug, the patient should not, but simply must read the special instructions in the annotation. It is important to know not only how to dilute the ACC 200 powder according to the instructions for use, but also what undesirable effects may occur against the background of its use. And most importantly - is it possible for you or your child to take it at all. This question will be answered by the section “Contraindications” in the instructions for use of the powder.
This section contains a list of situations in which the use of the drug is impossible:
    with exacerbation of peptic ulcer;
    in the presence of pulmonary hemorrhage or hemoptysis;
    with all types of glucose-galactose deficiency;
    pregnant and lactating women;
    children under 6 years old.
In addition, the drug is prohibited for patients with increased susceptibility to active or additional ingredients.
Use caution when using ACC 200 in granules when:
    bronchial asthma (if severe exacerbation is prohibited!);
    history of peptic ulcer;
    diseases of the adrenal glands;
    renal or hepatic insufficiency;
    increased susceptibility to histamine;
It is also necessary to remember that taking drugs, especially long ones, can provoke undesirable effects in the form of allergic reactions, respiratory dysfunction, dyspeptic disorders and others. A pronounced manifestation of side effects can be triggered by an overdose.

What reviews does the drug receive?

For several decades, ACC 200 (powder) has been present on the pharmacological market, and patients continue to write mostly positive reviews about this medication.
    Of the studied evaluations of the drug, not a single one was found that spoke about the experience of transferring the side effects of the drug or about cases of overdose. Most reviews call the powder an on-duty medicine in a home medicine cabinet.
And yet there are a few points that consumers have identified as flaws in this powder:
    list of contraindications (he scares away some);
    the inability to use during pregnancy, breastfeeding;
    prohibition of use in young patients (from mothers of 2-3 year old babies).
Everything else, including a pleasant taste and affordable price, most of those who consumed the ACC 200 according to the instructions for use, are called the advantages of this drug.

Terms of sell

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