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Instruction for 9 months OmegaMother

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Some facts

Scientific studies have shown that fish oil contains all the necessary polyunsaturated fatty acids that help to cope with diseases of the heart and blood vessels. In developed countries, fish oil in large portions began to produce since 1882.
9 months OmegaMother is a dietary supplement for pregnant women. It contains polyunsaturated amino acids. Supplement can continue to be used after the birth of the baby during lactation. In this period, women especially need additional sources of polyunsaturated amino acids.

Pharmacological properties

9 months OmegaMother is a preparation made from fish oil (sardine, anchovy). The advantage of this type of fish is short lifespan. In a short cycle, sardines and anchovies do not have time to accumulate toxic compounds in their bodies from water. OmegaMother is highly purified. Modern equipment removes a specific fishy smell. The chemical composition of the fat is a mixture of polyunsaturated acids of the Omega 3, Omega 6 groups. To determine the naturality of fish oil, scientists conducted a chemical reaction with sulfuric acid. When acid interacts with fat, a blue ring is formed on the surface of the liquid, which gradually turns into a brown color. This reaction is characteristic of natural fish oil. When ingested 9 months. OmegaMother cholesterol under the action of metabolism forms a compound that is easily tolerated by the circulatory system, does not linger in the bloodstream, and prevents the development of heart disease. The drug has a positive effect on the activity of the nervous system, improves the condition of the connective tissue. OmegaMother enters the digestive tract begins to be distributed throughout the body, the flow begins after absorption into the biological fluid. Fat is consumed through thermogenesis. Lipolysis is stimulated. The half-life of the drug is long, requires the full passage of oxidative processes. It is excreted in the bile into the intestine, where reabsorption occurs. After that, the rest is excreted in the feces. The medicine does not accumulate in the body.

Composition and release form

9 months OmegaMother is available in capsulated form. The capsule contains fish oil. Fish oil in turn has its composition: polyunsaturated fatty acids 150 milligrams, docosahexaenoic acid 105 milligrams. Capsules are coated, which helps OmegaMother to enter the gastrointestinal tract unchanged. One pack contains thirty capsules ready for use. In the box attached instructions for use.

Indications for use

Indications for the use of the drug are the presence during pregnancy of the risk of premature onset of labor, a tendency to the formation of thrombosis or the development of placental insolvency. Women who are diagnosed with intrauterine growth retardation in varying degrees of fetus, people with miscarriage. In the presence of high blood pressure, with the risk of preeclampsia or fetoplacental insufficiency. Capsules are indicated for women after childbirth to treat depression. Also, the drug can be used by patients to prevent hypovitaminosis.

Side effects of OmegaMother

When using the drug in the prescribed dosage side effect is not met. But because of the individuality of each organism, the following reactions are possible: the appearance of an allergic condition, malaise, a violation of blood clotting.


9 months OmegaMother has contraindications. In the first place - is the presence of increased sensitization to the components of the composition. Increased calcium in the blood, the presence of calcium in the urine. Not recommended for patients with diseases of the liver and kidneys, pancreas, the presence of stones in the urinary system. Do not take persons with a high content of vitamins D and A in the blood. Contraindications for admission are pulmonary tuberculosis, the presence of stones in the gallbladder, disruption of the thyroid gland, skin disease. It is carefully taken in case of severe diseases of the heart, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Persons over the age of sixty five.

Use during pregnancy

It is recommended to apply during gestation of the baby, after giving birth during the lactation period. But before use it is required to consult with the attending gynecologist.

Method and features of the application

The drug is taken orally, pre-chew is not necessary. You can drink water. Capsules are used during meals. Dose and duration of administration prescribed by a specialist. The drug can be taken for pregnancy courses.

Compatibility with alcohol

Absolute contraindications of the compatibility of alcohol and fish oil is not received. But still alcohol affects the process of absorption of fish oil in the body. Increases the load on the liver system, worsening cerebral circulation.

Interaction with other drugs

Combined use of 9 months OmegaMother and other medicines can cause unwanted reactions. Before use, you need to consult a doctor. It is better not to take the drug along with vitamin E. It reduces its absorbability in the gastrointestinal tract. But long-term intake of fish oil reduces the level of vitamin E in the body. The drug is not combined with drugs for the treatment of diabetes. The main substance reduces the concentration of insulin in the blood. Carefully combine with anticoagulants, due to the ability to reduce blood clotting. May cause the risk of bleeding from the nasal passages during menstruation. The drug is not combined with vitamin preparations that contain fish oil. When you combine these drugs, you can get an overdose in the body.


At the first signs of overdose, it is required to stop taking the drug and provide the patient with plenty of drink. Seek medical attention. The specialist will perform an examination and prescribe a treatment that depends on the symptoms and condition of the patient. The main signs of overdose: the appearance of an allergic condition, nausea, thirst, increased urination, changes in blood pressure, constipation, muscle rigidity. Not uncommon headache, body aches. Cases of drug overdose, in which patients received a fatal outcome - no.

Storage conditions

Capsules should be stored for two years at a temperature no higher than twenty-five degrees. Humidity should not exceed 80%. Avoid exposure to sunlight. Keep storage space out of the reach of children. The capsule is a small object that during a child's play can cause damage to health.

Terms of sell

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