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Release form

BAA is available in the form of capsules, cream, gel. Each dosage form is different in composition, but the main therapeutic effect has a draw of hazel. Tannins and oils contained in the bark and leaves strengthen blood vessels and improve the tone of smooth muscle fibers.
Additional components that make up the capsules enhance the vasoconstrictor effect of hazel.
    Rutin - normalizes blood circulation, reduces puffiness, restores the elasticity of the muscle layer of blood vessels.
    Ascorbic acid - inhibits oxidative reactions, reduces blood viscosity, participates in the formation of collagen.
    Dihydroquercetin - prevents damage to endothelial cells, reduces vascular permeability and LDL levels.
As well as Asclesan-A in the form of capsules, contains Jerusalem artichoke powder, which improves blood flow by reducing the concentration of fibrinogen and strengthens the capillaries.
Asclesan-A gel and cream eliminate the main manifestations of varicose veins at an early stage: fatigue after walking, pain, swelling, itching, cramps.
Drugs work well due to the multi-component composition. All substances are present in the minimum dosage, but have a similar effect, reinforce each other.
Extraction Sophora, dihydroquerticin reduce the risk of thrombosis, strengthen blood vessels. Chestnut and calendula extracts improve vascular tone, reduce puffiness and inflammation. Arnica relieves pain, burning sensation. Strengthens the antithrombotic effect of cream and gel enzyme saliva leech.

Pharmacological properties

Asclesan-A has phlebotonic and angioprotective effects. The drug slightly reduces blood viscosity, platelet aggregation. After application improves blood flow in the veins and small vessels. By reducing the permeability of the capillaries into the surrounding tissue less plasma enters, as a result of pain, swelling, itching.
The supplement prevents excessive stretching of the venous walls, damage to the capillaries. If the drug is taken at an early stage, it is possible to prevent or slow the expansion of the veins.
Components of Asclesan-A violate the mechanism of leukocyte adhesion to the inner layer of blood vessels, which helps prevent the formation of blood clots, thickening of the vascular wall.
Rutin inhibits the activity of collagen destroying enzymes. The resistance of the vascular walls to damage increases, and their tensile properties decrease.
Prolonged use of capsules contributes to the restoration of the endothelium, reduces microcirculatory disorders. The nutrition of tissues improves, the probability of trophic lesions decreases.
Funds for local use do not have a pronounced effect on the blood vessels, but reduce swelling, a feeling of heaviness, pain, nourish the tissues, prevent the violation of the structure of the epidermis, improve skin condition, reduce pain during convulsions.

Indications for use

Asclesan-A, as indicated by the instructions, is used for therapy and prevention:
    Chronic venous insufficiency.
    Trophic disorders.
The supplement can be taken in the postoperative period, after removal of hemorrhoids and veins.
In order to prevent the development of varicose veins, Asclesan-A is recommended to be used for the prevention of unfavorable heredity, hard physical labor, obesity, standing or sedentary work.
Capsules increase the tone of blood vessels, improve blood flow, prevent the formation of nodes and blood clots, but due to the small content of therapeutic components do not give tangible results with serious trophic disorders.


The supplement contains herbal ingredients that provoke allergic reactions. With hypersensitivity possible heartburn, nausea, headache.
No studies have been conducted on how Asclesan-A affects the fetus and the infant. Essential oils increase the tone of the uterus, so it is better to choose a safer and proven means.

Mode of application

Any form of the drug with prolonged use does not cause complications and addiction.
    At the first symptoms of varicose veins, Asclesan-A oral administration is recommended to take at least two weeks. In case of marked violations, the drug is taken for four weeks, after that a break for two weeks is taken and the dose is resumed again.
    For the prevention of complications after phlebectomy, Asclesan-A is used for two weeks.
    For prophylactic purposes, the supplement is taken twice a year for one month.
    Capsules are taken with meals one at a time, three times a day.
    It is not recommended to take alcohol during treatment.
The composition of bioadditives includes all the components necessary to improve the condition of the vessels. But the drug does not have a significant effect due to small doses.
The drug is safe, suitable for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins at the stage of cosmetic defects, with severity and pain in the legs, paroxysmal contraction of muscles, edema. In addition, the components of Asclesan-A will increase immunity, normalize metabolism and the gastrointestinal tract.


Reviews of doctors confirm that the gel and cream well help only at the first signs of varicose veins, can be used as an ambulance for itching and pain. They are useless with blue spots on the legs, appearing in the last stage of the disease.
Patient reviews are more encouraging about these drugs.
Svetlana, 37 years old
“I suffer from hemorrhoids, he appeared immediately after pregnancy. I tried a lot of tools, including from traditional medicine. Accidentally acquired Asclesan-A capsules in a pharmacy. After a course of treatment at 1 month, I was pleased with the result. Now I take capsules every six months. ”
Oksana, 42
“Varicosity was inherited by me, therefore I constantly struggle with its symptoms. Phlebologist advised me to buy a gel or cream Asclesan-A. The symptoms he removes well, the result is satisfied. "

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