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Asclesan A cream user manual

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Asclesan A is also available as a cream. It is applied to varicose affected skin 3 times a day. Promised effects: removal of edema, increased tone of the venous wall, improved blood circulation.


The composition of the cosmetic:
    pine bark;
    witch hazel extract;
    Red grapes;
    horse chestnut;
    vitamin E;
    olive oil.
Many customers think that the more components, the better. This is not true. Most drugs with proven clinical efficacy contain one, maximum two or three active ingredients. But if there are ten, as a rule, this indicates that the components are present in minimum dosages.


In the composition of the cream Asclesan A, there are indeed substances that have a decongestant, venotonic, anti-inflammatory effect and improve microcirculation. This is primarily extracts of chestnut, red grapes, hazel, rutin. Other plants also contain flavonoids, which have a positive effect on the state of the blood vessels.
But the problem is that all these substances of plant origin have extremely low bioavailability. When applied locally to the skin, they simply do not create the necessary concentration in the area of ​​application. Therefore, the effect will be, at best, short-lived and weakly pronounced. Perhaps Asclesan cream And in general will not affect the symptoms of varicose veins.


The cream is applied to the skin with a thin layer and rubbed with circular massaging movements. It is used three times a day. The course of treatment is not limited. Asclesan A cream is safe, and therefore, if necessary, can be used for a long time.


Asclesan A cream - effectively relieves fatigue in the legs, contributes to the normalization of blood circulation in case of varicose disease, increases venous tone, normalizes microcirculation in the lower limbs. Asclesan A cream is successfully used to eliminate blue spots, spider veins and edema in the legs.
Asclesan A cream can be used both for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.
- varicose veins of the lower extremities, swelling, pain, cramps, heaviness in the lower extremities, trophic disorders in the lower extremities (cyanosis, trophic ulcers);
- preoperative preparation and postoperative treatment of varicose veins;
- the presence of vascular "stars" and "reticulums" on the skin of the lower extremities;
- hemorrhoids, thrombophlebitis, prevention and treatment in the early stages of cellulitis.
Prophylactic administration of cream Asclesan A is indicated for the so-called risk factors:
- unfavorable heredity (the presence of the disease in parents, grandparents);
- overweight;
- work associated with heavy physical exertion, a long stay in a standing or sitting position (surgeons, drivers, dentists, accountants, machine operators).


Individual intolerance of individual components cream Asclesan A. Children under 12 years old. Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Storage conditions

In the dark place at a temperature of no higher than 25 ° C.

Terms of sell

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