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Instruction for Retinorm

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As a dietary supplement, ophthalmologists recommend Retinorm vitamins.
They relieve visual stress and protect the eyes from aggressive external influences.
It remains to be seen whether it is possible to take a dietary supplement on its own, and whether it has contraindications.


Retinorm is a 500 mg bluish-green capsule.
Each of them contains a number of useful substances, namely:
    ascorbic acid;
    calcium stearate;
The content of ingredients does not exceed the permissible level of daily consumption.
All these components have the following effects on the visual organs:
    activate metabolic processes in tissues;
    reduce the risk of pathology in the retina;
    blocking the effects of harmful UV rays.
Vitamins have an antioxidant effect and restore the visual pigment, strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
 Ascorbic acid is involved in cell regeneration and resists free radicals. It preserves the physical activity of the muscles and maintains the level of collagen in the lens.
Lutein and zeaxanthin are plant carotenoids that neutralize pathogenic molecules and reduce the risk of cellulose damage. Their deficiency leads to the destruction of the retina and deterioration of vision, and later - to blindness.
Trace elements nourish the fundus of the eye, contribute to the normal functioning of the optic nerve. A deficiency of zinc, copper and selenium leads to increased fatigue and the development of degeneration processes.

Indications for use

Retinorm is prescribed as a dietary supplement to cover the lack of beneficial compounds.
The drug can be used to enhance ocular adaptation in the following situations:
    wearing glasses and lenses;
    exposure to sunlight;
    high visual loads;
    age-related changes in the retina.
Indications for use are the following symptoms:
    temporary visual impairment;
    eye strain;
    dryness and redness of the mucous membranes.
Experts choose Retinorm for the following reasons:
    high content of antioxidants;
    high bioavailability;
    availability of quality certificate.
Vitamins are shown during the rehabilitation period after eye surgery.
It is important to understand that Retinorm is not a drug. It cannot be taken for therapeutic purposes. It is advised to use supplements only after consulting with your doctor.
It is recommended to drink capsules to the following groups of persons:
    elderly pensioners;
    people who spend a long time on the PC;
    men and women whose diets are low in vitamins and microelements;
    young people who spend a lot of time watching television and reading.
Contraindications include the period of childbearing and lactation, individual intolerance to the components.
Allergic reactions may develop as side effects.

Instructions for use

Adults take Retinorm three capsules per day with meals.
Packing number 90 is enough for a month of admission. If necessary, the course can be repeated.
It is important to adhere to other rules:
    Constantly take vitamins for the eyes can not, it is important to take a break.
    On an empty stomach, swallow capsules is prohibited.
    It is important to use the additive in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the doctors.
    Do not drink coffee capsules, juice or tea. For this only reading water is suitable.
    It is important to prevent overdose.
    Break the capsule is not worth it. It must be swallowed whole.
    During a wellness complex, it is important to notify the doctor about taking antibiotics.
During and after the course of therapy, ophthalmologists are asked to adhere to the following tips:
    It is important to eat right and give up bad habits. The diet should include carrots, seeds, nuts, fish oil.
    Should observe the regime of the day and rest.
    When working at the computer, it is necessary to take breaks every hour.
    It is useful to perform special exercises for the eyes.
    It is important to provide proper coverage of the workplace.
These recommendations will enhance the effect of vitamins and prevent the development of asthenopia.


Svetlana, 45 years old:
I have vision problems for a long time. In recent years, I often sit at the computer. Already tried many drugs and supplements. Recently in a pharmacy I was advised Retinorm. I was embarrassed by the cost of vitamins, but still I decided to try.
I did not see the super effect. Vision, of course, has not improved. But the eyes became less tired after working behind the monitor. No sand feeling.
I continue to drink dietary supplements and moisturize the mucous drops. Periodically, I forgot to drink the capsule, because it must be consumed three times a day. In any case, the benefits of vitamins are.

Eugene, 42 years:
Recently came across these vitamins on the Internet on the site of your favorite pharmacy. There was a decent discount at Retinorm, and I decided to buy a supplement.
Immediately my attention was attracted by the fact that the drug was certified. Like the composition of dietary supplements. It has a lot of zinc. The only thing that strained is the need to drink capsules three times a day.
After the morning intake nausea appeared. There was no such side effect in the afternoon and evening. For 4 weeks I noticed that my eyes became less dry.
Surprisingly, the skin on the face evened out. It looks like this is the result of zinc. Therefore, Retinorm is definitely not a dummy. It is a pity that not all vitamins will do. It is better to consult a doctor before taking them.

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