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Venoplant instruction

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Almost all older people experience varicose veins. The disease overtakes women after pregnancy, professional athletes who are used to experiencing super-intense exercise. This disease is often found in people who lead an inactive lifestyle. The sooner you identify the main symptoms, the sooner you can begin treatment and get rid of unpleasant symptoms. Venoplant tablets do a good job.

Prescription drug

Venoplant increases the tone in the vessels, prevent their premature wear. It consists of only natural ingredients that are carefully chosen to achieve the maximum effect from use. The drug is used not only for varicose veins, but as a general tonic for the elderly. Studies show that taking it according to a specially designed scheme reduces the likelihood of developing strokes, coronary heart disease, and vascular dystonia.
Venoplant appointed:
    For the prevention of varicose veins;
    In the treatment of this disease in combination with other drugs;
    In the treatment of premature babies with neurological and other abnormalities;
    For the treatment of all types of venous insufficiency.
The drug is produced in Germany by a major well-known manufacturer; it has proven effectiveness and is characterized by a small range of side effects.
Domestic phlebologists actively prescribe medicine to their patients. Those almost immediately after the start of the reception feel a positive effect. In order for treatment or prophylaxis to be successful, it is necessary that the means be prescribed by a doctor and have a detailed description of the regimen.
It differs depending on the severity of the disease, concomitant factors.

Composition and dosage form

The tablets consist of a dry extract of horse chestnut seeds. The main active ingredient is complementary auxiliary components. Horse chestnut seeds contain anhydrous escin of natural origin. This substance helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, fights venous insufficiency. It is difficult, expensive and irrational to obtain this component synthetically. Horse chestnut seeds are well tolerated by the human body, do not provide additional stress on the kidneys and liver, so the drug is actively used throughout the world.
Venoplant presented in the form of tablets with a delayed release of the active substance. This means that when ingested, the drug begins to act not immediately, it is gradually released, increasing the effectiveness of the intake.
Instructions for use of Venoplant is in each package of the drug, it must be studied before use, even if the doctor has detailed the regimen. You must make sure that there are no contraindications to use.
Self-medication is often dangerous. Taking drugs for venous insufficiency on your own, you can “smooth out” the existing symptoms, but not get rid of the root cause of the disease. Over time, the disease will become chronic, and it will be problematic to treat it.

Indications for use

There are many symptoms and conditions for which Venoplant is indicated:
    Severe swelling of limbs;
    Heaviness in the legs;
    Severe pain under the knees, in the legs;
    Burning sensation;
    Numbness of the legs, loss of sensation.
All these manifestations say the violation of the vascular system. the walls of the veins are weak, thin. In the initial stages of the development of the disease pain arises from the fact that the veins are slightly inflamed. Over time, bumps appear on them. Then thrombophlebitis develops - a very dangerous condition.
Closure of blood vessels with blood clots leads to bleeding, tissue necrosis, sepsis, which can lead to the death of the patient.
Many consider varicose veins to be a non-serious disease. If it is constantly monitored, engaged in prevention and timely treatment, it will not cause problems or inconvenience. But if it is irresponsible to treat your health, then the consequences will be dire. You should know the symptoms for which you need to consult a doctor so that he prescribes Venoplant and other drugs for varicose veins.

Drug action

Escin, which is found in dried and ground seeds of horse chestnut, has a complex effect on the walls of blood vessels. He tones them, restores the internal structure. The vessels of the extremities need it most of all.
Hyaluronic acid is responsible for the elasticity of tissues in the body. Many women know this name, because it is used by beauticians, making "beauty shots", it contains many anti-aging creams. Lack of hyaluronic acid leads to vascular fragility. It breaks down the enzyme hyaluronidase, and to reduce its activity and is assigned to escin, which is part of the Venoplant.
The active components of the drug act in several directions:
    Removes swelling of tissues;
    Increases vascular tone;
    It has an angioprotective effect, that is, corrects blood microcirculation in the vessels;
    Reduces inflammation;
    Relieves pain in the legs, which causes varicose veins.
Long-term use of the drug contributes to the complete elimination of negative symptoms, recovery. The risk of recurrence is reduced if the agent is taken in accordance with the strict recommendations of the doctor.

Venoplant with varicose veins

There are many varieties of venous insufficiency, the manifestation of which is assigned Venoplant. But its use is most common for varicose veins. It is advisable to start a comprehensive treatment at the initial stage of the disease, when the veins are not yet severely affected, there are no cones, nodes and blood clots.
Some patients believe that for the treatment of varicose veins is sufficient funds for external use in the form of creams, gels or ointments. They really have a therapeutic effect, facilitate the patient's condition, but this is not enough for full recovery and recovery.
To act on the root cause of the disease is necessary from the inside, constantly strengthening and toning the walls of blood vessels.
The effectiveness of the drug depends on the duration of its reception, the presence or absence of comorbidities, the use of additional methods of treatment. To completely get rid of the manifestations of varicose veins, it is necessary to undergo physical therapy courses, physiotherapy.

Dosage schedule

In the treatment of varicose veins, Venoplant is administered one tablet twice a day. It is taken before meals with a glass of water. It is undesirable to chew the medicine. The duration of the reception is determined by the doctor after a complete comprehensive examination of the body. It is usually recommended to drink Venoplant for 2-3 months in a row, then take a break for the same period.


At the stage when varicose veins developed into thrombophlebitis, Venoplant is not recommended. It may even be dangerous to health. It is undesirable to take pills for people with bleeding disorders, because Venoplant dilutes it. Another contraindication is serious renal failure, because the active components of the drug are excreted in the urine, their excessive accumulation in the body is undesirable.
Individual intolerance to the components of the composition, the tendency to allergic reactions are another absolute contraindication.
    Before using the medication, you can take allergy tests to make sure that there is no negative reaction.
If this is not possible, then at the first dose, the dose is reduced by 2-4 times, that is, instead of one pill, you drink a quarter. During the day, you need to monitor your own condition, control all sensations and possible adverse reactions. if they do not, the next dose is doubled compared with the original. If you drank a quarter pill in the morning, take half in the evening, and the next morning you can drink a full dose.
This rule applies to patients who suffer from allergic reactions in order to reduce the possible manifestations.

Side effects

With prolonged use or overdose Venoplant possible adverse reactions:
    Nausea, vomiting;
    Heart palpitations, tachycardia;
    Itching, skin rash.
In the event of side effects, it is necessary to stop taking the drug, consult a doctor. Such reactions are rare, in most cases they are associated with overdose of the drug or violations of the schedule. If you are constantly taking any other medications, be sure to warn your doctor about this. He will say whether the joint reception of Venoplant with other means is permitted. Simultaneous use of Venoplant and antibacterial drugs is undesirable.

Prevention of varicose veins

Venoplant tablets are prescribed not only for the purpose of treating varicose veins that have already appeared, but also for prophylactic purposes. After 30-35 years each of us needs to pay special attention to the strengthening of blood vessels, increasing the tone of their walls. At risk are giving birth to women, people working at the computer, leading inactive lifestyles, professional athletes, patients who have experienced limb injuries - sprains, bruises, fractures, because such an impact negatively affects the functioning of the veins and arteries.
Venoplant is allowed to be used for prophylactic purposes, but only after agreeing on a schedule for using the product with a doctor.
You can consult a phlebologist, vascular surgeon, or family doctor. The specialist will prescribe a survey to determine the current state of the veins, appoint a scheme of preventive measures.

Drug reviews

“Two years ago I began to suffer from varicose veins. At that time, I changed jobs, I had to get used to walking a lot, and also in heels. The veins in my legs immediately puffed up, the pain was terrible. She went to a phlebologist's appointment, he prescribed foot gel and Venoplant, told about the effectiveness of this drug. Over time, I became convinced that the remedy really had a positive effect. Two weeks later, I felt relief, and after completing the course I completely forgot about the problem. Now periodically I take it for preventive purposes. ”
“After a car accident, I went to the hospital and was bedridden for half a year. They raised me to my feet, but varicose veins became one of the consequences. The doctor immediately prescribed a complex therapy based on my condition. The list of drugs included Venoplant. I used to be wary of medicines on a natural basis, but this drug showed itself from the best side. Now there are no manifestations of varicose veins at all. ”

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