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Anestezol user manual

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In addition to eliminating the main symptoms, the drug removes some signs of inflammatory processes and dries the mucous membrane. Anestezol is indicated in cases where it is necessary to alleviate the course of the disease associated with damage to the mucous surface of the anus. Basically it comes to hemorrhoids, anal fissures and some other pathologies.

Composition and release form

Anestezol is available in the form of rectal suppositories of a standard oblong shape with a rounded end of 5 pieces in a blister (in a cardboard packaging - 2). If you bought a medicine of a different form or quantity - an occasion to think about a fake.
    The composition of Anestezol includes substances: zinc oxide, bismuth, menthol and benzocaine. Perform their functions in the fight against the disease.
Clinico-pharmacological group: a drug with anti-inflammatory, astringent, drying and local anesthetic effect for local use in proctology.

What helps Anestezol?

To recommend suppositories for hemorrhoids, doctors recommend only if there are appropriate indications:
    Uncomplicated internal hemorrhoids.
    Internal hemorrhoids, complicated by the accession of infection and heavy bleeding.
    All stages of external hemorrhoids.
    Complications with external hemorrhoids.
    Suspected formation of internal hemorrhoids.
    Thrombosed hemorrhoids.
    Fistula output of the intestine
    Chronic anal fissure and rectal fissure.
In addition, the drug is widely used during the recovery period after surgery, or the procedure for removing polyps.
For the treatment of hemorrhoids Anestezol is only in combination with other drugs. As a mono means it will not bring the expected result. Since its action is aimed only at alleviating pain and reducing the sensitivity of receptors, and it continues for a limited time.

pharmachologic effect

The suppository Anestezol for hemorrhoids includes the following components:
    Zinc oxide is an effective wound healing agent. It cleans the mucosa from pathogenic microflora well, stimulates cell regenerative abilities, and participates in the process of surface disinfection.
    Dermatol. Suppresses the inflammatory process, has an astringent and drying effect. Dermatol tightens damaged skin with a protective film, preventing the ingress of germs. Enhances the anesthetic effect of the drug, has regenerative properties.
    Menthol. The component, due to its cooling effect, eliminates such unpleasant signs of hemorrhoids as itching, inflammation. A substance of natural origin reduces the size of hemorrhoids.
    Benzocaine (anestezin) is a strong anesthetic. It silences pain receptors, which has an analgesic effect on a limited area. Reducing the sensitivity of the tissues of the output section of the rectum relieves the patient from the pain, forcing him to reflexively strain, and thus contributes to the smooth passage of fecal masses.
Together, these components of the drug effectively relieve pain, relieve muscles from spasm, allowing them to relax, which facilitates the passage of fecal masses, and reduces the risk of injury to the mucous membrane. Additionally, due to dermatol, reparative properties are activated, and the growth of new cell colonies is stimulated.

Instructions for use

According to the instructions for use, Anestezol is intended for rectal use (in the rectum). The maximum therapeutic effect can be achieved if you use the drug immediately after a bowel movement or cleansing enema. Before inserting the suppository Anestezol, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the hands and the area of ​​the anus.
    The dosage of the drug and the optimal duration of treatment are determined by the attending physician, however, reviews of Anestezol indicate that for effective treatment in adults it is enough to use 1 suppository once or twice a day.
If treatment with this drug occurs for a sufficiently long time, then the blood picture should be monitored due to the possible development of methemoglobinemia.


Anestezol differs in contraindications. Do not recommend prescribing medication treatment:
    Children under the age of 12 years. No research on the effects of suppositories on the body of the child.
    People who do not carry substances that are part of Anestezol. It is fraught with an allergic reaction, edema, life-threatening.
    Women awaiting replenishment in the family, nursing moms. The drug is used as prescribed by the doctor, if the expected benefit to the effects is exceeded, assessed by the attending doctor.
    Children up to 18 years of age. Assign as the previous group.
People driving transport or other mechanisms. Using the drug with caution - reduces concentration. When treating doctors advise to refrain from driving a car.

Side effects

As a rule, the use of Anestezol is well tolerated by patients and does not cause side effects. At the same time, in some cases, rectal suppositories of the drug can cause stool disorders and a burning sensation in the anus.
Suppositories Anestezol sometimes can cause allergic reactions. Among them are hives, skin rashes and itching. A long course of therapy with this drug can lead to abnormalities in the blood system.

What do doctors and patients say about the drug?

Antihemophilus drug Anestezol (suppositories) has recommended and appreciative reviews from both specialists and patients.
Doctors talk about the effectiveness of the drug in the complex therapy, and patients note that the suppositories relieve well the unpleasant and painful sensations that occur during anal fissures and hemorrhoids. Very rarely, drug reactions mention side effects - burning and itching. Many of the patients who used this drug in the treatment of hemorrhoids, note its low cost, which is important for such funds, because people from all segments of the population suffer from this disease.
There are grateful reviews from women suffering from postpartum hemorrhoids and cracks. They note a quick relief of pain, as well as a cure for the problem. Suppositories for hemorrhoids Anestezol reviews from doctors also have positive, because experts base their opinion on the condition of patients, the course of the disease, the rate of disappearance of painful symptoms.

Storage conditions

In a dry, dark place and out of reach of children, at a temperature not exceeding 20 ° C.
Shelf life - 3 g. Do not use the drug after the expiration date.


Constantly suffered severe pain due to hemorrhoids. Could not find a tool that would help. A pharmacist advised me to purchase Anestezol. Finally, my torment is over. I feel completely different.

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