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Psilo-Balsam user manual

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Antihistamines have different forms of release. For the elimination of allergic symptoms, which are expressed on the surface of the skin, means are used for spot application. One of these products is Psilo-Balsam Gel, which is highly effective. This tool can be used to treat allergies, both adults and children. Below we offer to get acquainted with this medicine and learn about all the nuances associated with its use.

Drug description

This medicine is a potent antihistamine, which is made on the basis of diphenhydramine hydrochloride. Psilo-balsam is made in the form of a gel for treating the surface of the skin. Using the drug allows you to eliminate pain, itching and swelling. In addition, the active component of the drug gel reduces the transmittance of the capillaries and vascular walls. Also, the composition of this drug has a sedative effect, which helps relieve irritation and redness of the skin.

Chemical composition

This drug has only one form of release, namely a colorless gel. The gel is bottled at the factory in aluminum tubes, in volumes of twenty and fifty grams. Included with the medicine is the instructions for use of the composition. In the role of the active component in this tool is diphenhydramine hydrochloride. For one gram of gel, ten milligrams of this component are useful. Also included in the Psilo-Balsam are the following additional ingredients:
    cetylpyridinium chloride;
    macrogol glyceryl caprylocaprate;
    distilled water and polyacrylic acid.

Is it considered a hormone gel?

All antihistamines for external use are divided into two categories: with and without hormones. The question of whether Psilo is a hormone balm or not is quite popular, since many hormonal drugs have their drawbacks. Psilo-Balsam does not belong to this category of medicines, which allows to avoid the negative impact of the composition on the work of internal organs.
This drug is endowed with a cumulative effect. This means that the composition of the drug accumulates in certain tissues, which allows to increase the duration of therapeutic effects. Despite the fact that non-hormonal formulations are much slower, this category of drugs is well tolerated by most patients.
    The considered pharmaceutical product can be used for a long period of time without fear of the negative effects of the drug on the body.

When Psilo-Balsam is applied

Psilo-Balsam, the instructions for use of which contain indications for use, is used in the treatment of the following diseases and pathologies:
    urticaria and eczema;
    insect bites;
    sunburns and thermal burns of the first degree of severity;
    In addition, the gel is recommended to apply to eliminate irritation of the skin with allergic etiology.

Therapy of various diseases

Allergy Treatment

The main scope of the gel Psilo-Balsam - the treatment of allergic diseases. With a tendency to allergies, any contact with the allergen can lead to various rashes on the body. The most common symptoms of allergies: itching, redness and the appearance of edema. The use of the drug allows you to block the work of certain receptors, which allows for a short time to eliminate all the symptoms characteristic of the disease.

Chickenpox therapy

Chickenpox is an airborne infectious disease. This disease is most often formed in young children. Gel Psilo-Balsam for Chickenpox is used to treat affected skin. Regular use of the drug eliminates itching. This action reduces skin irritability and prevents scratching of the rash. Due to this, the risk of secondary infection is significantly reduced.

Eczema treatment

Eczema is an inflammatory disease that has two forms of severity: acute and chronic. The initial stages of the development of the disease are characterized by the appearance of rash, itching and swelling of the skin. In most cases, the disease is associated with allergies.
Psilo-Balsam in the treatment of eczema is used as an additional tool to reduce the severity of most of the symptoms. Thanks to the cooling effect, the gel soothes irritated skin, and also eliminates itching and swelling.

Insect bites

It is possible to use the gel to eliminate symptoms that provide discomfort after an insect bite. This antihistamine eliminates redness, itching and swelling. Timely use of the gel can prevent the development of inflammation.

Operating principle

Diphenhydramine hydrochloride, which acts as an active component in this preparation, blocks the work of receptors responsible for allergic reactions. It is due to this property of the active component, the drug has a pronounced anti-allergic effect. A single use of the composition is enough to reduce the swelling of irritated skin.
The additional ingredients in the formulation intensify the penetrating effect and fight symptoms such as rash, itching and hyperemia. Unfortunately, information on the pharmacokinetic properties of this drug does not exist today.

Terms of use

The gel is applied to the affected skin with a translucent layer. The recommended single dose is two grams. It is necessary to use the drug two to five times a day, depending on the disease. If a weekly course of therapy does not give the desired effect, treatment should be completely stopped. In such a situation, you must contact your doctor to confirm the diagnosis and adjust the appointment.
Psilo-Balsam is used as an application tool. The composition of the drug should be evenly distributed on the affected area of ​​the body, in a thin layer. After the medicine is evenly distributed, it should be rubbed into the skin with gentle massaging movements. The composition of the drug is completely absorbed into the skin within five minutes after application.
At the end of the procedure for treating inflammation foci, it is recommended to thoroughly wash your hands and treat them with an antiseptic. Throughout the course of treatment should avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and sources of ultraviolet radiation.

Duration of therapy

The duration of Psilo-Balsam therapy is established by a specialist, based on the individual characteristics of the organism, the patient's age, the nature of the disease and the severity of the clinical picture. The effectiveness of therapy is determined by the dynamics of reducing the severity of symptoms of allergies. When possible complications appear while using the medication, it is necessary to stop the course of treatment and use analogues.

Instructions for use Psilo-Balsam for children

In the treatment of allergic diseases in young patients, only those drugs are used that do not cause sedation. Psilo-Balsam Gel is prescribed to children to relieve acute allergic reactions and prevent the development of possible complications. Use this tool is allowed only after reaching the age of two.
The dosage of the drug is prescribed individually. In most cases, Psilo-Balsam is given to children by one gram, three times a day. The average duration of a course of therapy is about one week. With advanced forms of the disease, it is allowed to use the medication for two, three months.

Contraindications and possible complications

In order to avoid the negative effects of drugs on the body, you must carefully read the annotation to the use of the drug. The use of this tool is prohibited in the presence of high sensitivity to the composition of the drug. In addition, Psilo-Balsam should not be used to treat large areas of the skin.
One of the main contraindications of this pharmaceutical is age up to two years. Before using the medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding should consult with a specialist.
    Important! With the simultaneous use of Psilo-balsam with preparations based on diphenhydramine, unforeseen negative reactions from internal organs are possible.
Illiterate use and overdose of the drug can lead to side effects. To eliminate these effects, you should contact a specialist for symptomatic treatment. Side effects of Psilo-Balsam are manifested in the form of increased severity of allergic reactions, dry mouth, problems with breathing and confusion.

What you need to know before using

Despite the positive reviews about Psilo-Balsam from experts, it is recommended that you carefully read this drug. In the annotation to the use of this tool there is a detailed description of the many nuances associated with the use of the gel. This information will help to avoid the negative impact of the composition of the drug.
The use of the gel should be approached with caution in patients over sixty years of age. At this age, the risk of sedation increases significantly. Patients in this age group may experience severe dizziness and headaches when using the medication as a result of a decrease in blood pressure.
To use the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding should be with increased caution. Before starting a course of treatment, you should consult a dermatologist and learn about all the nuances associated with the use of Psilo-Balsam. In most cases, many experts recommend using more secure counterparts means. If you need to use the gel during breastfeeding, you should temporarily transfer the child to feeding artificial mixtures. After completing the course of treatment, you should wait a few weeks before returning to breastfeeding. The need for this measure is due to the fact that the composition of the gel accumulates in the tissues.
    During the entire course of treatment, it is necessary to refuse driving by motor transport and other types of activity requiring increased concentration.

Terms of sell

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