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Novigan user manual

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Composition and release form

The drug Novigan is available in the dosage form of a tablet, coated with an enteric film coating. They have a round shape, a biconvex surface and white color.
They contain several active ingredients with different concentrations of each of them in one tablet:
    Ibuprofen - 400 mg;
    Pitofenone hydrochloride - 5 mg;
    Fenpiverinium bromide - 0.1 mg.
Clinico-pharmacological group: antispasmodic.

What helps Novigan?

The drug Novigan has certain indications for use associated with pain of a different nature. It helps in such cases:
    Headaches, as well as during migraines.
    With dysmenorrhea, that is, severe pain during menstruation in women.
    For short-term pain in the joints and other body systems. As well as neuralgia, myalgia.
    Pains that are accompanied by cramps: with renal and intestinal colic, also biliary dyskinesia, and other similar problems.
Novigan is a combination drug that has antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

pharmachologic effect

The drug has analgesic, antispasmodic (relieves spasms), and anti-inflammatory effect. These processes occur due to the incorporation of ibuprofen, pitofenone hydrochloride, as well as fenpiverinium bromide into the composition of the drug.
    Ibuprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent that relieves pain and fever.
    Pitofenone hydrochloride - has a direct effect on the smooth muscle cells of hollow organs, thereby reducing the tone of smooth muscles and their spasms.
    Fenpiverinium bromide - affects the cholinergic receptors, blocks them, which leads to additional relaxation of smooth muscles.
The above three substances in combination enhance the effect of each other.

Instructions for use

Novigan should be taken orally 2 hours before or 3 hours after meals. In case of irritation from the gastrointestinal tract, tablets can be taken with milk or taken immediately after a meal.
    The average recommended therapeutic dose for the drug is 1 tablet 2-3 times a day. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 3 tablets during the day.
    The course of treatment should not exceed 5 days, the need for further pills Novigan determines the doctor.
Prolonged use of the drug requires periodic monitoring of laboratory parameters of the functional state of red bone marrow, peripheral blood, liver and kidneys.


Do not use the drug in such cases:
    “Aspirinovaya” asthma;
    Collaptoid states;
    Periods of pregnancy and lactation;
    Intestinal obstruction, erosive and ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract in the acute phase;
    Hypersensitivity or individual intolerance to Novigan or its components.
Use with caution:
    Blood clotting disorders;
    Erosive and ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract in the history of the disease;
    Simultaneous use with oral anticoagulants;
    Severe heart and / or kidney failure.

Side effects

The drug "Novigan", instructions for use and reviews indicate this may cause negative reactions of the body. After taking the medication can develop:
    renal dysfunction;
    urine retention;
    urine staining;
    dry mouth.
When you use an overdose of medication occurs inhibition of reaction, drowsiness, acidosis, tinnitus. Patients feel nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and headache. Perhaps a decrease in blood pressure, the occurrence of irregularities in the rhythm of the heart. Of the serious consequences of overdose - coma, respiratory arrest, liver disease.


Saw Novigan during menstruation. First I helped quickly: half an hour and no pain. Then relief began to come later and later. Then, in general, the tablets stopped helping, switched to balargin. And then there was no balargin at home, adopted Novigan. Miracles helped! Probably, the whole point is that a new one cannot be taken for a long time, it becomes accustomed to the body. Apparently, you need to combine it with any other pain relievers.
Recently, the problem has been topical for me: how to find an affordable and high-quality drug, a spasmolytic and an analgesic, in order not to experience pain during menstruation. Novigan saved me! This drug was advised to me by a colleague, a gynecologist, since other drugs did not help me, had a side effect, and more often they didn’t relieve a spasm that brought discomfort to the rhythm of my life. Very affordable price, positive reviews and recommendations persuaded me to buy - and I was not disappointed. The drug quickly acted, no side effects were noticed by me.

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