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Migrenium user manual

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Every day tens of thousands of people face severe headaches, and modern medicine has a number of opportunities to quickly solve this kind of problem. Turning to pharmacists for help, one can hear many names of proven effective drugs that can help to cope with the aforementioned problem, among which there is such a drug as Migrenium.

Characteristics of the drug

Migrenium is used to eliminate strong migraine attacks, with acute respiratory viral infections, to relieve pain symptoms during PMS and with toothache. This type of medicine refers to analgesics, that is, painkillers. In addition to this property, Migrenium also has antipyretic functions. In some cases, it is used as a psychostimulant. The international nonproprietary name of Migrenium is Paracetamol + Caffeine.

Forms of release

Migrenium can be purchased in pharmacies only in one form - in tablets. Usually comes in 10 tablets per plate and 2 plates per carton. You can also buy pills in the bank, 10 pieces in one.

Composition and pharmacological properties

The active ingredients of Migrenium are caffeine (0.065 g in one tablet) and paracetamol (0.5 g in one tablet). Also included are excipients: microcrystalline cellulose, potato starch, croscarmellose sodium, colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, and hyprolosis.
The medicinal effect of this medicine is due to its components. So, paracetamol exhibits antipyretic and analgesic functions. Its action is directed to the central nervous system (CNS), namely to block the conduction of pain impulses and to suppress the work of the thermoregulation center, which is located in the hypothalamus, by inhibiting cyclooxygenase.
Paracetamol does not adversely affect the water-electrolyte metabolism and does not show an aggressive effect on the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. The chances that the amount of methemoglobin in the blood will increase under the influence of this drug are minimized.
Caffeine also affects directly the work of the central nervous system, it activates the excitability of the cerebral cortex and has a psychotropic effect on the body. The combination of caffeine and paracetamol is effective because the former enhances the analgesic properties of the latter. Also, caffeine increases the overall excitability and tone of the body, has an invigorating effect, reduces the feeling of fatigue and drowsiness to a minimum.
Once in the stomach, paracetamol is utilized very quickly and almost completely. The maximum cumulation of this substance in the blood plasma varies between 5-20 μg / ml and is observed in the patient’s body for half an hour after taking the medicine. When released into the blood plasma, it binds to proteins by 15%. Localization of paracetamol metabolism is concentrated in the liver. Excreted within 2-4 hours using the kidneys, and 95% of the substance - in a processed form.
Caffeine absorption site - intestines. The maximum concentration is 1.58-1.56 mg / l and is reached no later than 70 minutes after taking the medicine. Penetrates through histohematogenous barriers, compound with plasma proteins - on average 30%. It is retained in the human body for 5-10 hours, after which it is excreted by the kidneys in a 90% modified form.

Indications and Contraindications

It is prescribed to patients who are prone to severe headaches, migraines, attacks of vascular spasms, and are often recommended for those suffering from intercostal neuralgia and myalgia, as well as from severe toothaches. In some cases, Migrenium is shown for ARVI-infected patients who complain of a general deterioration of their health, high fever, weakness, as well as those who have common signs of infectious and viral diseases.
In turn, there are situations when this drug is categorically contraindicated in order to avoid deterioration of the patient. Among them are:
    neuralgic diseases: epilepsy, stroke, myelitis, nervous system tumors, encephalopathy and others;
    renal failure and other severe pathologies of the excretory system;
    chronic liver disease;
    allergic reaction to the components of Migrenium;
    bronchial asthma;
    children under 12 years old and people of old age.
Expectant mothers should be extremely careful about the choice of drugs, because many components of modern drugs overcome the placental barrier and can harm the fetus.
Migraine is no exception. During pregnancy, the use of this drug is prohibited, since its effect on the body of a pregnant woman has not been studied. During lactation, it is also recommended to avoid taking this drug.

Safety Instructions

Migrenium should be taken orally, i.e. orally. The decree rate for adults and children over 12 is 1-2 tablets 4 times a day, the interval between doses should be at least 4 hours.
    More than 8 tablets per day is prohibited.
If Migraine is used to lower the temperature, then it can be taken for a maximum of 3 days. If this drug is used as an analgesic, then the maximum duration of the course is increased to 5 days.

Negative reactions of Migrenium

Often there are situations when the patient neglects the indications for using the medication, which causes an overdose with the ensuing consequences. The most indicative signs of an overdose are:
    Skin rash and swelling.
    Nausea, vomiting, dizziness.
    Euphoria, increased activity, anxiety.
    Blanching of the skin.
    Decreased appetite.
    Heart rhythm disorder (arrhythmia, tachycardia).
    Cramps and twitching.
Among the side effects are also the development of serious pathologies of the excretory system, in particular, renal colic, nephritis, pyuria and others, and dispersion and hepatotoxicity may also develop.

Interaction with other drugs

Migrenium is a fairly toxic drug with possible serious side effects. If there is a need to combine the reception of Migraine with another drug, you should consult your doctor in order to find out how compatible these drugs are with each other:
    If the patient is taking medications necessary for the removal of uric acid (for example, colchicine), he should remember that paracetamol contained in the Migraine reduces the effect of the above-mentioned drugs.
    There are drugs whose effect is increased when combined with paracetamol. Among them are monoamine oxidase inhibitors.
    If paracetamol had to be taken for quite a long time, it is important to know that it enhances the effect of substances that inhibit the clotting ability of the blood (anticoagulants).
    Caffeine increases the rate of elimination of all drugs containing lithium.
    Women who use oral contraceptives need to know that they slow down the metabolism of caffeine in the liver, which can lead to an increased cumulation in the patient's blood.
    When combined with ethanol there is a risk of intoxication due to overdose, since ethanol increases the amount of caffeine oxidation products.
In any case, the combination of all sorts of drugs with Migraine can be relevant only if the patient has received advice and recommendations from a competent specialist.

Reviews of doctors and patients

Reviews of specialists and patients who had a chance to deal with the use of this drug personally will help to make a complete picture of the drug Migrenium. Below are some of them:
“Only positive feedback! Many thanks to this drug, which at one time helped me cope with hellish toothaches. I had never encountered such a problem before, so I didn’t have a single pain medicine on hand.
Having rushed to the pharmacy, I described my situation, after which the pharmacist advised me to take Migraine. I drank 2 pills at a time and within 20 minutes all the discomfort had disappeared like a hand! Until she came to her dentist, she drank 2 pills every day. Now I recommend this medicine to all my friends. ”

“Unfortunately, I did not find the positive aspects of this medicine. He suffered from headache and toothache, drank one pill, and the result was 0. At other times I decided to use it to get rid of the earache. In the end, it worked, but for a very short period of time. I will not recommend anyone. ”
Alena, dentist
 “Very good drug. Alas, trips to the dentist are not always painless, and often patients complain of toothache after visiting my office. Always recommend taking Migrenium. Quickly relieves symptoms, price / quality ratio at a high level. But remember about side effects. ”
With painkillers should be careful, as they directly affect the central nervous system and can harm if used improperly and in dosage. Before you start taking any medications, and even more so with such serious consequences of overdose as with Migrenium, you should definitely consult with your doctor. It should also be remembered that any pharmacological intervention in one way or another affects the body.

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