TOP of the most effective pills for varicose veins


The shelves of pharmaceutical companies offer a large range of effective pills for varicose veins and choosing the right product for yourself is not so easy.

Groups of drugs to help defeat the disease

The cure for varicose veins in the form of tablets is many times more effective than local remedies, therefore it is better to fight the disease in a complex way. Usually the treatment takes a decent period: from 2 to 4 months. Preparations for oral administration contribute to the improvement of vascular conditions, reduce inflammation. The main goal of treatment with pills is not to relieve discomfort, but to eliminate the cause of varicose veins.
From the beginning of the application, the blood circulation is normalized, the stagnation of fluid in the extremities is neutralized, respectively, they cease to pester the swelling.

What is meant by the term "complex treatment":

    Tableting form of drugs against varicose veins;
    Local remedies: creams, ointments;
    Compression underwear;
    Correct lifestyle;
    Physical exercise;
    Rejection of uncomfortable clothes and shoes (heel - the enemy of the patient with varicose veins);
Such an approach and medicines approved by the attending physician will give a good and long-lasting result. Only a well-chosen treatment will be the key to the patient’s well-being in the future.


This group of anti-varicose vein drugs can be created from both natural and synthetic substances.
    Therapists prefer to use phlebotonics in the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency.
Efficiency is due to increased blood circulation, a beneficial effect on the state of the vascular permeability. Tablets quickly remove puffiness, feeling of heaviness. Phlebotonics are especially effective in the initial stages of the disease or for the prevention of exacerbation. The running forms sometimes require several courses of treatment with different groups of effective drugs for varicose veins.


The natural remedy for varicose veins Antistax differs in the improved protection of the walls of blood vessels and capillaries. Good influence on their tone and permeability. The drug removes puffiness and prevents its repetition, as it blocks the permeability of water, proteins and plasma through the walls of blood vessels, ensuring restoration of their natural density. The drug is contraindicated only to people suffering from allergies to one of the components in the composition. Apply 1 capsule after waking up. The doctor may increase the dosage to 2 capsules.


One of the most popular options for phlebotonics. It prevents stagnant formations in the vessels, reduces their diameter, increases the tone of the capillaries and veins. Phlebodia has a healing effect on the affected areas, improves microcirculation, not only in large veins, but also in microscopic capillaries. Relieves inflammation, quickly fights swelling, heaviness. Shown and convulsions due to varicose veins. Not allowed to pregnant women in the first three months, persons under the age of majority. Phlebodia can be used both in the initial stages of varicose veins and in advanced forms. Suitable as the main component of complex treatment. Apply 1 tablet in the morning. The course of treatment can be quite long, but usually no more than 2 months.


Interferes with increase in capillaries in width, their fragility. Well removes puffiness, it favorably affects microcirculation and strengthening of vascular walls. The antithrombotic effect is achieved by blocking the ability of blood cells to adhere to the vessel walls. Troxerutin can be used in the initial stages of the development of varicose veins, and in neglected forms. Suitable as the main component of complex treatment. Not suitable for under-age, first trimester, lactating. The drug Troxerutin can not be used in the presence of problems with the gastrointestinal tract. In the active stage of the fight with the disease, 1 capsule is administered together with meals three times a day. To maintain the effectiveness of treatment, the agent is applied twice a day.


In addition to the anti-inflammatory action and the fight against edema and heaviness, Venoruton has a direct effect on the condition of the veins and capillaries, reducing the distance between endothelial cells. The peculiarity of the drug is that it works with blood cells, promoting patency. Thus, the cure for varicose veins contributes to the fight against vein microthrombosis. Contraindicated in pregnancy, for a period of 1 to 3 months. Capsules are used 2-3 times a day, one at a time.


Available in capsule form. The effect is achieved as quickly as possible: relief of pain and heaviness in the legs, removal of severe puffiness. Troxevasin has a healing effect directly on the veins and capillaries. Refers to anti-inflammatory drugs. The tool should be excluded allergy sufferers at 1-3 months and people with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is very cautious to use in case of kidney failure of any severity, especially if there is a long reception. Troxevasin is used 1 capsule twice a day, along with meals.


As part of diosmin and hesperidin, which contribute to proper blood circulation, lead to the walls of blood vessels in a tone, excluding stretching. Venarus affects even the smallest capillaries, improving their condition and restoring natural functions. Well-pronounced alleviating condition property: the drug relieves swelling, gives ease of gait, removes spider veins. This is a natural medicine, however, it can cause allergies and is not recommended when breastfeeding. It is used with food twice a day. It is recommended to use tablets in the afternoon.


Be sure to be part of a comprehensive struggle with varicose veins and antioxidants. They help to improve the elasticity and elasticity of the walls of blood vessels, strengthen them well, prolong the normal life of each cell of the walls of even the smallest veins.


This drug is a combination. It is used to restore the deficiency of vitamin C and P. As it is known from school biology, rutoside and ascorbic acid are the basis of the redox processes that occur every second in the body. In addition, vitamins are an excellent antioxidant and strengthen the vascular walls through the formation of intercellular substance. Ascorutin prevents capillary fragility, and also reduces their permeability by increasing the density of the walls.

Decongestant medication

Often, with varicose veins, the patient is tormented every day by severe edema, which often delivers not only discomfort, but the most real pain.
    To gain ease in the legs, to restore their natural functions, it is necessary to use decongestants. They accelerate the outflow of lymph from the affected areas, remove excess fluid from the body.


It is used not only to combat edema, but also to comprehensively combat varicose extremities. Removes swelling, removes stagnation, improves circulation, fights inflammation. The course of treatment is quite long, and the dignity of the drug - the possibility of its use for women in an interesting position. The main disadvantage is the price of the drug from 700 to 3000 rubles, depending on the number of pills.


A good anti-edema effect is achieved when taking the drug Aescusan. In addition, thanks to these pills against varicose veins is achieved anti-inflammatory and tonic effect. Contraindications include the first trimester of pregnancy and renal failure. The tablet form of this agent is better for use than the drop form. Since the reviews about the drug say that the drops often cause problems with the stomach.

What ointment to supplement the treatment with pills

All modern ointments are the perfect supplement for varicose vein tablets. Without topical treatment it is impossible to achieve a full therapeutic effect. The more neglected the form, the more qualitative and thoughtful the treatment should be. A serious attitude and strict fulfillment of all prescriptions of the attending physician is necessary from the patient.

Heparin ointment

Heparin, absorbed into the surface of the skin, creates an antimicrobial effect, as well as a slight anti-inflammatory effect. Actively promotes the resorption of existing blood clots in the patient and prevents the emergence of new ones.


Gel for application helps to combat blood clots, regeneration of damage, removal of edema. It is indicated for the appearance of leg ulcers, circulatory disorders.


The tool removes swelling of the legs, creates the correct permeability of blood vessels, strengthens the walls, not allowing them to collapse. Easy anti-inflammatory property.


Penetrates all layers of the skin. The combination of troxerutin, heparin and dexpanthenol. Good anti-inflammatory effect, reduces vascular permeability, improves tone, strengthens the walls.


In order for the treatment to be of high quality and surely help, it should be approached comprehensively.
It is important not only to take medicines in time and smear the affected areas with gels and ointments, but also to give up the wrong lifestyle.
It is important to walk more, to do small exercises, to abandon cramped clothes, shoes and heels. Lingerie should be compression. In the diet should not be salty and spicy. Fatty dishes also do not contribute to recovery.

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