The best cure for hemorrhoids


According to statistics, the disease occurs in 80% of people. But there are those who hide the problem, do not go to the doctor and pick up drugs at the pharmacy on their own. In the pharmaceutical market, hemorrhoid drugs are represented by a wide range. We hope our rating will help to find out the features of the drugs and find inexpensive and effective hemorrhoids remedies.
Treatment of hemorrhoids should be carried out comprehensively. Only in this case it will be possible to forget about discomfort, pain and bleeding from the rectum for a long time. An integrated approach involves the use of local funds and taking systemic drugs (tablets, capsules). Local remedies for the treatment of hemorrhoids are represented by single-component or combined rectal suppositories, ointments, gels.

The best remedies for hemorrhoids in the form of suppository

Suppositories for hemorrhoids are represented by a wide range, due to their diverse effects. The preparations may include anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, astringent, angioprotective and anesthetic components.
In case of uncomplicated hemorrhoids, heparin-based suppositories are the drugs of choice, suspending blood clots and resolving existing blood clots. In case of severe pain syndrome, it is advisable to use suppositories with anesthetics (lidocaine, benzocaine, neomycin, anesthesin). In case of bleeding, it is optimal to use agents with hemostatic and venotonic, vasoconstrictor and anti-edematous action. Suppositories with hormonal components help to stop inflammatory processes, reduce itching. The most effective are multi-component drugs that have a complex effect.


The active ingredients quickly penetrate the skin and mucous membranes, reducing pain and inflammation. Usually used for exacerbation of chronic hemorrhoids, because they help quickly alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of the disease. Suppositories - the most convenient dosage form for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids.


Suppositories - cures for hemorrhoids in women and men, however, the representatives of the stronger sex experience severe discomfort and awkwardness in their use, some flatly refuse such a method of treatment.

Rating of the best hemorrhoids in the form of suppository


Suppositories Relief are available in three versions, differ in composition. Suppositories Relif contain phenylephrine, which has a pronounced vasoconstrictor and moderate anti-inflammatory effect. Relief Ultra - suppositories based on hydrocortisone (hormonal component) and zinc sulfate. The components of the drug exhibit a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, reduce itching, promote healing of tissues. Suppositories Relief Advance as a main component contain benzocaine, which has an anesthetic and healing, anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, the composition of all three types of suppository includes shark liver oil, the main effects of which are tissue healing and reduction of inflammation, immunomodulatory effects. All three types of suppository are used in the treatment of acute and chronic hemorrhoids, anal fissures. Relief Advance is also used as a local anesthetic for diagnostic manipulations and surgical interventions.

    Suppositories are available in three versions, you can choose the optimal drug, taking into account the prevailing symptom (pain, bleeding, itching).
    Well and quickly relieves bleeding.

    In severe forms of hemorrhoids does not help.
    The therapeutic effect does not last long - a couple of weeks after the end of the use of suppositories, the problem resumes.
    It is necessary to apply up to 4 times a day, it is inconvenient.
    Cannot be used by pregnant and lactating women.
    High price. If applied according to the instructions 4 times a day, the package lasts only for 3 days. But this course is not always enough.

Hepatrombin H

The combination of heparin and prednisone provides anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, antipruritic, and antithrombotic action. Polidocanol is a component that effectively eliminates pain. Suppositories are used for various forms of hemorrhoids, vein thrombophlebitis, anal fissures. Infectious and cancer skin diseases, tuberculosis and syphilis, bleeding tendency, intolerance to the components of the drug are contraindications to use. You can not use the tool in the first trimester of pregnancy, in the later periods - only as directed by the doctor. Allergic reactions may occur during treatment.

    Effective remedy - quickly removes burning, itching, pain, stops bleeding, heals cracks.
    Packaging is enough for a course of treatment.
    Suppository shape is not pointed, with the introduction does not cause discomfort.
    It is convenient to use - only once or twice a day.
    Acceptable price.

    Contains a hormonal component, there are contraindications.
    Some patients noted the absence of a positive result after the use of suppositories.


Suppositories contain bufeksamak (an anti-inflammatory component), titanium and bismuth compounds (exhibit astringent properties, dry, accelerate healing), lidocaine (anesthetic). The combined composition allows you to effectively use suppositories in the treatment of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, proctitis and other diseases of the rectum.

    It relieves the condition after the first suppository has been applied, after 4-5 days of treatment it completely removes unpleasant symptoms - itching, pain, bleeding.
    Usually, for a positive result, 1 suppository per day is enough; packaging is enough for the entire course.
    They help to achieve sustainable remission - after the treatment course, hemorrhoids do not get worse for six months or longer.
    Acceptable price.

    Do not apply to pregnant and lactating women.
    Badly heals cracks.
    Causes relaxation of the chair.


A remedy for hemorrhoids based on sodium alginate (a natural polysaccharide derived from sea brown algae) reduces bleeding, activates tissue regeneration, suppresses inflammatory processes. It is used for chronic hemorrhoids, accompanied by bleeding, in the treatment of anal fissures and colitis, to reduce inflammation after surgical interventions.

    Efficiency - anesthetize, help with bleeding hemorrhoids, heal cracks.
    Fast action - after the first application comes relief.
    Safety - the drug has practically no contraindications.
    Can be used for pregnant and lactating women.
    Acceptable price.

    The packaging is hard to open, the suppository may break.
    Soreness when used due to the sharp edges of the suppository.
    In some patients, relieves symptoms, but does not completely eliminate.


A good hemorrhoid remedy eliminates blood stasis in the veins, reduces inflammation and swelling of tissues (due to the active component tribenoside), has a strong analgesic effect (due to its constituent lidocaine).

    For several days eliminates burning, itching, pain.
    Heals cracks.
    Suppositories do not melt in your hands.

    It does not always help.
    Causes pain during use.
    In some patients, provokes local adverse reactions (burning, itching).
    May cause diarrhea.
    Suppositories are hard to remove from their packaging.
    High price.


Suppositories based on the extract of the leaves of belladonna and ichthyol is a popular hemorrhoid medicine, which has a pronounced analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. However, the drug can not be used for prostate adenoma, glaucoma, intolerance to the components and under the age of 18 years, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    The drug helps to eliminate pain and discomfort in 5 days, completely stops bleeding in 10 days.
    Low price.

    In severe cases of the disease, Bethiol alone cannot be managed.
    Many contraindications and side effects, it is better not to use without the appointment of a doctor.
    May cause nausea, flatulence.
    It is strictly forbidden for pregnant women - belladonna extract can cause premature labor.

The best remedies for hemorrhoids in the form of ointments and gels

Funds on a soft basis are used to treat external, less often - internal hemorrhoids. Ointment is applied to hemorrhoids with a special applicator, and extension cords are used for internal use. Ointments and creams, as well as suppositories, differ in composition and are selected depending on the main symptom of the disease.


Ointments and gels act quickly, they are easy to use. The composition and effectiveness of ointments are not inferior to suppositories, while they are suitable for the treatment of external hemorrhoids, when the suppositories are useless.


For internal hemorrhoids, applying ointment and gel is not as convenient as the means in the form of a suppository. In addition, you need to carefully read the instructions. Some drugs are not intended to treat internal hemorrhoids.

Rating of the best hemorrhoids in the form of ointments and gels

Heparin ointment

The drug based on heparin and benzocaine relieves pain, has an anticoagulant effect (thins blood, removes formed blood clots, prevents their formation). It is used for exacerbation of chronic hemorrhoids. Damage to the skin in the area of ​​application, thrombocytopenia and intolerance to the components of the ointment are contraindications to the use of the tool. Prolonged use of the ointment can cause skin redness, rash, itching.

    Helps to eliminate unpleasant symptoms in a week.
    Does not cause adverse reactions.
    In consultation with the doctor can be used for pregnant women.
    Low price.

    Very fat base, not absorbed.

Hepatrombin Gel

Combined remedy for hemorrhoids, the effect of which is due to the constituent components. Heparin prevents the formation of blood clots and thins the blood, allantoin and dexpanthenol stimulate tissue healing, eliminate inflammation and accelerate the absorption of heparin into the tissue.

    Well removes puffiness and inflammation, for a week helps to completely eliminate the symptoms.
    You can be pregnant.
    Affordable price.

    Severe pain does not completely remove.
    Does not help with severe, advanced forms of hemorrhoids.

Trombless plus gel

Another effective multi-ingredient preparation containing heparin, troxerutin, dexpanthenol and benzocaine. It has anticoagulant and anti-edema, anti-inflammatory, regenerating and local anesthetic effect.

    It contains 10 times more heparin than Heparin ointment, respectively, and more effectively acts on the vessels.
    Relieves the condition several days after the start of the application.
    It has a light texture.

    High cost.

Aurobin Ointment

Ointment based on dexpanthenol, prednisolone and lidocaine quickly stops inflammation, reduces puffiness, effectively relieves pain, promotes healing of damaged tissues. It is used for external and internal hemorrhoids, eczema and dermatitis of the perianal area, cracks, itching.

    Effectively relieves itching, pain and swelling, heals cracks.
    Suitable for the treatment of external and internal hemorrhoids.

    Contains a hormonal component, which caused a large number of side effects and contraindications.
    High price.

The best drugs for internal use

Along with the use of topical preparations, the intake of systemic venotonics is necessary. This means for hemorrhoids in women and men in the form of capsules and tablets for oral administration.


Venotonics improve microcirculation, help reduce pain, increase the tone and elasticity of the vascular walls, reduce the permeability of the veins and capillaries, thereby removing the swelling.


Tablets and capsules for hemorrhoids do not have such rapid action as local remedies. The first results of treatment are felt at least in 2–3 days. Take medication you need long courses.

Rating of the best hemorrhoids for internal use


The most effective hemorrhoid remedy based on diosmin and hesperidin (flavonoids) has a venoprotective and venotonic effect. The drug increases the tone and elasticity, strengthens the vascular walls, reduces capillary permeability. The tool is used in the treatment of acute attack of hemorrhoids and as a maintenance therapy to prevent relapse.

    Quickly, already for 3-4 days, alleviates the condition with acute hemorrhoids.
    The therapeutic effect persists for a long time - after a two-month course of treatment, the unpleasant symptoms no longer recur for six months or longer.

    May cause stomach pain, dizziness, fluctuations in blood pressure.
    High price.


One-component drug based on diosmin reduces the tensile properties of the walls of the veins, strengthens blood vessels, normalizes blood circulation. Taking the drug for hemorrhoids contributes to the rapid elimination of inflammation and swelling, reducing the intensity of pain. Tablets can be used in the initial stages of the disease and during periods of exacerbation.

    A week helps to get rid of the symptoms of exacerbation of hemorrhoids.
    Ease of use - during exacerbation, you need to drink 3 tablets per day, and not 6 tablets, as in the treatment with Detralex. For maintenance therapy, 1 tablet per day is sufficient.

    Causes diarrhea, nausea, headaches.
    Large pills, hard to swallow.
    To prevent exacerbation, you need to take every six months.
    High cost.


The preparation based on ruthoside is characterized by venotonic action, prevents the formation of blood clots. It is prescribed for hemorrhoids, accompanied by itching, pain, bleeding.

    In the package of 50 capsules, enough for a course of treatment.
    Acceptable cost compared to diosmin-based venotonics.

    All patients who took the drug, complain about the lack of tangible pronounced effect.


Choosing the best remedy for hemorrhoids, please note that the treatment of hemorrhoids should be carried out comprehensively, including the use of local means and systemic drugs. To choose the right medicine, you need to contact the proctologist. The doctor will prescribe the appropriate means based on the causes of the disease, the combination of symptoms and the severity of the pathological process.
When bleeding, the doctor recommends a means with a hemostatic effect. Severe pain helps to eliminate drugs with anesthetics. Attaching a secondary infection will require antibiotic therapy and the use of antiseptic agents. If the disease is accompanied by constipation, the treatment of hemorrhoids is supplemented with the intake of laxatives. And remember that medications will be effective in the initial stages of the disease. However, with severely neglected forms of pathology, the only way out will be surgery. To prevent this, contact a specialist in a timely manner.

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