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Instruction for Doctor Mom

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Doctor Mom lozenges - composition and packaging

Herbal cough lozenges Doctor Mom is a medicine of natural origin, used in the complex treatment of diseases of the respiratory system.
The composition of the tool includes the following active components:
    licorice root in the form of a finished extract;
    bioactive substances from ginger rhizomes;
    shredded fruits of the embryo officinalis;
Auxiliary ingredients:
    lemon acid;
    preservatives, dyes and flavorings depending on the taste of the drug.
A lozenge is a dosage form created by pressing sucrose in combination with active ingredients and auxiliary components. The medicine tastes like ordinary lollipops. Patients sometimes mistakenly call lozenges sweets or cough tablets.
The drug is produced in cardboard boxes with the image of the corresponding fruit or berry.
The following flavors can be found on sale:
    a pineapple;
    berry and fruit mix.
One package contains 20 lozenges, as well as instructions for the use of the medication.

What kind of cough does Doctor Mom treat?

The use of plant lozenges Doctor Mom - a symptomatic approach to the treatment of patients with diseases of the respiratory system. The drug eliminates dry and wet cough, but requires additional prescription of medicines that expand the bronchi and accelerate the elimination of sputum. Alone herbal remedy does not provide a full recovery of the patient with the exception of mild forms of tracheitis or laryngitis.
The effectiveness of Doctor Mom cough lozenges is due to the complex effect of the components of the drug:
    Licorice root enhances the secretory function of the bronchial glands. Sputum liquefies and is more easily excreted from the respiratory tract;
    Ginger rhizome extract reduces the activity of the inflammatory process and suppresses the vomiting reflex. Local vasoconstriction with a decrease in the migration of bioactive substances that support the course of pathological reactions is noted;
    the emblica reduces the severity of inflammation and eliminates fever. The fruits additionally contain flavonoids, vitamin C, carotene, trace elements - magnesium, potassium and others. Due to these substances, immunity is nonspecifically strengthened;
    menthol reduces the sensitivity of the mucous membrane, eliminates the mechanical factors that cause a reflex cough. The mechanism of action is a distracting effect on the superficial nerve endings.

Indications and contraindications

Doctor Mom helps with dry cough and in the complex treatment of pneumonia, severe forms of bronchitis.
    pharyngitis - inflammation of the throat (oropharynx);
    tracheitis - damage to the trachea;
    laryngitis - an inflammatory disease of the larynx caused by a constant load on the vocal cords (teachers, singers) or a change in temperature regime;
    uncomplicated bronchitis - pathology of the lower respiratory tract.
Prescribing cough lozenges Doctor Mom as part of the complex treatment of serious diseases of the respiratory system is carried out after consultation with a doctor. With the phenomena of tracheitis or laryngitis without pronounced clinical symptoms, prophylactic use of the drug is allowed. In the event of aggravation of the patient's condition, it is necessary to consult a doctor.
    individual intolerance to the components of the drug;
    age up to 18 years;
    fructose immunity;
    pathology of sucrose absorption due to the lack of specific enzymes for the absorption of carbohydrate.
    Important! Patients with diabetes should take lozenges with caution against the background of strict control of blood glucose concentration.

Use of lozenges and dosage of the drug

Doctor Mom's lozenges help cough less. To achieve the expected result, you must follow the instructions for using the medication. Lollipops cannot be broken. Pastilles affect locally, so they need to be absorbed in the mouth. The use of the drug is different in different groups of patients.

For adults

The standard dose for adult patients is 1 lozenge every two hours. The maximum daily amount is 10 units of the drug. The therapeutic course - up to 3 weeks. The possibility of extending recovery is negotiated with the attending physician.

For children

Important! Doctor Mom cough lozenges for children are not prescribed. The manufacturer did not conduct appropriate studies to assess the effect of the drug on the child's body.
In rare cases, despite the ban in the instructions, doctors use lozenges to treat baby cough. The reason is the effectiveness of the drug and the similarity with lozenges, which increases the chance of a child using the drug regularly. However, the appointment is carried out only after consulting a doctor when assessing the ratio of risk and benefit from taking the drug. For children under 3 years old, Doctor Mom in the appropriate form is absolutely contraindicated because of the risk of ingestion of pressed sucrose with the development of suffocation.

During pregnancy and lactation

According to the instructions for the drug, the appointment of lozenges Doctor Mom for coughing during pregnancy and lactation is not carried out. The reason is the lack of data on the nature of the effect of the drug on the fetus. The herbal composition of the drug is one of the reasons why doctors sometimes recommend using it to eliminate a slight cough during pregnancy in the late stages (ІІІ trimester) or when breastfeeding a baby. A preliminary assessment of the possible harm and benefit to the woman and her child is carried out.

Side effect

Cough lozenges are well tolerated by patients. No overdose data has been recorded. Adverse reactions - allergies, changes in taste sensations due to the frequent use of the dosage form. Negative consequences often develop in pregnant women due to fluctuations in hormonal levels.
Fact! In 2010, in Voronezh, a study was conducted of the effectiveness of modern antitussive drugs. Among the above items, Doctor Mom noted the highest rate of onset of effect. The medicine is recognized as safe and convenient to use.

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