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Instruction for AnviMax powder

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AnviMax powder contains such active ingredients as rimantadine, paracetamol, ascorbic acid, calcium gluconate, etc. Its pharmacological effect is based on complex therapy: antiviral, interferogenic, antipyretic, analgesic, antihistamine and angioprotective effect. AnviMax powder is used for the etiotropic treatment of type A flu, as well as the removal of the main symptoms of influenza and SARS.
The release form of the drug AnviMax is powder, the instructions for taking are given below. AnviMax powder is intended for oral administration. To do this, dissolve the contents of the bag in a glass of warm boiled water, mix thoroughly and drink. Dosage for adults - 1 sachet. Take 2-3 times a day after meals for 3-5 days until complete recovery.


AnviMax powder is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to any of the components, acute and chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys, alcoholism, sakroidosis, lactose intolerance, etc. Patients with epilepsy, diabetes mellitus, cerebral sclerosis, anemia, as well as elderly people with arterial hypertension, the drug should be taken under the supervision of a doctor and with extreme caution.

Composition of the contents of one sachet

Active ingredients: paracetamol - 360 mg, ascorbic acid - 300 mg, calcium gluconate monohydrate - 100 mg, rimantadine hydrochloride - 50 mg, rutoside trihydrate (in terms of rutoside) - 20 mg, loratadine - 3 mg; excipients: aspartame - 30 mg, hypromellose - 10 mg, colloidal silicon dioxide - 20 mg, lactose monohydrate - 4086 mg, food flavoring (lemon or lemon and honey, or raspberry, or black currant) - 21 mg.


The contents of the bag are a mixture of powder and granules from almost white to yellow with a greenish tint with a characteristic odor (lemon, lemon with honey, raspberries, black currants). The presence of single granules of pink color is allowed.
The solution after dissolving the powder is a colorless or yellowish slightly turbid solution with a characteristic odor (lemon, lemon with honey, raspberries, black currants). The presence of undissolved yellow particles is allowed.


AnviMax powder has antiviral, interferonogenic, antipyretic, analgesic, antihistamine and angioprotective effects.
Paracetamol has an analgesic and antipyretic effect.
Ascorbic acid is involved in the regulation of redox processes, promotes normal capillary permeability, blood coagulation, tissue regeneration, plays a positive role in the development of the body's immune responses, and replenishes vitamin C deficiency.
Calcium gluconate, as a source of calcium ions, prevents the development of increased permeability and fragility of blood vessels, causing hemorrhagic processes in influenza and acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI), has an antiallergic effect (the mechanism is unclear).
Rimantadine has antiviral activity against influenza A virus. By blocking the M2 channels of influenza A virus, it disrupts its ability to penetrate cells and release ribonucleoprotein, thereby inhibiting the most important stage of virus replication. Induces the production of interferons alpha and gamma. In influenza caused by virus B, rimantadine has an antitoxic effect.
Rutoside is an angioprotector. Reduces capillary permeability, swelling and inflammation, strengthens the vascular wall. It inhibits aggregation and increases the degree of deformation of red blood cells.
Loratadine - a blocker of H1-histamine receptors, prevents the development of tissue edema associated with the release of histamine.

Indications for use

Etiotropic treatment of type A flu, symptomatic treatment of colds, flu and SARS, accompanied by fever, muscle pain, headache, chills in adults.


Limitation of use in case of epilepsy, cerebral atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, hemochromatosis, sideroblastic anemia, thalassemia, hyperoxaluria, kidney stone disease, dehydration, electrolyte disturbances (risk of hypercalcemia, malignant calciferous nephrolithiasis, diarrheaemia diarrhea and malabsinosis) ), hypercalciuria.
Elderly patients with arterial hypertension (the risk of hemorrhagic stroke increases due to rimantadine, which is part of AnviMax powder).

Use during pregnancy and during breastfeeding

Use AnviMax powder during pregnancy and during breastfeeding is contraindicated.

Dosage and administration

Dissolve the contents of one sachet in half a glass of boiled warm water. Use immediately after dissolution. Stir the solution before use.
Adults: take 1 sachet 2-3 times a day after meals for 3-5 days (no more than 5 days) until the symptoms of the disease disappear.
If there is no improvement in well-being, AnviMax powder should be discontinued and consult a doctor.

special instructions

Duration of use - no more than 5 days.
Do not use in the presence of metastatic tumors.
Persons prone to ethanol should consult a doctor before starting treatment with the drug, since paracetamol can have a damaging effect on the liver.

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