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Afrin Moisturizing instruction

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The use of a spray helps to achieve normalization of the amount of secretion in the nasal passages, due to the elimination of swelling of the mucous membranes. The content of moisturizing components allows you to provide a comfortable sensation in the nose after reducing the production of mucus. A feature of the formula is the structure that allows you to stay on the surfaces of the nasal passages without flowing back.
The therapeutic activity of Afrin Moisturizing is associated with the rapid elimination of the common cold and easier breathing. An added convenience is maintaining optimal moisture in the nose. The action of the drug is based on the stimulation of α1-adrenergic receptors responsible for the permeability of the vascular walls. A narrowing of the capillaries and a simultaneous decrease in histamine production helps to stop inflammatory signs, including swelling, excessive secretion of mucus, hyperemia in the nasal passages of the sinuses and Eustachian tube. Moisturizing ingredients to avoid the unpleasant feeling of dryness.
Clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of the components of the substance in the fight against the symptoms of diseases of an infectious and allergic nature.
Due to the interaction of components, the drug is fixed on the mucous membranes, which improves its therapeutic characteristics.
Using Afrin Moisturizing allows you to achieve a stable 12-hour effect within 1 minute after injection.
The substance penetrates into the blood plasma in minimal quantities, providing local effectiveness.

Medicinal composition and form of release

Therapeutic efficacy is provided by oxymetazoline hydrochloride (0.05%), directly stimulating the work of adrenergic receptors. 10 ml of the active solution contains 5 mg of the active substance.
The moisturizing effect is achieved by the presence of glycerol (50 mg per 10 ml) and macrogol-1450 (500 mg per 10 ml).
The basic composition of Afrin Moisturizing is supplemented by:
    disodium edetate dihydrate (3 mg);
    sodium hydrogen phosphate (9.8 mg);
    dihydrogen phosphate sodium monohydrate (55.25 mg);
    povidone-K29-32 (300 mg);
    17% benzalkonium chloride solution (14.7 mg);
    benzyl alcohol (25 mg);
    microcrystalline cellulose and sodium carmellose (300 mg);
    lemon flavor (15 mg);
    A sufficient amount of purified water to reach a volume of 10 ml.
Carefully selected components give the solution viscosity, turning it into a white suspension with a lemon flavor.
Afrin Moisturizing is packaged in 23 ml opaque plastic bottles. The medicine is filled with 15 ml of the indicated capacity. The bottle of Afrin Moisturizing is equipped with a convenient dispenser that sprays the substance with each press. For additional control and safety, the dispenser is covered with a sealed film sealed around the edges. The bottle is packed in a separate cardboard box.
Medication can be purchased without a prescription.

Indications for use

An anti-congestive solution is effective for the symptomatic treatment of diseases of various etiologies. The medicinal substance removes puffiness and normalizes mucous secretion in cases of:
    Inflammatory processes of an infectious, viral or allergic nature, having both acute and chronic course;
    Inflammation of the Eustachian tube;
    Hay fever.

Method and main features of use

In preparation for first use, press the dispenser several times for further convenience. Shake the bottle vigorously before injection to achieve an equal amount of active ingredient in each dose.
Use Afrin Moisturizing according to the instructions for use, without violating the recommended dosage and maintaining the interval between procedures.
The therapeutic effect is observed after alternating spraying in the nasal passages for two to three doses of the spray. The optimal interval between use is 10-12 hours. With early recovery of symptoms, adults can increase the frequency of administration up to three times, taking 8-hour breaks.
The duration of drug therapy is 5 days or less. Extension of use is possible only after the recommendation of the attending physician.
Certain components are irritating in contact with the eyes. In such cases, the affected eye must be thoroughly rinsed with clean water.

Medical contraindications

Afrin Moisturizing should not be taken in cases of allergic sensitivity to any of the components of the drug, with atrophic rhinitis.
Contraindications are also an early age (up to 6 years) and the use of substances that inhibit the production of monoamoxidase (the ban is valid for 14 days from the date of cancellation of MAO inhibitors)
Additional factors requiring a change in dosage (up to replacing Afrin Moisturizing with another) and the duration of treatment are:
    Pathologies of the cardiovascular system, including arrhythmia, arterial hypertension, pathology of the coronary vessels, advanced atherosclerosis, chronic heart failure;
    Diseases of the pancreas and thyroid gland, including thyrotoxicosis, hyperthyroidism and diabetes mellitus;
    Hyperplasia of the prostate, accompanied by severe manifestations;
    Angle-closure glaucoma.

Pregnancy and lactation

Insufficient data on the effect of Afrin Moisturizing on intrauterine development and penetration into breast milk does not confirm the safety of the drug for the baby. The use is possible only if the excess of the real health benefits of the mother over the perceived risk to the child.

Drug Interactions

When sharing Afrin Moisturizing with several groups of drugs, a change in their activity is possible.
The substance inhibits the absorption of anesthetic components of local preparations, delaying the onset of the analgesic effect.
Concurrent use with drugs from the category of MAO inhibitors causes an increase in blood pressure. The effect persists for 14 days after the withdrawal of antidepressants that inhibit the production of monoamine oxidase.
The combined use with medicines that have a hydrating pharmacological effect similar to Afrin increases the chances of developing side effects.
There is no evidence of a negative effect on the body when interacting with alcohol.

Side effects

A small percentage of adverse reactions in patients is noted. The body may display an increased dose or duration of therapy, accompanied by the appearance of side effects in the form of:
    Feelings of dryness in the nose, mouth and nasopharynx, possible burning sensation (softened by moisturizing elements of the composition);
    Increases in blood pressure, tachycardia;
    Headache, dizziness, general weakness;
    Increased nervousness.
The high frequency and duration of use is characterized by a gradual decrease in the therapeutic effect, the resumption of the symptoms of diseases; the development of allergic disorders.


A strong excess of the allowable doses of the drug can lead to systemic pathological reactions, which are manifested in nausea, vomiting, and acquiring a bluish-colored skin. Overdose can be accompanied by fever, tachycardia, increased blood pressure, shortness of breath, suppression of nerve functions, causing drowsiness, bradycardia, decreased body temperature, coma and respiratory arrest.
If severe physiological disturbances appear, seek medical help immediately. In case of accidental ingestion of the drug inside, the instruction prescribes cleansing the body with activated charcoal, and in severe cases, gastric lavage.

Storage conditions

It is recommended that the preservation of the medicinal product in the temperature range of 2-25 degrees Celsius in places protected from the free passage of children.
Preservation of the therapeutic characteristics of the drug is guaranteed for 24 months. When using the substance after the specified period, the possibility of effective relief of the symptoms of diseases gradually decreases and the likelihood of side effects increases.
After opening the bottle, the contents should be used within a 30-day period.

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