Can strabismus be cured at home?


In addition to radical measures (surgical correction method), techniques are widely used, the basis of which are special exercises for the eyes. Their main goal is the relaxation of the oculomotor muscles and the stabilization of the images obtained with each eye. Further, we will discuss how to cure strabismus at home, the possibilities of therapy without the participation of a surgeon, and the features of correction of deviation.

Definition and causes of strabismus

The terms "strabismus" and "strabismus" are called by professional doctors the displacement of the eyeball from the joint point of fixation of the gaze. This phenomenon can manifest itself at any age stage of a person. For example, in children aged 2 to 3 years, pathology can form at the moment when the so-called friendly activity of both eyes is formed.
The causes of strabismus have long been studied and classified. The main factors among them are the following factors:

    Skull injuries, central nervous system diseases that affect the area responsible for vision;
    The difference in visual acuity of the eyes. This entails a stronger load on one of them when focusing;
    Side complications after infectious diseases. Especially for ENT diseases;
    Long wearing incorrectly matched glasses (with inappropriate diopters);
    Ailments of the organs of vision - myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia;
    Hereditary predisposition, including congenital pathology of the inner shell of the organ of vision - the retina;
    Autoimmune diseases and diabetes.

Knowing the reasons why the patient had a displacement of the eyeball from the joint fixation point, it is easier to choose the right therapeutic complex and determine how to correct strabismus at home.

Symptoms of visual impairment

In addition to the reasons, it is important to know the symptoms of strabismus. According to them, the ailment is easily diagnosed, these signs of strabismus are obvious:

    Displacement of the eyeballs in different directions;
    Doubling of images captured by the eyes from the outside;
    Continuous selection of the best position for the head to focus your eyes.

These symptoms are often accompanied by headaches and patient fatigue, leading to a depressed state. And if another eye disease is added to the squint, blindness may develop. Therefore, it is important for people with diagnosed strabismus to know that in some cases the disease can be overcome independently, and wellness procedures in the form of special exercises are mandatory. After all, timely attention to strabismus, supplemented by competent treatment, is the main step to the positive results of home therapy.

The classic method of treating strabismus at home

Asking the question "how to remove strabismus", far from all patients think about the possibilities at home. Most people immediately think of surgical intervention. Meanwhile, conservative treatment under the guidance of physicians implies first the appointment of special glasses, wearing them and fixing the changes in a positive direction, if any. Then follows the hardware training of the oculomotor muscles, and only then (if necessary) surgical correction.

In conditions of home therapy, special gymnastic complexes developed by both domestic and Western ophthalmologists are used. One of the most popular is the technique, called the classic.

Operating principle

Elimination of strabismus or a maximum reduction in its degree implies a synchronization of rotation of both eyes. To achieve this, you need to bring tense oculomotor muscles to a relaxed state. Then, to make the organ of vision see through the apparatus of the macula, you need to focus on the middle of the field of view. The macula is the central area of ​​the eye retina, which is also called the yellow spot. It is here that such an important phenomenon of the visual process as the focusing of light rays occurs.

After successfully carried out measures for relaxation and concentration of eyes, such an important procedure follows as combining the images received on the optic nerve of each eye. Synchronization of these two pictures will give the effect of eliminating strabismus. Eyes themselves will not return to their former position. A unique training complex will help to realize this principle of action, which makes it possible to remove strabismus at home in adults. His exercises should be performed in strict sequence.

The procedure for performing gymnastic actions

    We stand with our backs to the light source and cover with our hand that eye that is looking directly. We move the head and elbow in the direction of the squinting eye. These turns should be rhythmic, only 10 movements. The body does not need to move, its body should be as motionless as possible;
    If the left eye mows inward, close the right palm, or rather a bandage. We stand up straight, put our right foot forward a little and lean forward, reaching for the cape with the right foot with the left hand. Then we raise our hand, hold it for two seconds in an upright position. In total, 12 such inclinations will be needed;
    If the left eye is squinting outward, expose the left leg. We incline forward, stretching with the right hand to the toe of the left hand. And in the direction of hand movement, we try to look with a squinting eye.

Turns and inclinations contribute to the activation of blood circulation in the area of ​​the visual organ, which helps to normalize the work of muscles. Indeed, it is the incorrect functioning of the oculomotor muscles that is the main factor provoking strabismus.

There is another simple set of exercises and ways to cure strabismus at home in adults. It is also suitable for children of older children.

Gymnastics for adults and adolescents with strabismus

    We stand up straight and extend our hand forward, protruding our index finger. We drive it up and down, to the sides. The head does not change position, but the eyes follow the index finger seamlessly;
    We sit down straight, look in front of us. We begin to drive with our eyes, drawing an infinity sign.

Five minutes are allotted for each exercise. All movements should be unsharp.

William Bates Method

The problem of how to treat strabismus at home was also posed by W. Bates, a renowned proponent of the non-drug treatment of eye diseases. His author's complex, which allows correcting strabismus in adults, includes several simple manipulations:

    Circular rotation. Eyes need to "run" a circle. The first is clockwise, the second is against it. You can do several rotations in a row in one direction, then vice versa, but it is better to use the principle of alternation;
    Smooth lines. It is necessary to force the eyes to glance at imaginary straight lines, vertical and horizontal;
    Canting the eyes to the bridge of the nose. This implies reduction to the base of the nose and dilating the eyes to their original position;
    Frequent blinking. It is important to observe 2 conditions: a fast blinking rate and the absence of tension at the same time;
    A look into the distance. This is not just an eye on a distant subject. You need to move your eyes from things that are nearby to objects in the distance and try to consider their details.

Strabismus massage

In addition to the full treatment of strabismus, a special massage is provided. His mission is to help relax the eye muscles, prepare them for normal functioning.

For relaxing the oculomotor muscles

This massage is performed by contacting with your fingertips on the inner corner of each eye.
Finger pads should be placed on the inner eye corners so that there is no feeling of pressure, but contact is felt. In this case, the eyes should be closed. Massage movements - circular, easy. The duration of the session in each case is individual: you need to massage until the black field appears in the area above the level of the eyelids.

For relaxing facial muscles

Also, with a set of measures to solve the problem of how to cure strabismus at home in adults, it is useful to massage the earlobe. This massage also helps to relax and stimulate the facial and eye muscles.

It is necessary to take with two fingers the earlobe corresponding to the side of the squinting eye. It should be kneading continuously for ten seconds. For the day you need to arrange at least five such sessions.

There is another original way to relieve fatigue and relax the muscles of the organs of vision. He is capable of those who know how to move their ears. This kind of gymnastics is useful for the muscles of the face as a whole and even helps to increase oxygen flow at the intracellular level.

Eye drops at home with strabismus

Alternative strabismus therapy measures also include the preparation of natural eye drops and their use. The most common 2 options, they have established themselves as effective treatments for strabismus in adults at home.

Option 1:

    We brew 5 grams of dry dill seeds in 100 ml of boiling water;
    Then follows the infusion and the cooling process of the herbal product;
    An important step: filtering. We do this carefully, through a dense gauze filter. In the resulting drops should not be seen not a single tiniest speck.

We instill dill natural drops 3 times a day, 2 drops in each eye

Option 2:

    We prepare apple and onion fresh juices of our own extraction, high-quality liquid honey;
    Knead the drops using the following proportion: 1 part onion juice, 3 parts fresh apple juice, 3 parts honey.

We store the received drops in the refrigerator. We apply daily: 1 session of instillation at night, 1 drop in each eye.

    Important! The use of home-made eye drops at home with strabismus requires a responsible approach and understanding of the consequences. Therefore, before using them, it is better to consult a doctor.

Strabismus Nutrition

As with any other disease, the content of the diet affects the healing process with strabismus. In order to solve the problem of how to cure strabismus at home, more effectively, you should include in your daily diet a number of products that are useful for ophthalmic ailments. These include:

    Natural chocolate, dark grades. It is recommended to use 2-3 cubes after the first morning meal;
    Rosehip in the form of infusion with a rich composition of vitamins "for the eyes." They should periodically replace tea;
    A blast of calamus roots. It is prepared using 10 grams of phyto-raw materials per 200-250 ml of water. Drink should be half an hour before eating;
    Cabbage leaves. They need to be brought to a boiled state and eat several times a day.

Additional recommendations for home strabismus therapy

The program for treating strabismus in adults at home can be varied by games. So, for people with a diagnosis of "strabismus" it is very useful to take part in sports activities with moving shells. Table tennis is well suited, where you need to concentrate and follow the trajectory of the ball. If there is not enough game skill and there is no confidence in one's own potential, one can take the side of the observer.

For those strabismus patients who deal with a large amount of paper information carriers, with computer equipment, it is recommended from time to time to “drop out” of the process, to shift the focus of vision to any things and objects nearby. The same applies to a protracted television or movie screening.
Many experts already agree that strabismus is amenable to successful therapy at home. Therefore, the treatment regimen, which was made by the ophthalmologist after diagnosis and consultation, can be combined with methods based on exercises for the eyes. And such supplements as a fragrant vitamin drink, chocolate every day and a relaxing massage of the facial muscles will turn the treatment of strabismus at home into a pleasant pastime.