How to cure cataract folk remedies


Causes of Cataracts

    Retina Burns
    Down Syndrome
    Eye injuries
    Long-term use of drugs
    Toxin Poisoning


There are 4 stages of disease progression:

    The first is the initial one: the edges of the lens become cloudy, but the optical zone remains intact.
    Immature: vision becomes noticeably worse.
    Cataract is mature: it is even more difficult to see, now a person distinguishes only light areas and shadow.
    The last stage is milk: the lens is no longer just cloudy, but completely white. The described species is rare.

Depending on the type of cataract, the appropriate treatment is chosen.

Symptom List

    The image is distorted: it becomes dull, blurry, wrapped in a veil;
    difficulty seeing objects at night;
    strong sensitivity to flashes and bright light;
    have to change lenses / glasses more often;
    the image is doubled if you look at it with one eye;
    the appearance of a halo around luminous sources;
    colors from bright turn into yellowish.

With an increase in the size of turbidity, the symptoms manifest themselves with greater force.

What contributes to the progression of cataracts?

There are a number of factors contributing to the development of the disease. Its occurrence can be affected by human-independent components, such as:

    predisposition (the likelihood of clouding of the lens is higher if the parents had cataracts);
    gender (in women more often than in men).

The disease can develop after a burn of the eye, surgery. In addition, turbidity progresses for the following reasons: exposure (radioactive, ultraviolet, electromagnetic), poisoning with toxic substances, the use of potent drugs.

The main signs of eye cataract development are most often:

    lack of vitamins A and E, glutathione and others;
    smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol;
    frequent visits to the solarium, prolonged exposure to the sun;
    antidepressants, contraceptives, consumed a long period of time and in considerable doses;
    work with harmful substances;
    adverse environmental living conditions, etc.

The benefits of cataract treatment folk remedies

Usually, people choose between two options: surgical intervention and folk remedies to get rid of clouding of the lens. Consider the main method used in ophthalmology.

For patients with cataracts of the eye, a special operation is developed - phacoemulsification. This method of ridding the lens of clouding is based on crushing a substance located on a damaged surface using ultrasound.
After the mentioned fragmentation, the doctor extracts the contents by a special surgical method. In addition to this method, there are other novelties of modern medicine, such as extraction and removal of laser clouding.

But not everyone decides on such operations due to cost, and besides, there are not always conditions for such treatment, there is always the risk of an unsuccessful procedure, but these operations have indeed proved their effectiveness.
Many people think about how to cure cataracts with alternative methods. According to the reviews of those who coped with the disease, it can be said that such treatment is also effective in getting rid of turbidity, moreover, it practically does not require any costs.

Cataract treatment folk remedies

For many years, people struggled with clouding of the lens with unconventional methods, creating a truly worthy base of time-tested recipes.
The most important advantage of traditional medicine can be considered, firstly, the safety of anti-cataract drugs, and, secondly, their effectiveness, because ordinary products that do not harm the body are used.

It is worth noting that eye surgery often causes the appearance of secondary cataracts. And for her treatment, surgical intervention is again required, sometimes more costly. Alternative medicine, with a competent approach and observing the conditions, can cope with this type of disease. Recipes created by the people are a real treasure of information. Cataract treatment at home is effective if the established recommendations are strictly followed.

Herbal Recipes

Connoisseurs of medicinal plants know firsthand how to cure cataracts at home. The miraculous properties of many herbs make the process not only effective, but also safe.

The recipe for medicinal drops from the infusion of meadowsweet flowers

The plant with scented flowers has long been valued for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. To prepare a cataract medicine, meadowsweet is purchased at the pharmacy or collected on its own.

    1-2 tablespoons of flowers are laid out in a clean bowl;
    Pour 100 ml of water (pre-boil and cool to 80 degrees);
    The container with the contents is covered with gauze and in a dark place for 4–5 days.
    The resulting infusion is filtered several times and can be used.

It is dissolved in water (1: 1 ratio) and poured into a clean container. In each eye there are 3 drops no more than three times a day. Treatment lasts from 1 to 2 months.

Aloe Juice Eye Drops Recipe

Aloe or, as it is called, agave is a plant that is often found in housewives on the windowsill. Many note the incredible effect in treating eye disease with aloe. Ready juice from the leaves is sold in pharmacies (in ampoules), but you can squeeze it yourself. For cooking you will need:

    Aloe (3 leaves), boiled water in an amount of 100 ml, capacity from eye drops.
    Add juice from aloe leaves to the water (squeeze thoroughly), strain and shake well.
    Received is sent to a prepared bottle. Caution: if the concentration of the solution does not suit you, then you can pour half and add water in the proportions of either 1: 1 or 1: 2.
    If the temperature of the liquid is comfortable for the eyes, then you can apply immediately.

Drip should be several times a day from 14 to 45 days.

Fennel infusion

The useful properties of this cultivated plant have long been appreciated in European countries, in Russia it has not yet gained much popularity, however, knowledgeable people are actively using fennel in medicinal medicines. To treat cataracts, you need seeds of this plant and hot water.

Recipe: 250 grams of seeds are poured into 300 ml of water and insisted for two days. After, it is necessary to strain it, and you can begin to use it. They are treated with fennel infusion for a month, drinking 2 tablespoons on an empty stomach before eating, or by diluting in a glass of boiled water.

Calendula infusion - for drops and oral administration

The medicine from the flowers of the plant is an excellent remedy for cataracts. It’s easy to find out calendula - these are bright yellow or orange flowers from the aster family. When collecting, you need to consider the appearance of the plant, the stem must be intact and healthy.

Prepare as follows: flowers (about three tablespoons) are poured with a glass of boiling water and wait about a day. You can be treated as drops (4 times a day in each eye), or mix with water and drink before meals at least two times.

Walnut Eye Infusion

An oil that has absorbed vegetable juice by insisting is the infusion. 1-2 drops go into the eye, then cover the eyelid and massage movements help spread the infusion over the surface of the lens. For tinctures from cataracts, either the nut itself or the leaves are used.

Imagine a simple but effective recipe:

    100 grams of kernels are crushed in a coffee grinder to a mushy state.
    The mass is poured with olive or vegetable oil (approximately 500 ml).
    For 2 weeks, the resulting tincture should be in a closed state, preferably in a dark bowl and stir occasionally.

Recipe for tincture from walnut leaves and rose hips

Now you can use another part of the plant. The recipe will include both dried and fresh rosehip and nut leaves, as well as berries. And that, and another ingredient - 150 grams. Rose hips are kneading with a fork, and walnut leaves are simply cut into small pieces.

All this usefulness is poured with boiling water (1 glass) and filtered after 24 hours of infusion. You need to drink a tablespoon with food (advised 2 times a day).

Tyutina (mulberry) - infusion of fruits and branches

This plant is present in almost every gardener. Tyutina berries are effective for clouding the lens. They can be eaten fresh, but we will consider a recipe for making an infusion of twigs (150 grams) of fruits (a couple of pieces) and leaves (50 grams).

You only need to grind the ingredients and pour boiling water for a day, then strain. Apply a miracle infusion inside for 2-6 weeks. You need to store it in the refrigerator.

Honey and other beekeeping products

Many people say that treating cataracts with a bee product is the best treatment. According to reviews, only the intolerance of the component with a tendency to allergies can serve as a drawback.

Honey Drops

This product is a tasty and effective disease prevention, but you can take it not only inside, but also by instillation into the eyes. Liquid honey, preferably collected in May, is diluted in water (1: 1 or 1: 2 - according to sensations). It is necessary to drip no more than 3 times a day from 2 weeks to a month. The concentration of honey in the solution is preferably gradually increased.

Mumiyo with cataract

Eye Wash Recipe

Rinsing is also an effective method for clouding the lens. To do this, use plants that are often found in the garden - burdock root and ordinary coltsfoot.

    The specified grass in the amount of two tablespoons is placed in a container and poured with boiling water (2 glasses) and kept in the dark for a couple of days.
    Several times the broth needs to be filtered.
    A cotton swab is dipped in a solution and squeezed exactly above the eye to properly moisten the mucous membrane.
    After hydration, lie down for several minutes with your eyes closed.

The procedure is repeated every day no more than 1 time (from 1 to 6 months).

Treatment with fresh fruits and vegetables

A number of fruits known to all favorably affect the treatment of the disease. So, fresh blueberries are diluted with clean water (1 to 2), dripped into the eyes before bedtime. You can prepare a vegetable mixture of carrot juice, lettuce, celery and parsley (4: 1: 1: 1) and take it before each meal. Also, do not forget about the miraculous properties of the mulberry berries mentioned above. Regular use of them in fresh form will greatly alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

Cataract Treatment with a Chicken Egg

In the fight against clouding of the lens, an ordinary chicken egg can be used. Consider two common recipes.

We free the product from the yolk, and add sugar to the protein and cover it with shell. The resulting 30 minutes are kept in the microwave, after which the mixture is transferred to a clean dish. The contents are used as eye drops 3 times a day.
In addition, the egg can be boiled in water (several hours). Then it is cleaned and after cutting the yolk is removed. A little honey takes its place (its beneficial properties were discussed earlier). Cover with half the protein and put the egg in the refrigerator for the whole day. Now it remains only to drain the liquid into clean warm (boiled) water and wash in the morning and evening. The solution should get into the eyes.

Potato Sprouts Recipes

We offer 2 simple proven recipes in the fight against cataracts using potato shoots:

    You will need potato shoots and vodka. 1 tablespoon of dried and finely chopped shoots is poured into 200 ml of water in a glass container. Unopened containers are kept in a cool place for 2 weeks. The solution will turn cloudy, so it needs to be filtered and poured into a glass bottle (it is better stored there). You need to drink one teaspoon before eating. Being treated in this way costs about 3 months.
    Shoots are also used. To do this, the sprouts are washed and squeezed juice, diluted with vodka (2 to 1). Infusion is poured 3 drops into water and drunk 3 times a day for two months.

Healthy foods

The body needs antioxidants to maintain eye health and prevent symptoms. The strongest are vitamins E and C. The carotenoids that make up the lens (zeaxanthin and lutein) are important. Therefore, food should contain a large amount of antioxidants.

It must be remembered that vitamin C is found in the following foods: lemon, strawberries, oranges, herbs, quinces, peas, radishes, and rosehips.
Folic acid (or vitamin E) can be found in: broccoli, pear seeds, sunflower, sea buckthorn.

Zeaxanthin and lutein are found in: melon, apples, peaches, green peas, spinach, corn, pomegranate, beets, red grapes.
Vegetables and fruits are extremely important in the treatment of lens disease. But do not forget about meat food.

So, it will be useful to eat beef, chicken and rabbit. Fish and various seafood contain zinc, it significantly affects the reduction of cataract development. If you choose between river and sea fish, it is better to give preference to the second.
A few tips: food should be cooked in the oven or steamed, otherwise it will not bring benefits. Fruits and vegetables are healthier in their fresh form, as with various processing elements necessary for the body are simply lost.

Water will improve blood circulation.

When clouding of the lens should enhance the processes of metabolism and blood circulation in the vessels.
We take 2 bowls of water: one is cold and the other is warm.

We begin the procedure:

    Immerse your face first in cool water, squinting. There you need to open your eyes and rotate them in different directions. Again, close and massage the eyelids with your fingers (from the outer edge to the inside). This is all done in water! The main thing is to inhale as deep as possible before diving.
    After that, lower the face into the second tank and do the algorithm first.
    And again in a cold bowl, the same actions.
    In the end, keep your eyes closed for about 3 minutes (no longer in the water).

If you perform this procedure daily for seven days, then the effect will not take long. At the end of the week, rest for 7 days and repeat.

Eye training

How to do without exercises! Simple gymnastics will be a useful addition:

    we sit down evenly and pull out a pen in front of us (pencil, felt-tip pen). We move the item left and right, up and down, in a circle.
     For three seconds we look at a bright light. We cover our faces with our hands - we rest. Repeat again. And so 15 times.
    We find an object that is far away, we observe it for 10 seconds. We are looking at a nearby thing.
    Keep your eyes open for a couple of seconds, then squint and close. Repeat 10-15 times.


Thus, cataracts are treated in two ways: surgical and traditional medicine. Each of them has advantages, the choice depends on the individual characteristics of the person, the progression of cataracts, preferences and opportunities to seek professional advice and treatment.
When using folk methods, you must carefully follow the instructions and, if necessary, consult an optometrist for advice.

In addition, it became possible to watch videos with recipes, communicate on forums with experienced people. In addition to the main treatment with folk remedies, one should not forget about diet and special exercises for the eyes.