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Instruction for Blueberry Extract VIS

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Blueberry berries are used as a basis for the treatment of eye pathologies. The drug has a beneficial effect on:
    clear image perception;
    twilight perception;
    the condition of the mucous membranes of the eyeball (indirectly).

Composition and form of release

Blueberry extract - vis is sold in gelatin, instant capsules.
Active components: Vitamins "B1", "B6", "C", berry extract, plant shoots, zinc sulfate.
Additional components: Aerosil, an additional source of vitamin "C", anthocyanins.
Options: capsules in blisters, cardboard packaging, instructions.

Pharmacological properties

The tool is not a medicine and is not recognized by conventional medicine, as a dietary supplement (dietary supplement). Contains a number of vitamins and minerals, extracts.
Action: positively affects visual analyzers, normalizes metabolic processes, improves the overall functional state of the eyeball.
The effectiveness of Blueberry ordinary extract - vis is achieved by a combination of plant, vitamin and mineral components.

Plant shoots

It supports the natural level of human vision, regardless of the effects of the external environment, load, stressful situations. Protection against irritation, spread of infection on the mucous membrane. Shoots reduce the gaps of the large vessels of the eyeball, strengthen the capillary system.

Berry extract

Supplements contain the optimal dosage of the extract necessary for daily protection of the retina, photosensitive pigments. The basis of the berry is anthocyanins, natural antioxidants that neutralize free, aggressive radicals. They have the following properties:
    eliminates the effects of vascular diseases, including atrophy of capillaries;
    restores the cell membranes of the retina, which increases blood flow to the problem area;
    accelerates the restoration of photosensitive formations, pigments.
The drug does not cause hypervitaminosis, in contrast to the uncontrolled use of pure extracts and extracts of berries and plants.

Fruit acids

Blueberry ordinary extract — Vis contains malic, citric and quinic, caffeic acid. The composition is enriched with such substances:
    iridoids - onotropein, asperuloside;
    dolphinidin - 3-0 glucoside;
    cyanidins, peonidines, malvinids and other anthocyanoids;
    tannins of various origin, procyanidins of oligomeric etiology.
Supplements contain pectins and chlorogenic acid - natural antibacterial substances with a powerful astringent effect.


The basic component of photosensitive receptors in the eye. Protects from damage caused by bright light, especially a flash. Zinc softens “senile” diseases, including atrophy of the eyeball caused by involutive processes.


A group of substances involved in the regeneration of the photosensitive rhodopsin receptor. Enhances the natural protection of the eyes from the influence of light rays of various spectra. With a low level of lighting, increase visual acuity, exacerbate twilight perception.

Vitamin C

A powerful antioxidant that is not produced by the body. Being part of the Blueberry ordinary extract, vis retains the structure and properties of rhodopsin - visual purpura located in the retina.
The main component of anti-glaucoma therapy. Used to treat progressive cataracts.

Indications for use

The tool is not used in official medical practice. Eliminates common signs of eye fatigue, relieves irritation and strain. It is recommended for the prevention of the following undesirable moments:
    overload of the optic nerve caused by a bright flash, constant lighting;
    protection of the retina from UV radiation, sunlight;
    prevention of the "office worker" syndrome (a constant decrease in visual acuity);
Supplements are used for complex and monotherapy of myopia, hyperopia, asthenic syndrome, age-related deformity of the eyeball and adjacent structures.

Side effects

There are no expressed indications for adverse reactions. With the uncontrolled use of the supplement, frequent constipation and oxalaturia are possible. When compiling a course of therapy with this tool, additional consultation with an ophthalmologist is recommended.
In isolated cases, an acute allergic reaction to the berry extract occurs.


Supplements are not used in the 1-3 trimester of pregnancy. Specific studies on this issue have not been conducted. A clear positive or negative effect of Blueberry ordinary extract — vis is not fixed.

Method and application features

Blueberry Extract VIS is prescribed for adults and children, according to the instructions for use, in the following dosage:
    adults and adolescents from 14 years old - two capsules once a day;
    children under 7 years old - one capsule, once a day;
    children from 7 to 14 years - 1 capsule, 1-2 times a day, at discretion.
The maximum duration of the preventive course is 3-6 weeks. Repeat is carried out with a short break, about two weeks. Up to 4 full-time courses are allowed per year. The optimal dose is selected individually.


While taking Blueberry ordinary extract - vis, no special negative effects were recorded.
Dietary supplement is not approved by official medicine. With an individual aggressive reaction to active substances, dietary supplements are canceled. No other expressed contraindications were found.

Interaction with other medicines

The simultaneous use of dietary supplements and complexes containing vitamin C, including fruits, is prohibited. With the contact of benzoic and ascorbic acid, carcinogens are formed.

Storage conditions

The additive is stored in a dark place, protected from sunlight, away from children. Special conditions for daily storage and transportation are not required. The optimum temperature is up to +25 degrees. Before buying, it is recommended that you consult your doctor.

Terms of sell

A prescription is not required to buy Blueberry Extract VIS.