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Alfavit Mother's health instruction

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While waiting for a child, every woman needs an additional resource of vitamin-mineral substances. The same applies to women in labor who are breastfeeding, caring not only for the health of their offspring, but also for their own well-being. The Alfavit Mother's Health Vitamin Complex will help get rid of the problem of beriberi, reduce the risk of postpartum depression, help you feel cheerful and in a good mood during the day.
Before you start taking a vitamin preparation, for example, when planning a pregnancy or when conception has occurred, you should consult with a specialist. The composition of vitamins contains a large amount of nutrients, and therefore they are considered an ideal option to compensate for the lack of beneficial elements during specified periods of a woman’s life. Information that it is extremely important for them to get the maximum amount of nutritional components is not a myth, and therefore it is worthwhile to listen to the experts recommending this drug.

Instructive recommendations

“Alfavit Mother's health” is marked by all the leading gynecologists and obstetricians as a drug that allows a woman to forget about the possible problems caused by beriberi during pregnancy. Well, nursing mothers are unlikely to face the problem of hair loss, premature aging, if they are to be used by a specialist.

What form is it produced?

Alfavit Mother's health - vitamins for nursing mothers are offered to customers in tablet form. There are 30 pieces in one blaster, there are two of them in the full packaging volume, forty of them are all coated with a coating that has a tendency to dissolve, no film coating is used on the remaining twenty. Interestingly, the daily dose is three preformed circles: pink, blue, and white / cream, each of which differs in composition.
Only hourly use of the vitamins Alfavit Mother's Health will allow a woman to get 30-50% more vitamin substances contained in them. With this use, the beneficial elements will be absorbed correctly, which is essential for maintaining the well-being of women who are breastfeeding or in position.


Creating the Alfavit maternity vitamins, manufacturers made sure that all the beneficial substances contained in them were divided into several main groups. Each of them contains such vitamin-mineral elements, the combination of which does not harm their absorption, but rather accelerates it. Within a few days after the start of taking the vitamin drug Alfavit, mothers will feel much more cheerful, more cheerful, thanks to its composition.

Pink tablet (morning)

The main elements in the medication taken in the morning are:
The composition of 1 tablet Content
Vitamin C 50 mg
Vitamin B1 1.2 mg
Beta-carotene 2 mg
Folic acid 300 mcg
Iron 20 mg
Copper 1 mg
These components take care of preventing early termination of pregnancy, do not allow such problems as anemia to occur, and also enrich the body with additional energy.

Blue pill (daily)

The main nutrients in the composition of the daily component of the vitamin "Alfavit Mother's health" for pregnant women are:
The composition of 1 tablet Content
Nicotinamide 19 mg
Vitamin E 12 mg
Vitamin B6 2 mg
Beta-carotene 2 mg
Vitamin B2 1 mg
Vitamin C 40 mg
Magnesium 50 mg
Zinc 12 mg
Manganese 1 mg
Iodine 150 mcg
Selenium 40 mcg
Molybdenum 25 mcg
Given the composition of the "Alfavit Mother's health", the mothers who choose it will soon notice an improvement in the condition of the skin, normalization of the nervous system, which is so important when the female body is in a constant state of stress, especially after childbirth and discharge home.

White / cream tablet (evening)

The instructions of the drug "Alfavit Mother's health" intended for mom indicated that the evening element contains the following vitamins and minerals:
The composition of 1 tablet Content
Vitamin B5 5 mg
Folic acid 300 mcg
Vitamin B12 3 mcg
Vitamin D3 10 mcg
Vitamin K1 60 mcg
Biotin (H) 30 mcg
Calcium 250 mg
Phosphorus 125 mg
Chrome 25 mcg
Thanks to these elements, the female body will preserve its own health, the strength of bones, it will be enriched with vitamin substance D3, so necessary for it all year round.

Indications for appointment

“Alfavit Mother's health” is most often recommended by experts for:
    unbalanced diet women in position;
    pronounced deficiency of vitamin and mineral substances in the body;
    prevention of deficiency of vitamin and mineral substances in women who are breastfeeding;
    preparation for IVF;
    planning a pregnancy.
Vitamins Alfavit Mother's health, used in preparation for artificial insemination, when planning pregnancy in general, make the body of the female representatives in advance to tune in to what will have to carry the child. If the remedy was used even before the conception of a child, most likely, there will be no problems during the carrying of the child.

Positive effects on the body

Vitamins "Alfavit" for pregnant and lactating differ in such beneficial properties as:
    regulation of the nervous system;
    improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system;
    strengthening the vascular walls, increasing their elasticity;
    reducing the risk of anemia;
    participation in the process of formation of bone and muscle tissue of the fetus, the rudiments of its teeth;
    improving the tensile properties of soft tissues (to help avoid the need to establish stitches after childbirth);
    improvement of emotional state;
    elimination of insomnia, other sleep disorders;
    reducing the risk of birth defects in the early stages of childbearing;
    improvement of the work of the visual organs not only of the pregnant woman, but also of the fetus inside her;
    nutrition of emerging brain cells in a child in the early stages of development.
The “Alfavit of Mother's Health” vitamins allow future moms to relax and not worry about the health status of the developing fetus. Moreover, a balanced diet, moderate exercise, taking vitamin means will only contribute to its normal physical and mental development. Well, a nursing mother should take care to have enough nutrients in her body, since most of them will go to the baby with milk.

Dosing and Administration

For all women, both pregnant and already giving birth, lactating, one scheme is recommended, which should be followed. In the morning the pink component is used, in the afternoon - blue, in the evening - white or cream. Additional recommendations explaining how to take the complex "Mother's Health Mom", are:
    use at least 100 ml of clean drinking water after taking the pill to drink;
    equally keeping the time interval between the receptions of the three elements, which should be not less than four hours, but not more than six;
    the ability to change the sequence of reception components (not recommended by experts);
    the possibility of resuming the pill in case of skipping the scheme proposed in the instructions.

Side effects

Despite the fact that the composition of vitamins in the complex "Alfavit Mother's health", designed for moms, makes it one of the best tools, misuse can cause side effects. These include:
    urine becomes dark yellow;
    there is a slight nausea in the first weeks of admission;
    allergic reactions to food dyes contained in the composition of the tablets.
In the event of several side effects at once, it is better to consult a pregnancy-leading gynecologist. Most likely, the drug is not suitable because of the individual intolerance of its components.


Basically, the Alfavit vitamins for moms, future and nursing, have no contraindications to use. However, there is a possibility that the body will not take the drug if it contains substances that it does not tolerate. This is what becomes the main reason why you first need to consult with a specialist, and then start taking the funds.
It is important that Vitamin A and D are contained in the Alfavit Mother's Health vitamin complex. If the future woman in the body has more than enough in the body, the drug is not needed, as it can trigger bleeding in the uterus, the risk of miscarriage during the first trimester of pregnancy .


Most of the women who took it, were pleased with the result. For many, the inconvenience is not taking one, but several tablets daily because of their own forgetfulness. Allergic reaction to the complex was manifested only in 5-6% of women. It took place immediately after its cancellation, that is, it did not become a big problem.

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