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User manual for Alfavit Cosmetic

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Daily complex consists of 3 tablets of different colors:
tablet No. 1 (green): vitamin B12 3 µg, vitamin D3 5 µg, biotin (vitamin H) 75 µg, vitamin K1 (vitamin K) 120 µg, folic acid 200 µg, calcium pantothenate 7.5 mg, calcium 230 mg, silicon 4 mg, chromium 50 µg, green tea leaf extract 50 mg, incl. polyphenolic substances 20 mg, nettle leaves extract 30 mg;
tablet No. 2 (yellow): para-aminobenzoic acid (PABK) 100 mg, vitamin C 50 mg, nicotinamide (vitamin PP) 30 mg, vitamin E 15 mg, vitamin B2 1.8 mg, vitamin B6 3 mg, beta-carotene 2, 5 mg, magnesium 40 mg, manganese 2 mg, selenium 70 µg, zinc 15 mg, iodine 150 µg, aloe vera leaf extract 30 mg, incl. barbaloin 3 mg, horsetail herb extract 30 mg, chamomile flower extract 40 mg, birch leaf extract 40 mg, quercetin 30 mg;
tablet No. 3 (orange): vitamin C 20 mg, vitamin B1 1.5 mg, coenzyme Q10 3 mg, vitamin A 0.5 mg, folic acid 200 μg, iron 14 mg, copper 1 mg, inulin 200 mg

pharmachologic effect

Vitamin and mineral complex ALFAVIT Cosmetic is designed specifically for women. It consists of the components necessary for health and beauty: vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. Their beneficial effect has been proven by rigorous scientific research and experience in traditional medicine.
The composition of the Alfavit Cosmetic includes 13 vitamins and 10 minerals, on which well-being and healthy appearance depend. Also ALFAVIT Cosmetic contains coenzyme Q10, which is known for its anti-aging effect. The plant extracts included in the composition of Alfavit Cosmetic have anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, each extract has its own beneficial properties.

Component Properties

The division of the daily dose of the vitamin-mineral complex ALFAVIT Cosmetic into 3 tablets, each of which contains only combined substances, allows to eliminate the negative interactions of the components. For example, calcium and iron are diluted on different tablets, because the first mineral reduces the absorption of the second half. By taking into account all known facts of interaction of substances, the effectiveness of vitamin prophylaxis increases by 30–50%.

ALFAVIT Cosmetic, indications for use

It is recommended for children over 14 years old and for adults as an additional source of vitamins and minerals (macro and microelements), flavonoids and coenzyme Q10.


Individual intolerance of individual components, hyperthyroidism.

Dosage and administration

Inside, while eating with food. 1 tab. each color, in any sequence (interval between doses 4-8 h). .
If the recommended admission schedule has been violated, you can resume it from any pill or take the missed pill along with the next one.
Daily rate - 3 different pills - you can take at the same time.

Side effects

Allergic reactions.

special instructions

Before taking the drug is recommended to consult a doctor.

Storage conditions

In a dry, dark place at a temperature of 4-25 ° C.
Shelf life - 2 years.

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