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Instruction for Venarus

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Venarus is also included in the anti-hemorrhoid therapy. Due to its pharmacological properties it makes the walls of blood vessels more elastic, prevents their stretching, which provokes blood stasis. With regular use of this drug, symptoms caused by venous insufficiency are significantly reduced.

Release form and composition

The drug "Venarus", instructions for use reports this, is available in the form of convex oblong tablets with pinkish-orange staining. On a break you can see 2 layers. In the pharmacy network, the drug is presented in blisters - 10 or 15 pieces in a cardboard packaging.
The composition of 1 tablet manufacturer indicated the following:
    Diosmin - 0.45 g;
    hesparin - 50 g;
    auxiliary components.
Such a composition effectively affects vascular structures.

Pharmacological effect

The impact of Venarus is aimed at stopping the key mechanism of disease development. It should be understood that the main cause of the development of these diseases is a malfunction of the venous valves, as a result of which the blood flow becomes chaotic and there is an expansion of the venous vessels and an increase in pressure on the vascular walls.
When using the drug decreases the tensile properties of the veins, decreases venous congestion and increases the tone of the venous wall. Against the background of the use of Venarus, blood circulation in the capillaries is activated, their permeability and fragility are reduced. Under the action of the drug, the resistance of small vessels to various negative effects increases and the process of lymph outflow is normalized. Venarus produces not only venotonic, but also angioprotective effects.
The drug eliminates the clinical manifestations of the disease and prevents the disease from flowing into a severe form. Using the drug reduces pain and a feeling of heaviness in the legs, as well as swelling and cramps. Regular use of Venarus allows to preserve the tone of the veins and prevents the appearance of trophic ulcers.

Indications for use of Venarus

    pain and swelling of the lower limbs;
    trophic changes of subcutaneous tissue and skin;
    venous ulcers;
    chronic venous disease (varicose veins);
    frequent cramps in the lower limbs;
    feeling of heaviness and pain in the legs;
    leg fatigue;
    acute and chronic hemorrhoids.


Hypersensitivity to the active ingredients or excipients that make up the drug. The drug is not recommended for women during breastfeeding.
Use during pregnancy and lactation
During pregnancy, Venarus does not pass through the hemato-placental barrier; therefore, it does not have a teratogenic effect, that is, it does not provoke the development of congenital defects in the fetus. You can begin treatment only after consulting a specialist. Since taking the drug can cause bleeding, it should be stopped about a month before delivery.
It is not completely clear whether Venarus penetrates into breast milk, therefore one should refrain from taking it when feeding the baby.

Instructions for use

The instructions for use indicate that Venarus Tablets are ingested.
    The recommended dose for acute hemorrhoids is 6 tab. / Day: 3 tab. in the morning and 3 tab. in the evening for 4 days, then 4 tab. / day: 2 tab. in the morning and 2 tab. evening over the next 3 days.
    The recommended dose for chronic hemorrhoids - 2 tab. / Day during the meal.
    The recommended dose for venous lymphatic insufficiency is 2 tab./day (for 1 or 2 doses): in the morning, in the afternoon and / or in the evening, during meals. The course of treatment may be several months (up to 12 months).
In the case of recurrence of symptoms, according to the recommendation of a doctor, the treatment can be repeated.

Side effects

Side effects, as a rule, do not occur, however, there are cases when a patient has a rash, itching, headache and indigestion, nausea. Usually, these are temporary symptoms and disappear immediately after discontinuation.


Cases of overdose, as a rule, does not occur, but in theory the following effects are possible: vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, weakness and dizziness.
Symptomatic treatment of this condition - gastric lavage and taking adsorbing drugs.

special instructions

With exacerbation of hemorrhoids, this drug is not an absolute substitute for the treatment of other anal disorders. The duration of therapy may not exceed 3 months. In the absence of efficacy of therapy, it is worth contacting a doctor for a review of the treatment regimen. The drug has a maximum effect in case of venous blood flow disorders in combination with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.
The patient is recommended:
    make more walks;
    avoid long standing on the feet and in the sun;
    reduce overweight;
    Wear special circulatory compression stockings.
Treatment of the drug along with the use of alcohol will not bring harm. The problem is that alcohol will aggravate the course of the disease. Alcohol expands small vessels, retains fluid, which significantly increases the load on pathological altered and already overloaded veins. Taking alcohol on the background of treatment, the patient wastes his money and time, because the result is reduced to zero.

Drug interactions

Data on the interaction of Venarus and other drugs are missing.


We picked up some reviews of people about the drug Venarus:
    For the first time, I was prescribed Venotonic Venarus 1000 for the treatment of hemorrhoids along with ointment, and I want to say that it helps him to remove not only hemorrhoids, but also painful sensations more quickly. During the full week of treatment, my hemorrhoidal lumps diverged, the swelling disappeared, I stopped feeling this terrible discomfort. The drug is high-quality and effective, I advise everyone to take it along with local funds, the effect comes faster.
    I realized for myself that without venotonics, forgive me, I just can’t do anything at my stage of varicose veins. She chose Venarus - at a cost it is more expensive than many drugs of this group and is good in action. I have been accepting for almost a year and a half. Now I finish the third course.
    As it turned out in practice, venarus not only with varicose veins of the lower extremities helps, but also in the treatment of hemorrhoids, it is very effective. I recently had such a misfortune, Venarus sawed for a week, and applied ointment to the knot. As the doctor said the hemorrhoid knot is the vein that weakened and went out, and not the intestine at all, as I thought))
    Venarus I take courses of varicose veins twice a year, of course not by pills alone, but in complex treatment with ointments and compression stockings. The result of treatment is completely satisfied. No symptoms of the disease bother. Until I visited the doctor, I thought only the operation would save from such trouble as varicose veins. And with him it turns out you can still live. The main thing is to undergo regular treatment and not to allow the disease to progress. In this, Venarus helps me well, removes all symptoms of the disease, strengthens blood vessels and is inexpensive, so I stopped on treatment for them.
    My mother takes it, she works as an accountant, the problem with the veins and joints is her professional, so when the ointments stopped helping, I went to the doctor - and now he prescribed her a course to drink. She praises him because she began to walk even normally, her legs began to climb in her shoes and her legs did not hurt, and her veins began to bulge less in front of her eyes.
Reviews of doctors about the pills positive. They are often prescribed for varicose veins, and circulatory disorders of the lower extremities. The drug is most effective in the early stages of the disease. Also, the drug is often prescribed for the prevention of relapse in the postoperative period. Heartburn and other abnormalities of the GTC are the most common side effects.

Storage conditions

This preparation belongs to the list B. Recommended storage in a dry and dark place at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C. Storage must be difficult to reach for children.
The shelf life at which the effect of the drug is preserved is 2 years.

Terms of sell

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