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Instruction for Sophia with leech extract

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In the twenty-first century, more and more young people suffer from varicose veins. Most often, the disease affects the lower limbs, since during daily activities a large load is imposed on them. Heaviness in the legs, pain, swelling by the end of the day, and the appearance of the venous network bring many worries to their owner. Cream Sophia with leech extract helps to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of varicose veins.

Sophia cream with leeches for legs: release form and composition

Usable mixture has a liquid consistency, pale yellow color, it is easily distributed over the skin.
The main components of the cream Sophia:
    medicinal leech extract (hirudin) - widely used to thin the blood, leads to an improvement in vascular tone, reduces the risk of thrombosis;
    beeswax - promotes the regeneration of damaged veins by improving their trophism, saturation with useful substances;
    water with silver ions - cleans vessels from toxic products;
    wheat germ oil - full of various vitamins and minerals;
    Sea buckthorn oil - has a pronounced anti-inflammatory function, contributes to the rapid recovery of veins, the healing of trophic ulcers, the removal of edema;
    Ginkgo biloba is an exotic plant, its extract helps to improve blood circulation, trophism of blood vessels, has antioxidant properties;
    chestnut and horsetail extract - from ancient times used to improve the quality of the venous wall;
    burdock and nettle extract - improve the venous outflow, fight inflammation, help restore the affected vascular walls;
    extracts of ficus, succession, hazelnut and aloe vera - have antibacterial properties, increase tissue regeneration.
In addition to the main components, it contains vegetable oils, vitamins and stabilizers. A slight herbal smell makes the product pleasant to use.

Cream Sophia with leeches for legs: method of application and action

The effectiveness of this tool lies in the variety of components that are included in its composition. All-natural cream for varicose veins Sophia looks nice and smells. In addition to the natural anticoagulant hirudin, it contains a complex of beneficial vitamins and minerals (silver, vitamins A, E, D), which have antioxidant properties.
Pharmacological effects of Sophia cream with leeches:
    increased tone of the affected vessels;
    improved tissue regeneration;
    trophic damage of venous walls;
    reduction of the inflammatory process;
    has a symptomatic and preventive effect.
Cream Sophia with leeches for the feet is very easy to use. To effectively combat varicose veins are necessary: ​​systematic application of funds to the affected area, adequate course duration, eating healthy foods, walking in the fresh air.
Instructions for use:
    squeeze a small amount of the drug from the tube;
    apply a thin layer on the affected area, along the sore vein;
    gently massage and gently rub for two minutes;
    the frequency of this procedure is 2-3 times a day;
    A treatment course of two to five weeks is required.
This drug can also be used for a person affected by couperosis (dilated vessels in the form of asterisks).

When it is recommended to use cream Sophia with leech extract

This tool is widely used in the treatment of various pathologies of the peripheral circulation, it is an excellent addition to conservative methods of treatment.
Indications for use are as follows:
    phlebitis (vein inflammation);
    hemorrhoids in the initial stages;
    various forms of varicose veins;
    swelling of the lower extremities;
    trophic ulcers on the lower limbs;
    postthrombotic syndrome;
    the presence of spider veins;
    venous insufficiency.
    It is worth remembering that Sophia cream with leeches for the feet has a predominantly symptomatic effect, so it alone is not enough to combat more serious illnesses. This tool is well combined with other drugs in the complex treatment of vascular ailments.

Contraindications and side effects

The ointment is well tolerated by patients, it rarely causes allergic reactions. Natural components penetrate into the vascular wall, they are easier absorbed by the body than synthetic counterparts.
Before starting treatment with a natural remedy, it is worth considering some important points:
    Carefully consider the shelf life of the drug, then test the drug by applying a thin layer of cream on a small area of ​​skin.
    The only contraindication is individual sensitivity. The ointment has some specific components that can cause an allergic reaction. It is allowed to use in the treatment of the venous system during pregnancy and lactation.
    Pronounced side effects are not installed. In rare cases, general weakness, itching and redness may occur in the area of ​​application of the cream.
    Before starting the use of any drug, even on a natural basis, it is advisable to visit an experienced doctor who will send the patient for a general blood test and a coagulogram.

Tool Reviews

Considering the cream for the feet of Sophia, leech extract is of great importance in the treatment of diseased vessels, it contributes to the dilution of blood, dissolving blood clots. The price of the drug is affordable for any person, regardless of their income.
To improve the patient's condition, one cannot rely only on local treatment. Reception of vitamins, a balanced diet and parting with bad habits will help to achieve effective treatment of varicose veins.

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