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Active ingredients in the composition and release form

According to the instructions attached to the drug "Phlebodia 600", the active component of the drug - Diosmin, presented in a volume of 600 mg. It is assigned to a subgroup of substances that can increase the strength of the walls of capillaries, as well as improve metabolic processes in the microvasculature.
Of the auxiliary components are indicated - talc and silicon dioxide, colloidal, stearic acid and MCC. Their goal is to enhance and maintain the pharmacological properties of the main pharmacological substance.
The manufacturer of the drug is available in special coated tablets - biconvex, rounded, with pinkish staining. In the pharmacy network, the drug can be purchased in a consumer pack of cardboard, with 1-2 blisters of 15 each. in each.

Pharmacological properties

Since the medicine "Phlebodia 600", the instructions for use report this, - a modern angioprotective agent, it has their basic pharmacological properties:
    general venotonic effect - significantly reduces the ability to stretch venous structures, optimally increases their peripheral tone, decreases stagnation in venous structures;
    lymphatic drainage is enhanced in the best way - it significantly increases the overall tone of the capillaries, against the background of an increase in their functional density, in combination with a decrease in lymphatic pressure;
    microcirculation is corrected - the stability of capillaries increases, with a simultaneous decrease in their permeability;
    adhesion of leukocytes changes - downwards, towards the venous wall with their subsequent movement into paravenous tissues;
    improves tissue diffusion of oxygen molecules, as well as perfusion into the layers of the dermis;
    there is an anti-inflammatory effect.
Moreover, when taking the medicine “Phlebodia 600” in therapeutic doses, the vasoconstrictive effect of norepinephrine and adrenaline itself is enhanced, amid blocking synthesis of prostaglandins and thromboxane.

Medicine "Phlebodia 600": from what and when helps

The tool has a certain list of conditions in which it is most effective. The instructions listed are as follows:
    chronic venous insufficiency;
    pathological expansion of the saphenous veins;
    negative feeling of heaviness in the limbs in the evening;
    the initial stage of the formation of hemorrhoidal formations;
    prophylactic focus or already conducting therapeutic measures in the lymphatic bed;
    frequent burning in the legs when the body is in a horizontal position;
    identified disorders of microcirculation;
    the increased invasiveness of the capillaries.
Decision on the need to take medication should only be a specialist. Self-treatment is absolutely unacceptable.

Side effects

As a rule, the drug "Phlebodia 600" (instructions for use, patient reviews confirm this) is well tolerated - the maximum angioprotective effect is achieved without obvious negative manifestations. However, in some cases the following side effects may appear:
    various dyspeptic disorders - the urge to nausea, even vomiting;
    bad breath;
    pain impulses in various areas of the head;
    persistent dizziness;
    various allergic manifestations - dermatitis, intense itching of the skin, wren, less often - angioedema.
After the abolition of pharmacological agents, all the above side effects are eliminated independently. Conduct additional therapeutic measures are required.

Absolute and relative contraindications

The manufacturer in the instructions attached to each pharmacy pack with the medicine "Phlebodia 600" instructions indicate the following contraindications:
    children and adolescent patients;
    individual hyperreaction to the active and auxiliary components of the medicine Phlebodia 600, from which tablets can cause allergies;
    the period of carrying a baby and its subsequent lactation.
With extreme caution, the angioprotector is prescribed to be taken when the soybean is detected in the activity of the renal and hepatic structures. Requires dynamic observation specialist, as well as laboratory research.

The drug "Phlebodia 600": instructions for use

The manufacturer indicates the oral method of drug administration "Phlebodia 600". Direct dependence on food intake is not emphasized. The treatment scheme and doses are selected by a specialist for each patient separately - in direct proportion to the identified pathology, severity of symptoms, and the age category of the patient.
So, with the complex treatment of varicose dilatation or with the identified chronic insufficiency in the area of ​​the venous bed - the daily dose of the drug is 1 pc. per day. The duration of the course - at least 1.5–2 months, when the disease passes into stage 3 - can reach 3.5–5 months.
With existing trophic defects of the skin - for example, necrotic ulcers, the treatment course can be maximally extended to six months, followed by a break and resuming the medication if necessary.
The inflammatory process in the area of ​​the hemorrhoidal formations of the rectum requires the reception of 2-3 pieces. per day for 7–10 days in the acute moment of the disease. Then the dose is reduced to 1 pc. per day with a course duration of at least 2.5–3 months.
In pregnancy, a pharmacological agent can be prescribed by a highly qualified specialist - after 32–35 weeks, to eliminate lymphatic disorders, 1 tablet per day, with mandatory monitoring of the condition of the pregnant woman and the fetus. 2 to 3 weeks before the onset of labor, such treatment is stopped.


Numerous positive reviews confirm the excellent tolerability of the medicine “Phlebodia 600”, as well as its undoubted efficacy in the treatment of such unpleasant pathologies as varicose veins and hemorrhoidal intestinal formations.

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