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Instruction for Aescusan

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Aescusan is a plant-based drug that is used to restore the functionality of the vessels of the venous bed. More often it is used to treat varicose veins. The main action of the agent is to increase the vascular tone and eliminate the inflammatory process.

Composition and dosage forms

Aescusan contains escin, which is released from horse chestnut. Another active ingredient is thiamine. It is possible to get means in tablets, drops for oral administration, and also in the form of ointment (gel) for external use. Fluid is prescribed most often.
100 g of liquid contains 4.725 g of the basic substance. Additional components are: ethanol, purified water, lactose monohydrate, silicon monohydrate. The liquid is clear or slightly turbid. Drops have a yellow or brown color. With prolonged storage at the bottom of the bottle of dark glass sediment appears. In the bottle there is 20 ml of medication. Each bottle for convenience of dispensing drops is equipped with a dropper.

pharmachologic effect

Aescusan produces antiexudative and venotonic effects. Thiamine has an antioxidant effect, that is, the cells are not destroyed prematurely. Escine contributes to the elimination of edema, has a positive effect on the work of the adrenal cortex, normalizes the functionality of vascular smooth muscle. Aescusan inhibits the activity of lysosomal enzymes that make blood vessels fragile.
The main active ingredient releases mediators of norepinephrine, so the conductivity of the heart impulses improves, venous congestion is eliminated. Aescusan prevents the formation of blood clots, atherosclerotic plaques.
After entering the body, the drug is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, almost completely bound to plasma proteins. Aescusan is excreted in the bile. Standard pills have a short-term effect, as half of the dose taken out an hour later after use. The prolonged means reaches the maximum concentration in 2-3 hours.

Indications for use Aescusan

You can use the drug when:
    chronic vascular insufficiency of varicose or postthrombotic genesis;
    circulatory disorders of any etiology;
    cramps of the calf muscles;
    vascular "asterisks";
    varicose veins;
Aescusan is used to prevent trophic ulcers, circulatory disorders of internal organs, hematomas, postoperative edema, stroke, heart failure. In complex therapy, the agent is prescribed to treat and prevent the recurrence of atherosclerosis.

How to take Aescusan

Liquid for oral administration of 12-15 drops. It can be pre-dissolved in water or washed down. The frequency of application - 3 times a day. Shake the vial before use to dissolve the precipitate. The course of treatment lasts 3 months. If necessary, it is allowed to extend.
Before or after meals.
    Any form of Aescusan should be used before meals. If you have heartburn pills are allowed to drink during the meal.

special instructions

Alcohol is present. This factor should be taken into account when you need to drive, concentrate, and respond quickly. Aescusan is not prescribed to patients with liver and kidney failure, as well as with lactose intolerance.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding

During this period, women are prohibited from using oral forms. The cream or gel can be included in the treatment regimen in the absence of kidney problems. You can take medicine during breastfeeding, but babies will have to be temporarily converted to an artificial formula.

In children

Tablets are not prescribed to children under 12 years. Infants are contraindicated in any form of medication.

Compatibility with alcohol

With the simultaneous use of drugs with alcohol, there is a risk of alcohol intoxication.

Side effects

In some cases, the tool causes dyspeptic disorders of the digestive tract, nausea. Side effects are allergies (rash, swelling, itching), feeling hot, accelerating heartbeat, dizziness, lowering blood pressure.

Effect of Aescusan on the potency

Aescusan is used for prostatitis to restore blood circulation and lymph flow. It allows you to reduce the swelling of tissues, restore local immunity. With proper use of the drug in men, the potency improves.


There are such contraindications to use:
    too high sensitivity to the main substances or additional components;
    susceptibility to allergies;
    early pregnancy;
    breastfeeding period;
    children's age (up to 12 years).
Contraindications are also diabetes.


In this case, the patient has signs of intoxication. Possible increased side effects. Symptomatic overdose treatment. Immediately after taking an excessive amount of Aescusan, wash the stomach, take a sorbent.
Interoperability and compatibility
The drug enhances the action of anticoagulants. If it is taken simultaneously with sulphite-containing solutions for infusion, the effect of thiamine decreases. When combined with antibiotics may increase side effects.

Terms and conditions of storage

The drug must be stored for 3 years at a temperature of +8 ... + 25ºС. Children’s access to medicine should be restricted. Do not freeze the medicine.

Doctors reviews

Ruslan Andreevich, therapist
This drug is of vegetable origin, so the list of side effects is negligible. Despite the fact that the manufacturer is foreign, the cost of the tool is available to most patients. Aescusan has a pronounced effect. The only downside is its unpleasant taste.
Ivan Viktorovich, proctologist
I often assign it to my patients. The tool has a favorable price, pronounced anti-inflammatory and vascular strengthening effect. It improves blood circulation in the rectal area, promotes healing of cracks and knots. It is a pity that it is not recommended for the treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnant women.

Patient Reviews

Irina, 27 years old
During pregnancy, often swollen legs. After childbirth varicose veins clearly manifested. My legs hurt badly, it was hard to walk. Since I was breastfeeding, I did not dare to take the pills, but I used the ointment. Not to say that the effect was stunning, but the pain became less, the heaviness in the legs was gone. For the best effect you need to use extra medication.
Tamara, 35 years old
My husband showed hemorrhoids, and in intimate life, it was not all smooth. Additionally, he was diagnosed with prostatitis. The doctor prescribed this medicine in the form of drops for oral administration. The husband did not want to drink them at first - tasteless, but when the discomfort increased, he agreed. After 5 days, he felt better. The burning sensation in the anus stopped, urination normalized. It was not possible to completely get rid of the problems, but the doctor said that complex therapy was needed. We will be treated further.

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