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Fenistil Emulsion instruction

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    Active ingredient: 1 g of emulsion contains 1.00 mg of dimetinden maleate.
    Excipients: benzalkonium chloride 0.1 mg, benzyl alcohol 5.0 mg, utilhydroxytoluene 0.2 mg, disodium edetate 0.5 mg, cocoyl caprylocaprate 25.0 mg, liquid paraffin 25.0 mg, cetostearo-macrogol 20.0 mg, carbomer about 4.0 mg, sodium hydroxide, solution of 30% m / m about 4.0 mg, propylene glycol 150.0 mg, water about 765.2 mg.


Antihistamine, antiallergic and antipruritic. The H1-histamine receptor blocker, is a competitive histamine antagonist.
The drug reduces the increased capillary permeability associated with allergic reactions. When applied to the skin, Fenistil emulsion reduces itching and irritation caused by skin-allergic reactions, which is caused by the antikinin and anticholinergic effects of the drug.
Fenistil emulsion also has a pronounced local anesthetic effect.
When applied topically, the drug quickly penetrates the skin and provides a quick onset of action - after a few minutes. The emulsion base of the drug provides the cooling, softening and moisturizing properties of the drug.


When applied topically, it penetrates the skin well, systemic bioavailability is about 10%.

Indications for use

Pruritus of various origins (except associated with cholestasis): pruritic dermatosis, eczema, urticaria, insect bites, also sunburn, household and industrial burns (mild).


Hypersensitivity to dimetindenu and other components of the drug, angle-closure glaucoma, prostatic hyperplasia, children up to 1 month, especially premature babies.


Pregnancy I trimester, lactation.

Use during pregnancy and during breastfeeding

The use of the drug in the first three months of pregnancy is possible only after consulting a doctor. In the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, as well as in the period of lactation, Fenistil emulsion should not be used on large areas of the skin, especially if there are signs of inflammation or bleeding. Nursing mothers should not put the drug on the nipples of the mammary glands.

Dosage and administration

Apply externally.
The emulsion is applied from 2 to 4 times a day on the affected skin.

Side effect

Very often - more than 1/10 of the appointments (≥ 10%); often more than 1/100, but less than 1/10 of appointments (≥ 1%, but ≤ 10%); infrequently - more than 1/1000, but less than 1/100 of appointments (≥ 0.1%, but ≤ 1%); rarely, more than 1/10000, but less than 1/1000 appointments (≥ 0.01%, but ≤ 0.1%); very rarely - less than 1 / 10,000 appointments (≤ 0.01%).
Skin and Subcutaneous Tissues:
    Rarely: dryness, burning skin.
    Very rarely: skin rash, itching.


Cases of overdose are not described.
In case of accidental ingestion of large doses of the drug, the usual supportive measures should be carried out (taking activated carbon, salt laxatives and other measures), since there is no specific antidote for this group of drugs.

Interactions with other drugs

Not described.

special instructions

In infants and young children should not use the drug in large areas of the skin, especially in the presence of signs of inflammation or bleeding. In cases of severe itching or damage to large areas of the skin, the drug can be used only after consulting a doctor.
When using the Fenistil emulsion over large areas of skin, prolonged exposure to sunlight should be avoided.
If during the period of application of the Fenistil emulsion, the severity of the symptoms of the disease does not decrease or, on the contrary, increases, you should consult a doctor.
Ineffective with itching associated with cholestasis.

Influence on ability to drive and work with mechanisms

Does not affect.

Release form

Emulsion for external use of 0.1%.
On 8 ml in a bottle from glass of dairy color with the polypropylene ball applicator and the cover.
The bottle together with the application instruction is placed in a cardboard pack.

Storage conditions

At a temperature not higher than 30 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children.
The emulsion comes in the form of a convenient and compact bottle with a ball applicator for easy and soft application. Fenistil Emulsion penetrates the skin, does not contain fragrances and dyes, and is suitable for both adults and children from 1 month.

Shelf life - 3 years. Do not use after expiration date.

Mechanism of action

Fenistil Emulsion helps to reduce itching by blocking the action of histamine - a substance that is produced by the body during allergic reactions. As the emulsion is absorbed into the skin for several minutes, itching symptoms on irritated skin are relieved. In addition, Fenistil Emulsion with a ball applicator has a local anesthetic effect.


Fenistil Emulsion helps relieve the symptoms of itching on irritated skin caused by such reactions as:
    insect bites;
    mild superficial burns.
Available in a bottle of 8 ml.

When to apply Fenistil Emulsion

    Insect bites
    Mild superficial burns

How to apply Fenistil Emulsion

Apply 2–4 times a day to the affected area.
There are contraindications, before use, consult with a specialist and read the instructions.
If symptoms persist within one week, consult your doctor. If you have any questions, consult with your doctor or pharmacist before using Fenistil Emulsions.
Always use this drug in strict accordance with the description of the instructions or following the recommendations of the doctor and pharmacist. If in any doubt, consult a doctor or pharmacist.

Questions and answers

    What does Fenistil Emulsion do and what is its mechanism of action?
Fenistil Emulsion with a globular applicator - a drug in the form of an emulsion that acts directly on the skin, relieving itching and burning.
    What symptoms can Fenistil Emulsion relieve?
Fenistil Emulsion relieves itchy skin caused by insect bites, minor burns, sunburn, urticaria, and rash.
    How fast does Fenistil Emulsion work?
The drug begins to act immediately after application, soothing, cooling and moisturizing the skin. It relieves itching in a few minutes.
    Who can use Fenistil Emulsion?
Fenistil Emulsion is suitable for adults and children older than 1 month.
    Is it difficult to use Fenistil Emulsion?
It is simple to use Fenistil Emulsion - it is easy to apply with a roll-on applicator, moisturizing the skin. Apply 2–4 times a day to the affected area. If symptoms persist within one week, consult your doctor.

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