How to treat herpes at home?


The main thing in the treatment of herpes, as well as any other ailments, is timeliness. Due to the fact that this disease occurs frequently, restorative therapy has been tried repeatedly. Unfortunately, there are many drugs in modern medicine, but they do not bring proper recovery. The problem is that the herpes virus, once entering the human body, remains there forever.
All treatment in medical institutions created only to relieve symptoms. The number of cases of recurrence of the disease decreases, manifestations are reduced. This is possible thanks to the medications prescribed by the doctor.

    Drugs prescribed to prevent the reproduction of the virus in the body. These are tablets, solutions and various preparations for external use.
    The time of application and dosage should be prescribed by a specialist individually, selecting for each patient. It all depends on the degree of the disease, the type of herpes and the presence of other chronic diseases.
    The cause of re-occurrence of the disease is a weakened immune system. Frequent stress, fatigue, negative emotions lead to recurrence. First of all, you need to regularly use vitamins and special preparations to enhance the protective properties of the body.
    Additionally prescribed the use of immunostimulating drugs.
    Helps and the use of vaccines to reduce the virus. They are administered at the end of treatment to avoid re-occurrence of the disease.

Only in the combination of various treatment options will the fight against the virus produce positive results.

For information

First, there is a slight tingling and irritation on the lips, then small bubbles. These are the first symptoms of herpes, and care must be taken to begin treatment immediately.
As shown by numerous studies, the virus attacks a person when the immune system is weakened. Most often this is due to stress, hypothermia or overwork.
Statistics says that 9 out of 10 people know about the virus in question firsthand. But even those people who have not personally met herpes need to be careful, as you can easily pick it up.
The most dangerous is the stage at which there are bubbles. At this time there is a high chance of becoming infected. A virus, getting into the body of another person, may be asymptomatic for a long time, but over time with a weakening of the immune system manifests itself. No medicine has yet been created that can completely prevent this disease.

Treatment of folk remedies

Methods of treatment of herpes at home have long been known and widely used. They are aimed at eliminating the disease and enhancing immunity.

    The easiest and most effective way for which you need sulfur. It can be gently removed from the ears with a cotton swab. Next, you should apply a remedy to the affected area.
    A good remedy for treating herpes at home is toothpaste. It helps to dry and remove herpes. It is recommended to apply this tool at the initial stage of the disease, periodically lubricating the affected areas. As a rule, sometimes the disease goes away in one day, if measures are taken in a timely manner.
    Home treatment is also possible with fir oil. Its use is very simple. You need a cotton swab moistened with oil, lubricate the bubbles before going to bed. Apply a cotton swab to the affected area for 30 minutes.
    Another good way to get rid of herpes is the use of garlic. It is necessary to take 1 clove of garlic, cut it and apply a cut to the affected skin several times a day, and also repeat this procedure before going to bed. After 20 minutes, remove the garlic and smear herpes with honey.
    Treatment of herpes at home implies the use of valokordin. Moisten with a cotton pad moistened with this preparation, herpes 3 times a day - in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. Repeat the procedure is necessary until the disappearance of bubbles.

Each of the above medicines is available, effective and cost-effective. Of course, there is no guarantee that the virus will never return to the human body, but if necessary, you can correct the appearance with the help of these tools.

Herpes on the body

How to cure herpes at home? First you need to make sure that the signs that appear are associated with herpes, and it is better to do this in consultation with the doctor. This disease has such distinctive symptoms as itching, rashes, pain, and sometimes fever.
The appearance of herpes on the body occurs only after the previously transferred chickenpox virus. It remains forever in the nerve cells of the body and with hypothermia or weakening of the immune system can suddenly manifest itself in the form of herpes zoster.
The recurrence of the disease occurs when the natural defense of a person is violated. Most often with such a situation faced by older people. The presence of chronic diseases, such as disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, osteochondrosis, liver problems and stress, can lead to recurrence of the disease.
The stages of the manifestation of the disease:

    Lip rash. Small bubbles that are accompanied by itching.
    Rash on the genitals.
    Intense rashes on the body, which appear with itching.
    There is an inflammatory process in the lymph nodes.
    Infection affects the genitals.
    The following stages of the disease are accompanied by a negative effect on the nerve fibers.

People who have herpes should follow simple rules.

    You need to take care of your immunity. This can be done with the help of special preparations or taking vitamins, which are recommended by the doctor after an individual consultation. It is desirable to eat more vegetables and fruits.
    You should not visit the pool, sauna and steam room.
    During the period of exacerbation avoid public places. If this is difficult to avoid, treat the affected skin with honey or butter.
    With the systematic appearance of the disease, it is recommended to give up bad habits.

You can fight herpes with the following tools:

    Kalanchoe juice and aloe.
    Warm tea to enhance immunity. You can add lemon, raspberry jam and honey.
    Well help to treat herpes broth hawthorn, wild rose or citrus juices. Eucalyptus and mint can also be used.
    For external use, natural oils help to fight herpes well. For example, tea tree oil, sea buckthorn, fir, geranium oil. You can buy them at the pharmacy.
    Remove the manifestations of the virus, you can use a special cream, prepared at home. To do this, crush the garlic and mix thoroughly the resulting gruel with liquid honey. You can eliminate the virus in the initial stages, applying this cream, when only the first itch appears on the skin.

You can use drugs for bodily herpes like these: Famvir, Acyclovir and Valaciclovir. These drugs can help the body to resist infection. Their effects on the body are long lasting. Prescribe medication should only a doctor, self-treatment is unacceptable.
For how long a person should take medication depends on the degree of neglect of the disease. The most important time to use drugs is the first day after the first symptoms appear. In addition to antiviral drugs, it is necessary to take funds to enhance immunity. Well help the body to cope with the virus intake of vitamins. Appearance is desirable to eliminate with the help of special ointments.
How to quickly cure the disease? To this end, it is advisable to use traditional methods for treating herpes along with medicines.

Primary lesion of the body with herpes

Treat herpes at home when you first appear on the skin should be at the stage of the first symptoms. Especially difficult virus infection occurs in pregnant women. In the third trimester, the disease can even lead to premature birth.
From herpes at home will help to get rid of special broths, compresses based on herbs.

    Take the bluestone and dissolve it in water. It should be a blue liquid. Wet a cotton pad and apply to the problem area of ​​the skin.
    Using a blender, make a gruel of apple and a few cloves of garlic. Put it in a bandage and attach it to herpes.
    A preventive remedy can be this recipe: fill the elder flowers with hot water and leave to infuse for 30 minutes. Drink this tea is necessary before meals.

Ways of transmitting the disease

The main, and perhaps the only source of infection is a sick person, that is, its carrier. It has been scientifically proven that up to one million virus particles are contained in one milliliter of fluid flowing from a herpetic bubble.
There are several ways of infection, namely:

    Airborne transmission - when coughing, sneezing, talking, kissing. Infection can occur through direct contact with a sick person and directly, that is, the use of his personal belongings.
    With sexual contact. Even a condom is not an absolute protection against the disease, because contact with the body of a sick person can occur.
    Transfusion route - with blood transfusions. To date, the transmission method is rare, and all because all safety rules are followed.

Children can become infected from their sick mother while they are in the womb or during labor.
The infection is considered contagious, transmitted in the same way as any other viral infection. A small amount of viral particles obtained from a sick person is enough for an infection to occur.

Echinacea against herpes

You can buy the tincture at the pharmacy, but to be sure of its quality, it is recommended to prepare it yourself. Prepare alcohol (concentration 70%), fresh flowers of the plant.
Rinse them under running water and allow to dry. Put the flowers in a glass jar, pour vodka or alcohol, the ratio of liquid and plant - 10: 1. Within two weeks, the medicine should be infused, for this, put it in a dark place.
After two weeks, strain the medicine, you can begin treatment. In a glass of water, add two spoons of tincture, drink during the day. Herpes appeared on the lips can be wiped with a cotton swab dipped in diluted medication with water.

    Important! Excessive drinking of echinacea will cause insomnia!

Tincture of calendula

For the preparation of simple flowers used marigold. They contain many useful components, they have a good therapeutic effect.
Two spoons of crushed flowers pour a hundred grams of vodka, for two weeks let it brew. The resulting solution wipe the problem area. You can take the medicine inside, drink 20 drops daily.

Chamomile for the treatment of infection

Prepare three tablespoons of the dried plant, pour boiling water over it, let it stand for an hour. The resulting tincture can be taken orally, but it is better to use it externally. Soak a napkin in medicine and apply to the problem area.
Chamomile is a good remedy for pain relief and the inflammatory process, and it also speeds up the regeneration processes. Prepared chamomile is recommended to be combined with propolis tincture.
Three times a day, drink a spoonful of this medicine. Thus, it is possible to cope with the symptoms of the disease much faster.

Licorice root treatment

Herpes treatment at home can be licorice. The drug is effective because it contains glycyrrhizin. Just like chamomile, you can make tea on the basis of licorice.
A glass of hot water is enough to take two spoons of raw materials. But unlike chamomile to drink this drink is often prohibited. Limit yourself to two or three glasses a day.
In large doses, licorice root can not benefit, but can lead to poisoning of the body.

    Important! Pregnant women and people with renal insufficiency are not allowed to undergo such treatment.

Herpes tansy

Medicinal plant affects the virus from the inside. For the preparation of medicines is recommended to use fresh grass. Eat a few flowers before breakfast. The duration of treatment is two weeks, this time is enough for the symptoms of the disease to disappear.
An alternative treatment option is a decoction made from tansy with your own hands. You can make it at any time of the year, using dry raw materials. Pour two spoons of the plant with hot water and boil for ten minutes. Let it stand for a while, then drink three sips a day.
The resulting medication can be used externally. To do this, you need to brew tansy stronger, then wipe problem areas several times a day.

Kalanchoe treatment

The plant is effective in many skin and viral diseases. Get rid of the rash completely, can be a week. Apply fresh or cut leaves to problem areas. You can squeeze the juice and process their skin.
After the first use, the pain and burning will disappear. The main advantage is accessibility. The frequency of application - once every three hours.

White wormwood

Many suffer from herpes in the winter season, relapses occur almost every month. White wormwood can be used to treat and prevent the recurrence of the disease. Enough to brew dry grass and drink it instead of tea.

Other treatments

If herpes develops, home treatment may involve the use of many available tools.

Salt and soda treatment

In the kitchen of every housewife there are products such as salt and soda. In folk medicine, they have been used for a long time. Useful properties could not help to save patients from herpes infection.
There may be several uses for products:

    In a glass of boiled water, dissolve a spoonful of soda. The solution should be hot, moisten a cotton pad in it, attach it to the sore spot. Repeat the procedure until the water is cold. On the sore should form a film of soda, leave it for a few hours, then rinse.
    Sprinkle the sore spot with salt or soda. Twenty minutes later, rinse with warm water. Wound after the procedure is recommended to treat moisturizer.

In just a few days of regular procedures, you can get rid of the symptoms of the disease.

Apple and onion

Pass two onions through a meat grinder, put gruel on gauze and squeeze out the juice. In the same way, prepare apple puree.
Further instructions:

    Onion juice and applesauce mix, add two tablespoons of honey, mix.
    Before eating, eat two spoons of medicine. Thus, the body's defenses are enhanced.

The course of treatment should last two weeks.

Gum resin for treatment

In folk medicine, it is an effective remedy for the treatment of herpes. After a single course, you can reduce the frequency of relapse several times. If you start therapy at the beginning of the disease, you can avoid the formation of bubbles.
To obtain gum resin, use high-quality paper. Roll the sheet into a cone, put it on a plate. Since you will burn the sheet, it is recommended to put the plate in the sink or pan, so you will ensure fire safety.
Ignite the cone, it should burn at least half. Once the fire has been extinguished, place the rest of the cone in the sink. At the bottom of the plate you can see gum resin, or otherwise gum balm. Several times a day grease the affected area.

Vodka and Herpes Egg

How to treat herpes at home quickly?
This is significantly different from all other methods, but it doesn’t affect efficiency. On the contrary, with herpes, vodka and egg help much better than pharmaceutical ointments and tinctures.
Boil one chicken egg hard, peel it, put it in a glass and fill it with vodka so that it is completely hidden. After three days, eat an egg and drink vodka.
It is necessary to do such manipulations three times, a break - ten days. Despite the fact that the taste is unpleasant, you can achieve a stable remission.
There are no contraindications to use. However, you can not use those people who for some reason can not drink alcohol.

Celandine treatment

Celandine is a plant that is common throughout Russia, useful properties used in alternative medicine.
Grass unpretentious, is ubiquitous. It has several properties at once: anti-inflammatory, analgesic. You can take tincture based on celandine even as a prophylaxis when there are no obvious symptoms of the disease.
For the treatment of herpes juice is used, but it must be prepared in a special way. Run a plant with leaves through a meat grinder, squeeze the juice out of the resulting gruel. For a week put insist in a sealed container.
Open the lid several times a day to release accumulated gases. The medicine will be ready after seven days, soak a cotton wool in it, apply it to the problem area.

Aloe for treatment

House plant with soft juicy leaves. In medicine, its juice is used, as well as a gel made from a fleshy part.
As part of a lot of amino acids, vitamins, enzymes. Leaves are used to treat herpes. Do not tincture and wait until everything is ready, no need. Prepare a fresh leaf, cut along, attach to the problem area.
Once every few hours, repeat the procedure, and so on until recovery occurs. If possible, take a clean sheet each time.

Horseradish and pepper

In equal proportions, skip the minced horseradish through the meat grinder, or rather its roots and bitter peppers. Half liter jars fill with gruel, pour vodka diluted with water in the ratio 1: 2. For two weeks, put all to insist in a dark place, shake the jar daily.
After cooking every day before meals, eat one spoon, and so three times. The treatment lasts a week and a half.

Potato sprouts

How to treat herpes at home with sprouts? The tincture prepared on their basis is an effective remedy. With its help, many diseases can be cured: lichen, toothache, boils, chirias, herpes.
Cooking instructions are simple:

    Break off sprouts from potatoes. Rinse with warm water, allow to dry.
    Cooked sprouts put in a jar. Vodka fill the product, the level should be slightly higher than the sprouts. Within 21 days you need to let it brew.
    In the received medicine moisten cotton wool, lubricate problem areas several times a day.

This home remedy for herpes is effective and safe. The finished tincture can be stored in the refrigerator, should be used as needed.


The product has bactericidal and antifungal properties, prevents the spread of lesions, eliminates the existing ones. Prepare fresh garlic, which produces a lot of juice in the cut.
As soon as you feel itching or burning in the area of ​​the mouth, immediately smear the clove and lubricate the problem area. Use it as often as possible, until the formation is dry.


How to cure herpes at home? You can get rid of the problem with vinegar.
It will stop the further spread of the virus, as it contains acids that have a disinfecting effect. As soon as itching occurs, treat it with a itchy place. Since it dries the skin, immediately after the procedure, use a moisturizer.

Tea tree oil

By treating the skin around the mouth with tea tree oil you can achieve the following effect:

    preventing further spread of the disease;
    the lesion site will be disinfected;
    the regeneration process will accelerate;
    itching and pain will disappear.

The skin will be soft, herpetic crusts will disappear. You can prepare the product as follows - mix three drops of butter with a small amount of cream. Periodically process the problem area.

Fir oil

The oil has an antiseptic effect, is effective against herpes. Dampen a cotton swab in the product, gently attach it to the problem area. It is necessary to repeat the procedure every two hours, each time use a new tampon.

    Important! Fir oil may cause burning, is not recommended for the treatment of children.

Careful need to be an adult, you can not allow the ingress of oil on the mucous membrane.


Many people prefer to cauterize the rash instead of treatment. But you need to know that if used improperly, the situation may worsen. It is impossible to treat bubbles with liquid, but at the recovery stage, the wound can be disinfected.
The instruction, or rather the sequence of actions, is as follows:

    iodine can lubricate only dry skin; before the procedure, blot the wound with a napkin;
    moisten a cotton swab in iodine, squeeze the affected place, you can not push;
    for extensive rashes, change the tampon as often as possible.

Treat only the wound, it is prohibited to touch healthy skin.

Treatment methods for herpes on the face

A remedy for herpes at home can be prepared independently, there are many recipes. Below are ways to treat the problem on the face.

Calendula Ointment

An effective remedy to combat the problem on the face - calendula flowers. Preparing a medicine is not difficult:

    calendula flowers chop;
    to the flowers in the ratio of 1:10, add olive oil;
    stir until a homogeneous consistency.

Up to four times a day, apply the ointment to the problem area. Thus, you can get rid of itching, inflammation, the activity of the virus will be reduced.


It is possible to treat the disease not only by external means, but also by internal ones. One of them is a carnation. Five cloves dissolve in the mouth for a few minutes, chew and swallow. It works very well against herpes, the further spread of the disease will be stopped.


Moisten a cotton swab in drops, attach to the problem area for a few minutes. The drug relieves itching, has an antiseptic effect. You can also disinfect the places where the crusts have already burst.

Hydrogen peroxide

For disinfection of the problem area, peroxide can be used at all stages of treatment. Dip the bubbles with peroxide before applying herpetic ointment.
In case of extensive damage, it is recommended to prepare a compress: mix two tablespoons of peroxide and fifty milliliters of water, soak a cloth in the solution. Keep until completely dry.

Herpes Prevention

When applying preventive measures, remember that healthy people rarely encounter the appearance of herpes. First of all, it is recommended to temper the body, because in this way the body's defenses are enhanced.
If possible, exercise, because as they say in a healthy body healthy mind. Naturally, it is not necessary to go to the gym every day, sometimes it is enough to do jogging. After some time it will be possible to notice that the incidence of colds is reduced.
Avoid the abuse of bad habits, as they can reduce immunity. Equally important is a balanced diet. The body will function properly only when it receives sufficient amounts of vitamins and nutrients.
Despite the fact that herpes is an unpleasant and dangerous disease, you can easily get rid of it and as you can see there are many methods for this.