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A fairly common disease that may not manifest for a long time and does not cause discomfort is hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids seriously complicates the daily tasks, makes the lifestyle more passive, makes it impossible to go in for sports, lift weights, etc.
Work, children, household: unfortunately, not everyone can find time to see a doctor and undergo a full course of treatment. For such patients, the only option is the treatment of hemorrhoids at home. In this article, we consider the main means of hemorrhoids, which are available to everyone.

Description of the disease

Hemorrhoids are an extension of hemorrhoids, which in the later stages of the disease may fall outside the anus. This disease is accompanied by itching, burning, pain, bleeding and other unpleasant symptoms.
The reason for the expansion of hemorrhoids is a violation of blood circulation. This, in turn, may be caused by the following factors:

    sedentary lifestyle or, conversely, excessive loads;
    regular standing (often associated with a profession);
    unhealthy diet, i.e. eating fatty, salty, fried foods;
    anal sex;
    smoking or drinking alcohol;
    pregnancy and postpartum period;
    prolonged constipation or diarrhea;
    tumors and inflammations in the rectum, etc.

The above are just risk factors. Hemorrhoids can also be caused by genetic predisposition, internal changes in the body, which are not dependent on external factors.

Unwanted hemorrhoid treatment without consulting a doctor

How to treat hemorrhoids at home? This disease belongs to the category of those that are rapidly developing and moving into those stages when it is impossible to do without surgical intervention. That is why proctologists and phlebologists do not recommend self-treatment.

Many recipes that are presented in non-medical directories or on the Internet can be ineffective at a particular stage of the disease. They can not only improve the condition of the patient, but also lead to more serious consequences. If you find yourself in the first signs of hemorrhoids, be sure to consult a specialist.
When treating hemorrhoids at home, the patient fully assumes responsibility for the outcome of the procedures. Do not risk your health and use proven methods to get rid of diseases.

Drug treatment

How to treat hemorrhoids at home? The most popular method is the use of medicines. They can not only normalize blood circulation and return hemorrhoids to their original state, but also eliminate pain and discomfort caused by the disease.
Drug treatment uses different drugs: ointments and creams, suppositories, tablets.

Therapy folk remedies

Above we have described drugs that are prescribed by doctors and are sold in all pharmacies. But how to cure hemorrhoids at home using only available tools? In this case, suitable therapy folk remedies.

Homemade suppositories

As mentioned above, suppositories are one of the most effective means against hemorrhoids. They can be made independently.

    Ice suppositories. For their preparation freeze decoctions of medicinal plants. Such candles should be well numbed and stop the bleeding. But, unfortunately, their action is only temporary, they are not able to deal with the cause of the disease.
    Suppositories from raw vegetables. A small slice of raw potatoes, beets or garlic is injected rectally overnight. Such candles have a drying effect, relieve inflammation.
    Suppositories with honey. A small amount of honey must be wrapped in film and frozen. To it you can add aloe, sunflower oil. After freezing, remove the candle from the film and inject it rectally overnight.
    Suppositories made of wax and pine resin. Beeswax and pine resin in the ratio of 4: 1 to put the drown in a water bath. When the components are completely dissolved, you can add natural oils (sea buckthorn, sunflower, olive) to the mixture. Form suppositories, freeze them. To enter rectally for the night, previously having greased an anus with vaseline or oil.

The shape of a homemade suppositories should be as close as possible to the pharmacy. Only in this case it will be possible to achieve their comfortable use.

Homemade ointment

Ointments can locally relieve pain, eliminate inflammation, improve blood circulation, and accelerate wound healing. The most common homemade ointment is with the addition of propolis. Animal fat, preheated to room temperature, is mixed with propolis in equal proportions. The resulting tool is locally applied to the problem area at night, in the morning, rinse with running water. This ointment can be slightly enriched with liquid vegetable oil, which will make its texture more enveloping.

Next ointment - with the addition of honey. Soft butter mixed with honey (be sure to use only natural honey, without adding sugar and other components).

An effective remedy is also an ointment with cabbage. Fresh cabbage must be boiled in milk, cool. Next, mix until smooth with crushed bran (corn, wheat).

Sit Trays

Baths for hemorrhoids at home are very popular among patients, as they help to quickly get rid of discomfort and acute pain. Doctors recommend taking such baths before bedtime in order to prolong the effect of the components.
We present recipes for the most effective baths against the expansion of hemorrhoids.

    With tea. Very simple, but effective recipe. Tea can relieve inflammation, reduce pain, stop bleeding. The preparation of this bath is elementary: brew leaf tea in three liters of hot water. Cool the liquid slightly. The reason is a sitting bath (it will take 15-20 minutes). The bath well vaporizes and softens the skin, which can contribute to a more comfortable introduction of the candle.
    With chamomile. Chamomile has strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. This bath is actively used against many diseases, in particular, and against hemorrhoids. Brew dry chamomile (3-4 tablespoons) in 2-3 liters of hot water, cool the broth a little.
    With potassium permanganate. Potassium permanganate is in almost every home, and is most often used for poisoning. Not everyone knows that it is effective in hemorrhoids. Dilute a small amount of potassium permanganate in 2-3 liters of water. The recommended water temperature is 35-40 degrees. Potassium permanganate disinfects and slightly dries out microcracks.
    With pine cones. Such a bath will stop bleeding from the anus. Boil some tablespoons of the shoots in 4-5 liters of water. Strain and cool slightly.

Baths - procedures that benefit only if you follow special recommendations.

    Choose the optimal temperature of the bath water. It should not be less than 25 and more than 40 degrees.
    Take a bath 2-3 times a week. Less often - it will not give the desired results, more often - it can only aggravate the situation.
    After the bath, use an ointment or a candle for hemorrhoids. By themselves, decoctions do not fight the cause of the disease. They are necessary only to eliminate the discomfort and increase the effectiveness of other drugs.


The next way to deal with the disease - microclysters. The optimal fluid volume for such procedures is 60 milliliters. The tip of the enema must be oiled or petroleum jelly. Enter rectally a few centimeters, squeeze the contents, then emptied.
There are several recipes microclysters.

    50 milliliters of natural oil (castor, almond, sea buckthorn) for 1 liter of water.
    A decoction of rice, corn, starch.
    Chamomile decoction (5 grams per 1 liter of water).
    A decoction of strawberry leaves (1 tablespoon per 200 milliliters of water).
    Broth from wormwood. (1 tablespoon per 250 milliliters of water).

After microclysters, be sure to lubricate the anus with a healing ointment or cream.


So, we solved the question of how to treat hemorrhoids at home. But the treatment will not bear fruit without a special diet. Eliminate from your diet fatty, fried, salty and other foods that can lead to the formation of blood clots.
Eat more fruits and vegetables that normalize stools. Do not forget about unsaturated fatty acids (fish oil, avocados, nuts, linseed oil). Increase the amount of protein consumed.
Watch the amount of fluid consumed. Avoid coffee, sweet soda, alcohol. Drink a day at least 2 liters of water.

Gymnastics with hemorrhoids

How to cure hemorrhoids at home with the help of gymnastics? This is possible only in the early stages of the development of the disease. In the period of bleeding, severe pain, high body temperature, gymnastics and any other physical activities are prohibited.
Give preference to swimming, easy walking. Engage in intimate gymnastics, which will increase the tone of hemorrhoidal vessels. Sit yoga and light abs exercises are also recommended.
Prevention methods
If you have a genetic predisposition for this ailment or you are engaged exclusively in standing or sedentary work, you cannot do without prevention. Principles have long been well known.

    Refusal of bad habits (smoking, drinking).
    Reducing excessive exercise.
    Sports without physical activity.
    Normalization of the diet, the rejection of fatty foods.
    Regular performance of intimate gymnastics to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
    Refusal of anal sex if it brings discomfort.
    Yoga classes.


So, hemorrhoids - a disease that requires immediate medical intervention. If you find the first signs of this disease (bumps in the anus, bleeding during stool, itching), immediately contact a specialist. He will select an effective course of treatment and will monitor your condition.
Ways to treat hemorrhoids at home are varied, but traditional medicine is not a proven way to get rid of the disease. He has many risks for which the patient himself is responsible.

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