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Polyoxidonium instruction

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This drug repeatedly increases the degree of resistance of an adult, as well as a children's organism to various infections, successfully copes with the consequences of immunodeficiency.

Composition and release form

Tablets are flat-cylindrical, each of them has a chamfer. Their color can vary from yellowish-white to orange-yellow. The tablets allowed the presence of slightly noticeable particles of more intense color.
    The composition of one Polyoxidonium tablet consists of 12 mg of active ingredient, as well as potato starch (Amylum solani), lactose monohydrate (Lactose monohydrate), stearic acid (Acidum stearicum) as auxiliary components.
Clinico-pharmacological group: an immunostimulating drug.

What helps Polyoxidonium from?

In adults and children older than 6 years in the complex therapy for the correction of immune deficiency:
    to activate regenerative processes (fractures, burns, trophic ulcers);
    for rehabilitation often and for a long time (more than 4–5 times a year) of ill persons;
    during and after chemotherapy and radiation therapy of tumors;
    various forms of tuberculosis;
    allergic diseases complicated by recurrent bacterial and viral infections (including pollinosis, bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis);
    rheumatoid arthritis, long treated with immunosuppressants; in case of a complicated RD or ARVI course of rheumatoid arthritis;
    chronic recurrent inflammatory diseases of any etiology that are not amenable to standard therapy, both in the acute stage and in the remission stage;
    acute and chronic viral and bacterial infections, including urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis in the latent stage and in the acute stage, prostatitis, chronic salpingo-oophoritis, endometritis, colpitis, diseases caused by the papilloma virus, cervical ectopia, dysplasia, leukoplakia;
    to reduce the nephro - and hepatotoxic effects of drugs.
In the form of monotherapy:
    for the prevention of recurrent herpes infection;
    for the correction of secondary immunodeficiencies arising from aging or exposure to adverse factors;
    for seasonal prophylaxis of exacerbations of chronic foci of infections, including in the elderly;
    for the prevention of influenza and acute respiratory infections.

pharmachologic effect

Polyoxidonium - a tool with immunomodulatory and detoxification properties. Increases the body's resistance to various infectious diseases.
    It is able to normalize the immune status in severe forms of immunodeficiency, including secondary immunodeficiency, as a result of damage by ionizing radiation, when treated with hormones and cytostatics, after surgery, severe injury, burns and malignant tumors.
Reduces the toxicity of drugs and various toxic substances, increasing the resistance of cell membranes to the cytotoxic effect of these substances.

Instructions for use

According to the instructions for use, Polyoxidonium tablets can be swallowed without chewing, after which you can drink plenty of water without gas, preferably 30 minutes before a meal, and you can eat 1 hour after ingestion.
    SARS prophylaxis in frequently ill patients - 2 tablets 2 times / day - 10-15 days.
    Chronic diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract - 2 tablets (24 mg) 2 times / day for 10-14 days.
    Respiratory disease prevention (influenza, ARVI) during the epidemic period - 2 tablets 2 times / day from 10 to 15 days.
    Viral, fungal, bacterial diseases, poorly amenable to therapy - 1 tablet 2 / day for 15 days.
    Frequent exacerbations of chronic diseases affecting the nose, ear and throat - 1 tablet 2 times / day for 10 days.
    Supportive therapy for tuberculosis, cancer, immunodeficiency - 1 tablet 2 times / day for up to 12 months.
The duration of the dose and Polyoxidonium in some cases can be changed after the conclusions of the doctors who are treating the patient, which will take into account the patient's age, the presence of concomitant diseases, the severity of their course, the state of immunity.

Contraindications for Polyoxidonium

This drug is contraindicated for use for people with hypersensitivity to the components in its composition. The use of Polyoxidonium is not recommended for women during pregnancy and lactation, for renal failure, and an age of up to 6 months are sufficient factors to prohibit the use of this drug.

Side effects of Polyoxidonium

The main side effect of the use of suppositories and tablets can be considered hypersensitivity reactions. Some patients with intramuscular medication there is pain at the injection site and redness. After the first few injections of Polyoxidonium, an increase in body temperature may be observed.


Tested polyoxidonium tablets and in candles. Tablets saw itself, candles for children. And slipped last year's flu and all sorts of viruses. This year has already purchased Polyoxidonium, while there is no hype on such funds. They are more expensive for winter.
Agitating for my sister to buy and start drinking, she has a bad reaction to antibiotics, so it is better to carry out prevention in advance. She laughs at the name) But the fact that she often gets sick is not funny at all. Since childhood, painful, and immunity in the side.

Whatever the infection, my husband and I will definitely “catch” it. I'm so tired of constant illnesses. Friends advised to drink polyoxidonium just as a preventive measure. For the first time in many months, the spring cold has not touched us. And that was the way - we just went on vacation. I can advise everyone who has the same weakened immunity. We still hold on. Hopefully enough for a long time.
My wife and I are not supporters of treatment with pills, but we are convinced in our experience - sometimes it’s different. Tried to find the most harmless drugs. But those that seem harmless act worse than any antibiotics. We have been looking for a long time, and this winter we found a medicine that helped quickly deal with the flu and recover from the virus. Polyoxidonium is convenient to drink - just absorb it. They asked the doctors - the reviews are good, even children can drink it. We plan to drink a course for prevention. Autumn is close, which means it is close to colds. We will try not to get sick.
I don't know what I would do without polyoxidonium. I look at the rest of the children in the kindergarten: forever in snot, coughing non-stop ... Do parents like to look at it. For example, I have long since switched to it and have no regrets. I know 100% that my child will not catch the infection. It's not scary to leave it in the garden for the whole day! And everyone who is afraid to use it, has long wanted to give to read the latest research.
Polyoxidonium always carry with me on trips. I rarely get sick at home, but as soon as I leave somewhere, I immediately get a cold with a high fever. These tablets are suitable for me and my husband, so I know for sure that I can buy a pack and carry it with me just in case. If you still catch a cold, polyoxidonium helps to quickly get up. The disease passes almost unnoticed, and most importantly - without complications.

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