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Blepharogel 2 instruction

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Composition and form of release

Medicinal gel Blepharogel 2 is a drug for the treatment and prevention of eye diseases. The main active ingredients with a therapeutic effect:
    sulfur preparations;
    hyaluronic acid;
    aloe vera extract.
As auxiliary compounds and components in the composition of Blepharogel 2 there are:
    hemodez (polyvinylpyrrolidone);
    propylene glycol.
The ophthalmic preparation has a gel-like structure, transparent with a barely perceptible greenish tint, without inclusions and shade, reminiscent of a tear. It has a light odor and medium density.
The gel is packaged in a 15 ml soft plastic tube. It has a dropper dispenser.

Blepharogel 1 and 2: what is the difference

The manufacturer Geltek-Medica LLC offers consumers two types of the drug. They have a similar composition, contain a large amount of hyaluronic acid, identical to natural. Aloe vera extract is responsible for hydration, saturating with vitamins and microelements.
As part of Blepharogel 1, hyaluronic acid creates the effect of moisturizing and nourishing the eyeball, relieves discomfort after working at the monitor, reading, and wearing lenses. Therefore, the main rendering is the prevention of dryness, additional moisturizing with increased dryness and stress.
It is necessary to analyze what is the difference between Blepharogel 1 and 2, evaluating the composition and indications. The first preparation contains neutral substances, allowing the use of eye drops only as an addition to the main therapy. The second drug is reinforced with natural sulfur, which is a kind of antiseptic that eliminates inflammation in many diseases.

Pharmacological properties

Having analyzed the composition of the drug, it is necessary to note the presence of natural and synthetic components that are useful for the eyes, safe for the skin of the eyelids:
    Hyaluronic acid is similar in composition to a substance of which 90% of the tissues of the eyeball are composed. It contains beneficial amino acids, retains and concentrates moisture. Cleans the lacrimal glands from dust accumulation and inflammatory exudate.
    Aloe vera extract and glycerin enhance the effect of the use of hyaluronic acid. Promotes rapid healing, restoring moisture, nourishes inflamed tissues. After application, an invisible film remains that retains moisture from evaporation.
    Sulfur preparations are the main difference from the composition of Blepharogel 1. They destroy demodectic mites that damage eyelashes and eliminate inflammation. They can inhibit the growth of some pathogenic microorganisms, inhibit inflammation.
After application, metabolism improves, tissues receive more nutrients, oxygen, blood supply is normalized. The normal outflow of secretion from the meibomian glands is restored, the burning sensation and fatigue disappears.
The main pharmacological properties are:
    elimination of unpleasant symptoms, burning, itching;
    moisturizing the surface of the eyeball and mucous membranes;
    cleansing from inflammatory exudate, crusts;
    prevention of blepharitis, development of barley in the eyelid;
    improvement in fatigue, irritation.
The components of Blepharogel 2 also act on the skin of the eyelids, protecting against infections, inflammation, and redness. They nourish the follicles of the eyelashes, preventing the development of complications from the activity of mites.


The drug must be used as directed by an ophthalmologist after examination and diagnosis of the disease. At the same time, the use of Blepharogel 1 is indicated for self-prophylaxis, without therapeutic purposes.
Instructions for use contains the following recommendations and indications:
    prevention of dry eye syndrome;
    inflammation when infected with demodectic mites;
    relief of blepharitis symptoms;
    complex treatment of barley in the eye;
    complications when wearing contact lenses;
    decreased production of tear fluid during inflammation;
    reduced fatigue;
    complex eye care with constant work with small print, behind a monitor or gadget.
Among the indications for use are discomfort with allergic conjunctivitis, overstrain, stay in a room with increased dry air. It is used to undergo physiotherapeutic procedures at the edge of the eyelid with barley and demodicosis: electrophoresis, magnetophoresis and phonophoresis.
In cosmetology, the drug is actively used in complex skin care around the eyelids. The drug saturates with vitamins, moisture, oxygen, removes toxins, tones and smoothes fine wrinkles. At the same time, sulfur protects against inflammation after treatments, mesotherapy or resurfacing.

Contraindications for use

With complex testing, patients tolerate treatment with Blepharogel 2 well. But the manufacturer warns that the drug should not be used in case of an allergic reaction to any component in the composition. This can provoke a severe reaction, worsen the condition of the eyelids and eyeball.
In medical practice, there is no data on the use of Blepharogel 2 during pregnancy and lactation. It does not contain toxic components and dyes, but it cannot be excluded from entering the bloodstream. Therefore, the use for this category of patients is contraindicated.

Instructions for use

How to use Blepharogel 2 is described in detail in the instructions. Before the procedure, you need to remove contact lenses, wash off decorative cosmetics, wash your hands thoroughly. The fingers and dispenser of the vial can be wiped with an antiseptic to prevent secondary eye infections.
Instructions for use of the drug recommend:
    With blepharitis, barley and inflammation, drip 2 drops in the morning and evening (the duration of the course is prescribed by the doctor).
    In case of burning and increased dryness - daily at bedtime until symptoms resolve.
    With the complex treatment of allergic conjunctivitis - 2 times a day for 2-3 weeks.
If the beautician has appointed Blepharogel, how to apply it depends on the purpose. If the composition is used to nourish and restore the skin around the eyes, a small amount of the gel should be squeezed onto the tips of the index and middle fingers, and gently applied to the area of ​​the lower and upper eyelids.
When caring for dull and dehydrated skin, the composition should be hammered in with light movements to massage. Before the procedure, the face must be cleaned of cosmetics, rinse off the remnants of makeup and using a tonic. Apply in a thin layer before bed to improve moisture levels, dryness and fine lines.

Side effects

The components of Blepharogel 2 are safe for the body. Sometimes, when it gets on the mucous membranes, there is a slight burning sensation and tingling sensation for several minutes. In rare cases, an allergic reaction to individual components is possible. It manifests itself as follows:
    severe itching;
    swelling of the eyelids;
    rashes on the skin of the face.
If characteristic signs of allergy appear, you should stop treatment with Blepharogel 2, rinse your eyes with running water. Unpleasant symptoms go away on their own without the help of a doctor.

Special conditions and recommendations

Before applying Blepharogel 2 on the eyelids, you must thoroughly rinse off the cosmetics using soap or special products. Otherwise, there is a risk of contamination in the eyes, a secondary infection develops.
In practice, the interaction of the drug with other drugs has not been studied. Therefore, if necessary, simultaneously bury the eyes with antibiotics or antiseptics, you should pause for at least 15-20 minutes.

Reviews of patients and cosmetologists

Doctors recommend using Blepharogel 2 for demodicosis, complex treatment of eyelash loss. But they often prescribe it with more powerful antiseptic or antibiotic remedies that will speed up recovery. The drug moisturizes well, so it is used when wearing contact lenses, constantly working at a computer monitor.
Elena, 26 years old
I use Blepharogel 2 gel to moisturize the skin around the eyes. I prefer mineral makeup, and its application requires careful preparation. The tool is inexpensive compared to professional bases, but saturates with vitamins, trace elements, moisture and oxygen.
Vladimir, 41 years old
Blepharogel 2 was recommended to me by an ophthalmologist. My work is connected with programming, so I spend many hours in front of the monitor, I suffer from dryness, severe tingling and pain. The medicine is dripped every evening before bedtime, relief comes quickly, I did not find any side effects.

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